Opposites Start to Attract in Third Teaser for jTBC Drama Clean With Passion for Now

Since the romance premise of Clean With Passion For Now has the opposites attract setup, perhaps it’s actually a fitting casting to pair up hulking Yoon Kyun Sang with petite Kim Yoo Jung giving us the visual disparity along with their personality extremes. He’s a clean freak and she’s cheerfully messy, and I sure hope it’s just that and not downright filthy. I need my leading lady to tolerate muss without living in excessive dirt. The third teaser shows how the two meet and how the spark appears from his side, I guess cute overcomes all even if that person has the opposite hygiene habits lol.

Third teaser for Clean With Passion For Now:


Opposites Start to Attract in Third Teaser for jTBC Drama Clean With Passion for Now — 25 Comments

    • Wtf are you even saying?! He’s looking good and handsome one thing I’m sure of is that you yourself is not that good inside and that what actually makes someone ugly maybe you should just take your fatophopic *ss out of here

      • Stop lying to yourself or go check your eyes…If you compare him to his few years back drama he was really handsome with a chiseled jawline. Now all I see is bloatedness and hamster cheeks…He should take example on Song Jae Rim, looks is very important for an actor its his duty to keep himself in good shape!!!

  1. The teaser looks cute but I wish kim Yoo Jung would play a different role, her last two roles: love in the moon light and the movie because I love you(I forgot title?) it seems like she is playing the same bubbly quirky cute character, even her adidas video promo and her instragram photos makes it seems like she is playing herself because she seems bubbly and cute in real life. It seems like she is typecast or doesn’t want to challenge herself?

    If only she didn’t turn down circle or was able to do that rumored horror series with (hbo or Netflix?) maybe she could showed a different side of herself.

    Hoping her next lead role , she could show that she is beyond cutesy roles. I’m not including her childhood roles because they were small roles.

    • Lmaoo love in the moonlight is not only comedy it’s also melodrama. And this drama is totally diff because this is romantic comedy. Fight me??

    • This user is creating a reason to bring yoo jung down… just look at her drama angry mom it’s a master piece and it’s very different. Yoo jung don’t just accept any role, she’s really good on taking roles that are different. Even her movie elegent lies she was nominated in blue dragon film awards because of her acting as a antagonist on the movie. So whatever you are trying to say stop. Hilarious af

      • You are so rude. Just because I have diffeeeent opoinion. I follow her career. I said main female lead. She wasn’t the main female lead in angry mom. Even in her web dramas, she played cutesy roles. What’s wrong with having constructive criticism? Chilllll Lol
        sorry but her character is almost the same in all her main female leading roles. I watched almost all her stuff, she was more diverse when she was a child but not since she grown up. Lately it has been candy roles. She lost a good role in critically acclaimed circle by turning it down.

        Responding to other poster. Yeah I agree there were some melo scenes in love in the moonlight but overall it was lighthearted.

    • Certified hater right here lol even knetz said that her character in cwpfn fits her and there’s not a single negative comment about her taking the role… so what’s your ploy???

      • Wow, you do not have any proper reading comprehension.

        Never said anything about her not fitting the role. She fits the role perfectly.

        I clearly stated that she should branch out into different roles and that her roles lately has been too similar in characteristics.

        You’re too much. Kim Yoo Jung does not need a melodramtic fan like you.

      • Yeah we all know that whatever character she plays she will nail it right? So don’t need to put such a comment to bring her down. Okay? Lol

  2. Lol, even Koreans are grossed out by the fact that a 32 years old uncle is romancing a 19 years old girl. KYJ’s stupid i-fans are ranting on her instagram to Korean commenters and telling actual Koreans ’’don’t watch it then’’ lmao. And Koreans are being badass and answering in hangeul how dumbass these shielders look. It’s unfortunate that KYJ has so many weird and obsessed i-fans because she’s one of the brightest actresses of her own generation. If KYJ wants to play more mature roles, she should start with something else than acting in dramas that zoom into her boobies, pair her with much older actors and make her do gross looking kissing scenes. She, after all, stole the hearts of many people with her performance in Moon-Sun, which seems like she did yesterday.

      • YOUre the pathetic one for responding to someone who posted a comprehensive comment with a short little ding. They at least explained themselves rather than posting a short snarky comeback

    • Get over it. They are actors. They are not romancing for real. If they don’t play and look the part, then I’d say you have the reason to go ballistic. For the time being there’s really nothing to go crazy about because based on the photo, visually the age gap is not visible.

      • I have no problems watching movies that depict nymphets and Lolita scenes, like that Jeremy Irons film. I do have a problem when a rom-com is trying hard to sell a drama where the lead looks like a kid and the leads co-lead looks like an uncle/aunty/daddy/grandpa or whatever and tries to sell it as a cute romance. From the pictures alone, it looks like KYJ just looks like a lil kid. I know actresses of her age who look more mature and can effortlessly play high schoolers and then career people in their mid-twenties. But the real problem here actually is YKS who was miscast.

      • Are you saying KYJ is not ready for adult role yet? Kind of unfair if we prejudge her performance even before the drama.

        I do respect that your opinion that the age gap is kind of obvious. But to me YKS is definitely looking the age of the character and even Song Jae Rim too.

        I beg to disagree, there no 32 yr old guy romancing a 19 years. I read the synopsis, all lead characters are in their 20s.

  3. @Casey, u said u follow Yoojung’s career yet u made me laugh with ur mistake about 1 of her biggest endorsement deal. It’s Fila u pathetic hater. Not Adidas. Try harder to troll ok.

    • Okay my bad. Fila not adidas. It’s easy to make an honest mistake. Calm down. At least I’m aware she is endorsing a sport clothing brand. Are we in school? Chill lol

  4. Kim Yoo Jung is just a 20years old girl. Of course she is acting her age and the character of the drama. What is the negativity about? Come on, she has many more years to pick other roles. What is the hurry? Give her a break and this girl is mature and knows what she is doing and the role to pick. Just have to acknowledge that she is a good and talented actress.

    • Yes it’s obvious she’s a good actress. No one here stated otherwise.

      Is there a litmus test to see who qualifies being a fan? Just because a person is a fan, they don’t need to praise her like she’s a goddess and that every action she takes should be revered and bowed down too. That’s call being a cult member when you start doing that.

      Am I suggesting her to play the role of a mistress or harlot?

      There’s many lead roles/characters that she could play that is age appropriate that doesn’t have to be sunny and sparkly. She could play a shy character or someone introverted or a bully or a depressed character or a bumbling fool and etc.

      Requesting or wishing the actor/actress they like to play different roles does not mean they are asking them to grow up fast or being antis or being trolls.

      I bet koala must have a good laugh reading some of the comments throughout the years because some of them are super ridiculous. I’m laughing and rolling my eyes as I type this out lolll

      Can’t people chill.

      • She was in ‘Circle of atonement’ and that was my wake up call to her acting chops right there where her character was having an affair with her teacher. I guess being a fan of her work and praising her every move and defending her at every turn does warrant the action when she gets sullied and criticised a lot.

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