Kim Jae Wook Drops Collectors Edition Media Pictorial After Successful OCN Drama The Guest

I may have been (slightly) more impressed and connected with Kim Dong Wook‘s character and performance in OCN thriller drama The Guest but my first love Kim Jae Wook still knocked it out of the park for his leg of the narrative triangle. This is the first drama of his in ages where I wasn’t left frustrated that his good guy and much cooler than the male lead character got shafted, whether it was Inspiring Generation (WTF), Who Are You (SOBS), and most recently Temperature of Love (UGH). There was no romance but so much emotional connection, human warmth and caring between the three leads made even more precious as they face an insidious enemy of the supernatural ilk. These post-drama media interview pictorials are just too handsome for words and perfect for a Kim Jae Wook fan to collect so enjoy!


Kim Jae Wook Drops Collectors Edition Media Pictorial After Successful OCN Drama The Guest — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you Koala for sharing this beautiful photos of him. I love his performance in Voice and The Guest makes me love him even more. I was surprised that he went to Philippines together with the director to meet exorcist priests and learned directly from them. What a dedication! I’m hoping to see him in a rom-com drama in the future. It will be good if he reunites with Seo Ye Ji since they have acted together before.

  2. Wow, these photos are phenomonal, you can tell the photographer was entranced by him. I kind of wish they were in a magazine so I could have a physical copy!

    He’s such a beautiful, sexy and talented man, just absolutely mesmerizing in a way that’s so rare to see in celebrities anywhere these days. I haven’t had time to watch The Guest (or many other dramas lately) but I can’t wait to binge watch it over the holidays.

  3. He never ages! So handsome and dreamily gorgeous. Hope to see him lead one day just him and everyone else can be in support around him. Arrgghhh can you find anyone as breath taking as him? There are 7 wonders of the world and then there is KJW. The day he announces marriage there will be a collective breakage of hearts around the world mine included.?

  4. I like this dude.He is severely underrated but still let me state the obvious, he is a great actor.I look forward to his next drama or movie.

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