Yoo Seung Ho Guest Stars in OCN Heist K-drama Player with Song Seung Heon and Krystal

What an adorable chance to work together, two of my irrational and handsome as all out K-ent male actor loves will be arriving on my television this Saturday via cable network OCN‘s thriller heist drama Player. The drama stars Song Seung Heon and Krystal leading a band of thieves who steal hidden ill-gotten loot stashed away by other criminals, and in the first episode Yoo Seung Ho will make a cameo appearance as a bumbling bank vault guard. Song Seung Heon posted a selfie with much younger Yoo Seung Ho and their smiles make me melt too. When I say much younger, Yoo Seung Ho (born in 1993) wasn’t even in his larvae stage when Song Seung Heon was romancing Song Hye Kyo in the 2000 classic Hallyu melo Autumn in My Heart. Oh how the time has warped to bring them to the same time line as male leads reigning in K-ent lol.


Yoo Seung Ho Guest Stars in OCN Heist K-drama Player with Song Seung Heon and Krystal — 6 Comments

  1. Sometimes, I just stop and thank the drama gods for Yoo Seungho growing up so well. Wow.

    Aaaaand the fact that OMG I have been watching dramas for so long, I’ve actually watched Yoo Seungho grow up in my computer screen.

  2. I feel like YSH career just going backwards. His acting never matures while every single other 93 line SKJ, PBG, DO all keep growing in acting getting good plots or costars but he is going backwards. Even L gets better acting offers than him these days. His agency is very poor at promoting him or he has bad eye for picking scripts.

    • Thank you for putting it so well. That’s the same impression I have. He is going backwards instead of going forwards and getting better projects. If you look at his filmography and the dramas he is doing right now, you’d think he is a very new actor. Even new actors play in better dramas than him. It’s hard to imagine that an epxerienced actor like him has bad eye for picking projects. He has been in the infustry for so long and read countless of scripts, shouldnt he have acquired some sense about how a drama will turn out ?

    • Its very true I’ve been feeling the same thing. He just bores me with his acting these. Literally everyone in the cast in all his recent dramas has out acted him by miles even the minor stars. He’s just so dull on screen now I don’t know what happened to him. Did he lose interest in acting or something?

      • What wrong with all of you, if you dont like him , you can skip all news about him, why you have to say those bad words to hurt him like that.
        He is different way with those actors you talk, his old roles alway is heave, sad with a lot of emotion.He good at it but He cant keep acting those roles foreve, He want to challeg himself with lighter ,funny roles.is that something wrong with all of you. PBG,DO,L..93 line actor is good but them can act heavy roles better him? i dont think so.You dont like Seung ho ,just skip all about him and shut up ,ok?

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