Why Secretary Kim Keeps on Releasing Pretty Promos Leading Up to Premiere This Wednesday

I feel like the production of upcoming tvN Wed-Thurs drama Why Secretary Kim really knows the goldmine it has thanks to the casting. The overflow of cute promos featuring the pretty of female lead Park Min Young and the handsome of male lead Park Seo Joon is quite obvious but I’m not complaining. The drama premieres this week and even if the narrative is flimsy there is plenty of easy watching eye candy to enjoy. I legit have never seen Park Min Young prettier in a drama, whether thanks to styling or her own natural charm shining through, and it’s nice that the secretary character she’s playing isn’t dumbed down, made frumpy or screechy, and overall she’s a dish all on her way even if her chaebol dumb as bricks but good hearted boss isn’t going to fall madly in love with her. It’s like the K-drama style Cinderella story is back being all about the capable skills plus the looks, and that’s fine with me.

Long preview for Why Secretary Kim:


Why Secretary Kim Keeps on Releasing Pretty Promos Leading Up to Premiere This Wednesday — 14 Comments

  1. I am waiting for this drama to get me out of my current drama slump. After My Ajusshi, none of the currently airing drama really got me hooked and invested. Not even Lawless Lawyer which featured my fave leads LJK and SYJ or Come and Hug Me where I get to oogle on JKY that really got me drawn in. Or may be, I am just in desperate need of something light and fluffy since being so emotionally drained out.

    • i think she lost her baby fat. Her face is a bit more pointy… She looks healthy. We cannot compare a woman’s figure to a man’s. LJK’s body is more toned for his action scenes I think.

    • and oh… UEE was too skinny and looked very unhealthy when she filmed Manhole. PMY is nowhere near that state. i think PMY looks great now 🙂

    • Park Min Young has lost weight but she still looks healthy and beautiful to me.Nothing wrong with her.As for Lee Jun Ki, he has lost weight in his face.But his biceps and tummy look toned not bony.For proof, watch ep 6 of Lawless Lawyer.By the way, I think he is the type whose body weight yoyo-s alot. I have only ever seen him chubby around 2014-2015.Otherwise, at the start of his career and until he went to the army.He was almost as lean as he is now.I think he can gain a few kgs when he wraps up his drama which is pretty soon.

      Back to Secretary Kim, the promos have been really strong.I sincerely hope it lives up to the hype.

    • It might be off-topic but just want to share. I think Lee Joon Gi keep his weight for the role. Looks like he can gain and lose weight easily or probably just very disciplined. If you look at the timeline when we was bulky
      2007- Time Between Dog & Wolf
      2009- Hero
      But in between this drama and prior to 2007, he was skinny.
      Post military
      2012- Arang and Sato – he kept his military frame
      2013- Two Weeks he bulked up a bit
      2014- GunMan I am sure he was skinny when he was still Park Yoon Kang but he bulked up when be became Hanjo
      2015-Scholar- From Hanjo, he lost weight for the vampire role —-
      2015-Resident Evil – Just more or less 3 months from finishing SWWTN, he looked like he gain approx at least 10kg for RE.
      2016- Moonlovers – Then just more or less 3 months from RE, he lost at least 10kg for this drama and was not toned.
      2017-CM to date (I think he kept the body weight and he’s been seriously toning his body since CM to date.)
      2018- His current body weight which is also very toned is just perfect for the gangster turned lawyer role.
      2018 on wards — I am curious of how he would look like on his next role.

    • After seeing **LL Episode 6*** ? I’m so converted n hooked. Ratings are good for a cable drama and in the weekend slot too. Not worried because WSK is going to ‘knock the ratings for a six’ when it premieres! Sorry Kiwi saying when playing cricket.

      • What amazes me about Lee Joon Gi is; despite he doesn’t do conventional dramas that most fan girls love, yet he still has lots of loyal fan girls following him. It’s a compliment btw. And Lawless Lawyer looks promising. I hope it will keep me to the end. So far I am hooked with LL. But you know I was hooked with Something in the Rain(Pretty Noona) however lost interest after episode 13.

        I am looking forward for this drama Secretary Kim. PMY looks so radiant than ever.

  2. I can’t help but notice the height diff btween PMY and PSJ & LTH. Esp the picture where she stood in the middle and it seems that her co-actors tower over her. She’s wearing heels right? Has she always been this petite?

  3. I can’t wait for the drama. So excited. The casting suits my wish. And I agree that we need something light but still interesting to watch. Yipppeeee…..

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