Production Company of K-drama Vagabond Signs Deal with Sony for Simultaneous Worldwide Airing

The wheels are in motion for the upcoming pre-produced action K-drama Vagabond to either be a global hit or a worldwide bust. The production company Celltrion just signed a deal (complete with pictures, natch) with Sony to distribute the drama simultaneously in various countries when it airs in South Korea. It will air in the US and Japan for sure, and other additional outlets as to be negotiated by Sony which has the global distribution rights. The drama is slated to start filming soon with an eye towards early 2019 airing. Drama fans, of course, have been discussing this drama due to the casting of top star Lee Seung Gi and Suzy, which also doubles as a reunion drama project after doing Gu Family Book in 2013.


Production Company of K-drama Vagabond Signs Deal with Sony for Simultaneous Worldwide Airing — 33 Comments

  1. Another drama flop suzy, uncontrollably fond, wild you sleeping and now vagabond, jyp work hard to promote her. Her album flop now all three pre-produced drama was so-so in rating.

    • Poor lee seung gi deserve better female lead after acting with bottox face oh yeon seo now he act with mediocre actress bae suzy. Good luck them both.

  2. I couldn’t care less for Suzy; she’s average at acting, pretty on camera. But anything Lee Seung Gi is in, I will slog through no matter how hard it crashes. (*cough* Gu Family Book *cough* Hwayugi *cough*)

  3. Why this drama? in the times of good quality dramas?

    I am a big fan of Suzy but the whole world is aware of her limitations

  4. I will write this at the risk of being eaten alive by fans.Suzy is getting the most flack.But in my humble opinion, I feel like they are both chewing more than they can swallow.I find LSG visual and acting suits romance and comedy than full on action/crime drama.He kind of reminds me of Rain(except LSG is a slightly better actor than him overall).And yes, I have watched “You are all surrounded” and “King 2 Hearts”.My opinion still stands.

    As for suzy, girl better work hard on her action stunts because this is not romance drama where doing aegyo will do.If they are gonna throw a love line in this then she really Really needs to work on how to build chemistry with her co stars instead of letting the guys do all the work.I have never bought into any pairing she has ever had with.

    Also its very possible that Ha Ji Won and Jin Goo’s drama prometheus (they finally secured a male lead) will air around the same time as this one so they will be comparisons, since they are the same genre and both are mega productions.

    • Promethus team should have casted Jang Hyuk with Ha Ji Won to form a perfect action duo. Both of them have great physicality and their age and screen energy is well matched.

      • jang hyuk drama is still airing but already have a confirm drama for mbc so not gonna happen

      • @rubyred I like Jin Goo too. I’ve seen most of his movies.
        Ha Ji won needs a great drama after her last two duds.
        But I’ve my reservations about the super big budget action Korean dramas. I hope this work is really good.
        The team behind Vegabond is reliable on base of their last projects. But casting Suzy is such a downgrade from their previous leads. I think a good director can make LSG act(like IU was better in My Ajjushi) but I don’t trust Suzy at all specially with the serious role.

    • Promethus will air this year tail end while Vagabond will air maybe around feb or mar of next year. Asdal will air around the same time are Vagabond but not Promethus or atleast I don’t think it will.

      • probably sojisub drama will air same time with dis, mbc, same genre, they start filming and later part of 2018 showing

      • @female I think Jin Goo is ok.I recall liking his role in DOTS and he has the look and acting chops for soldier/agent character.Its a massive upgrade than the guy she had last year for Hospital Ship(I forgot the name).

        Although I must say more than who she is paired with.I think she should study her last two drama projects and work on her acting weaknesses.I feel like her acting regressed.I havent enjoyed her projects after Empress Ki, yes partly due to other factors beyond her control but also her acting was not stellar like before.So I hope she bounce back and deliver a satisfying performance.

    • @ma.llyanne Offcourse he is busy. I was just giving a suggestion that they would make a great action acouple because both of them excel at it and Ha Ji Won needs to work with age and experience matching co-star(Jin Goo also matches age and ecperience though).

    • I read a headline that I thought said Suzy was going to acting school, and thought ‘finally, she’s going to do something about her limitations and work on her acting’ and then found it actually said she was going to actiON school.

      Her agency hypes her a lot but she’s not had a hit acting project in five years, and unlike five years ago there are actresses in her age group who actually do have hit dramas+acting skills.

    • Also agreed on Lee Seung Gi btw. He was fine in TK2H but a lot of that was down to his chemistry with Ha Ji Won and HJW making a lot of the action parts look good. idk how he’ll do with a less competent costar, it certainly didn’t work in GFB.

      (I actually like the GFB second female lead a lot better, both the character and the actress)

      • But.. Kim Bong Gu vs Lee Jae Ha roasting each other was the best part of King 2 Hearts tho. Not the fight scene.

    • Lee seung gi’s character PRINCE LEE JAE HA is not a combat fighter, but the brain of the group in world Military competition. Seung gi did a very good job in his character showing that with his HIGH I.Q in battle strategy he is a very weak in combat, And you failed to observe it. HOW CAN LEE SEUNG GI SHOW HIS SKILLS IN ACTION IF HIS CHARACTER PORTRAYING IS A VERY WEAK YET SO INTELLIGENT PRINCE?. And NOW THAT LEE SEUNG GI IS A SPECIAL ACTION FORCE WITH A KRAV MAGA IN HIS BELT, it is the most dangerous and deadliest battle arts in the world. Lee seung gi will rock his role.

  5. I’m nervous for Vagabond and seriously the producers must really feel confident that this is going to be a mammoth hit internationally. I really don’t know how Suzy is going to fare in this action/crime drama. Geez why this drama? Oh well we’ll have to wait and see how it will be received.

    • @Satish borganker- There is! I’ve just finished Lawless Lawyer and Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji smashed it in that one. I remember seeing So Ji Sub in the movie ‘A Company Man’ and I was in awe of the action fight sequences there. So in short there are tonnes of K action dramas and films. It’s just that Vagabond sounds umm…..still trying to decide on that one.

      • I know korean movies have superb action but in dramas its so poor. I know lee jun ki is awesome at action and lawless lawyer is a good drama but he was too thin in it which lessened the impact. His superb fight scenes were still in joseon gunman and aarang and TBDW but DAMN his action moves are always covered by those long ass robes he wears in all of them what a waste when people cant enjoy them properly.ill say bridal mask has one of the best action scenes in dramas but it was for sure done by stuntman. Well this one i dont know. No way its going to be superb action unless there is a miracle

      • Yep I Agree about needing a miracle because Vagabond better be bringing out every trick in the book to sustain an audience especially with Suzy being lead lady. I’ve always supported her but being thrust into the international sphere so suddenly well I’m going to be peering through my fingers when it does launch. Hopefully between now and the screening I hope she keeps out of the tabloids and focuses on her craft as an actor and performer.

      • @satish borganker
        Most of the Korean dramas have poor action but both Jang Hyuk and Lee Jun Ki are genuine martial artists. Jang Hyuk choreographs all of action sequences on his own and does all of the stunts though he didn’t get the chance to exhibit his skills in the movies. He also used to teach Jeet Kune Do to university students.
        He and Jun Ki are very very fast and elegant. They are multiple notches above the rest. Many actors won’t dedicate decades of their life for perfecting their moves unless they genuinely like it. It’s time taking and too tiring.
        Coincidently Jang Hyuk was the first choice for Bridal Mask but he was too busy that he had to pass on the offer.
        Korean dramas are romance oriented anyway so I don’t see them making a pure action themed drama.

    • I think the lack of many action actors and actress its because its not a popular genre in kdrama.Their k-movies are saturated with them(action)though and better directed.If you are an action fan, I would say kdrama is not the place to look for that.Kmovie is better.Kdrama is so focused on romance and selling the chemistry of the main leads in pretty much every genre.I can count by hand how many “action” and “crime thrillers” that were romance free.Even famous “action drama” like “Iris” and “Athena” had romance or hinted at romance.But usually, even when they tug a drama as having “action”.They half-ass the action choreography or when they do it well.They cant seem to know how long the action scene should be.Its either too long that people space out or too short that you cant appreciate the artistry of the scene.I can count by hand how many “action” and “crime thrillers” that were completely romance free.

      But as far as kdrama actors go then it has to be Lee Jun Ki, Jang Hyuk, Ji Chang Wook is ok too although he is not as fluid as the other two since they are black belt holders and he is still young with more experience he will be even better. For the females, I can only think of Ha Ji Won.But I there are plenty other actors and actresses who have potential to be good at action or at least execute the action scenes well with good choreography and a PD who knows his stuff.

      • As for this vagabond drama, I can bet that once the ratings are below expectation.They will insert a romance and minimise the action.

      • And Seo Ye Ji is following suit in action/crime genre. Gosh the amount of running she had to do in Save Me and LL I wouldn’t be surprised if she clocked over 10secs in the 100 metre dash!

      • its preproduce though,they cant do so much even if they edit some episode.

  6. Neither one of them have had any major “flop” dramas so I suspect this will do fine. Now I don’t know if it’ll be a super success, but I’m still going to watch it. And I can’t be the only one who thinks the whole thing for global rights is just media play and not that unusual. Tons of dramas do this kind of thing, putting out press releases about how many countries have bought the drama, etc before it airs.

    • sony pictures i think is the co producer, so them be the exclusive distributor is a given, so maybe ur right, or maybe they just adding buzz to the drama before it air.

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