Song Joong Ki in Talks to Reunite with A Werewolf Boy Director for Sci-fi Film Lightning Ship

K-actor Song Joong Ki seems to be on a reunion binge, first with news that he’s doing sageuk drama Asadal working with his Tree With Deep Roots PD again, and now news that he’s been offered and is considering the male lead for upcoming science fiction space K-movie Lightning Ship by the director of A Werewolf Boy. While his last drama Descendants of the Sun launched his star into the Hallyu stratosphere, it was with Tree and Werewolf Boy that he cemented his acting chops and was able to enlist in the military knowing that he would come out with plenty of offers and sustained name recognition. His agency says Lightning Ship is but one of the many movie offers Song Joong Ki is considering but I’m fairly confident he’ll accept due to the director attached and also it being an interesting space locale set big budget film.


Song Joong Ki in Talks to Reunite with A Werewolf Boy Director for Sci-fi Film Lightning Ship — 39 Comments

  1. Whats happening to k movies now a days. Earlier they had low budgets but produced world class stuff. Nowadays high budgets but the directing editing. Good korean movies produced per year now limit to fingertips

  2. Korean movies isn’t there yet but it isn’t fair to say that they have not improved because they do. While kmovies do improve, Korean dramas are still so much far ahead than their movies.

    • K movies have a lot of fans. Im saying they have peak quality movies for movie goers.korean film industry is one of the best but its going down in past few years. There are some good movies but not as much as there used to be five years ago

      • I am talking about comparison between kmovies vs int’l movies & kdramas vs int’l. Then kmovies vs kdramas as to international market share. Kmovies sector is nowhere near compared to kdramas which the latter have already captivated the world.

        With Kmovies, you can only count with your fingers the number of movies produced in a year with a budget over $5m. This means investors don’t have that much confidence yet in kmovie production.

  3. yeah,i think they did.
    if i have to choice, k movie more interesting and more dare than k drama, i am not sure if they will dare to remake they own movie to drama like 1987, anarchist from colony or taxi driver.

  4. Apart from DOTS and Werewolf boy which I enjoyed both of them immensely I have to confess that I saw him in Penny Pinchers with Han Ye Seul and Triple with Min Hyo Rin and okay I absolutely loved his characters especially the speed skater in Triple. And that is as far I’ve gone with his works. So it will be interesting to see if he takes this movie and or the drama Asdal. Here’s hoping he’ll make a decision soon. ?

  5. Media play. He has no work now and his agency is putting out all these news of potential considerations… What a poof!!

    • if u read news on naver its not only sjk casting offer thats on the news,some movie casting offer for nxt yr is already out for veterans in chungmuro,

      • I don’t read naver. Casting offers are not something that’s worth reading.

    • He is slowly morphing into another version of Won Bin. Anyway, I hope SJK accept this movie and therefore, hoping for another leading man for Asadal. Can we just have Kim Nam Gil?

      • That is why I said “another version” of Won Bin. Ofc, he is nowhere near the level of Won Bin.

      • I think you just overrate Won Bin. In 2010, we probably in the level you were talking about but hey it’s 2018. He is no longer in any level. Sad to admit but he is history.

      • lololol whether u like it or not, Sjk is a squid next to won bin and thanks to won bin along with the other 3 actors who rejected dots, he got casted for this drama that didn’t do much for him acting wise it just gave him the fame that every other actor got from being in a kes drama!

      • J don’t forget about the moon the embracing sun he also reject the role who made kin soo hyun more famous

      • I am not sure if agree Blossom is actually lazy but definitely their promo tactics are terrible IMO.

  6. Some account owner shared under contrucion filming location asadal chronicle in osan city and account owner said she want to song joong ki and they will start shooting in september let will see if song joong ki will be one of the cast or not, if he’s not there yeah we can see if his married with song hye kyo really kill his career. And it will be proof once you get married your career go down.

    • he already sent a food support to jang dung gun drama filming, he was offered role for asadal, so maybe they just dont release the confirmation yet,

  7. @candycane for information, Battleship Island movie sent love call to SJK when he was filming DOTS in 2015. SJK confirmed for the role in January 2016, started filming in June 2016 and released July 2017.

    Film Sci-fi Lightning Ship also need preparation and aims to shoot in the first half of next year. So what part of media play? Everything can be happen in the future. I guess the agency not in a hurry to say confirm despite in my opinion SJK is agree to star in this film.

    like ma.llyanne said, SJK already sent lunch to JDG in last shooting of Suits. SJK & JDG are not close before except they have already met and agree to star in Aseudal. Maybe next month we can hear about the confirmation.

    @lovewadaw for the future whether Aseudal and Lightning Ship are successful or not (if indeed SJK accept both), I think depends on hiw own effort, there’s nothing to do with married can kill his career. More than anything, God is the best planner.

    • Has he confirmed for the new film? If not, it is just a casting offer and this is exactly media play! Plain simple!! Wait til the movie is shown before you say anything, ok? Battleship Island was a box office disappointment although SJK is not the lead.

      • mediaplay on whose part, his agency the production? u said u dont read naver casting news so why comments that its mediaplay, its normal for movie and drama planning to send script to actors beforehand, movies and dramas which currently shooting started putting articles before they even put confirmation news.

      • Media play of course in the part of his agency. Did you read Ms Koala article that “His agency says…”? Whether or not I read naver is none of your business. The fact that something not confirmed is being reported is Media Play in my opinion.

  8. Excited to see he is gearing for both small screen and big screen. I am not sure about this project but he is surely confirmed for asadal since there’s no more casting news coming from this drama plus him sending food truck to his costar and technical team mentioning about him on his ig post.
    And Ignore candycane she is popular troll here who thinks her opinion are facts.

    • My opinion is my opinion, not a fact. Everyone is free to comment here. It will be great if I am ignored by idiots like @Rising phoenix and @ma.llyanne so I can freely express my opinions. Their nonsense replies to my comments are not welcomed.

  9. When random commentators apply the ‘troll’ card when an opinion here is not in their favour then it shows your range; it’s limited and terribly misinformed. I’m forever posting my opinion just like candycane so does this make me a troll too? Personally I like ogres and gargoyles to be exact. To call us out as trolls is a cop out and so passe. Geez that’s the beauty of being able to state your opinion it’s free, unashamedly biased and you can agree to disagree. PS: Btw…There’s a Scandinavian dark fantasy horror movie 2010 called ‘Troll’ check it out if you can. ?

  10. So much for Kim Ji Won fans who already got way too hyped up LMAO. SJK is gonna pick a movie next and that’s almost certain.

    • Who kim ji won fans? Candycane? Too much hype about asadal will end up flop. No one star power will guaranteed rating hit now a days, i think there a reason why gong yoo, kim go eun, and song hye kyo didn’t take drama role after making hit with kim eun sook drama. They scary if next drama will be flop and will hurt their career for a long time. I happy if song joong ki take movie instead drama as long he don’t produce movie with his family like kim soo hyun lol. Park seo-joon save fight my way not kim ji won,and kim ji won still lack of charisma for me. And song joong ki can’t not save drama alone if the script and directing is bad and look what happened with nam goong min now after hit good manajer he getting flop cause the writter iz bad. Better next drama for him.

      • Why not you are not keen on actors producing their own movies? I’m so curious. From my point of view, this is the reason why the monopoly existed because people allow it. Unless you have other reasons for saying so.

      • @lovewadaw FYI in case you don’t know,some big hollywood stars produce their movies too such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and many more. Reece Witherspoon who’s not only producing movies but tv shows too e.g. Big Little Lies drama.

        So why did you laugh that Kim Soo Hyun produced his movie with his family?

      • Kim soo hyun cousin is director real, he spent $10m from his own pocket and only received $3m back.

      • Production companies doesn’t usually pay for the entire production costs and selling,marketing&admin costs. They usually have the right of the script or story but they do look for investors who fund the production of the film or drama.

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