Park Bo Gum Comforts Lonely Song Hye Kyo in Beautiful Drama Poster for Encounter

The production of tvN drama Encounter (Boyfriend) is doing a great job of delivering a very clear vibe and message. The drama about an older rich divorcee and a younger scrappy man meeting in exotic Cuba and falling for each other is the kind of romance that drama fiction conjures up that is so unrealistic. And yet the promos have actually sold me on the pairing by explaining through visuals how a lonely and melancholy Song Hye Kyo could fall for the bright-eyed and bushy-haired Park Bo Gum in the confines of gorgeous Cuba and away from the societal constraints of South Korea. As strangers in a strange land I totally see the possible emotional connection and the latest drama poster frames the leads so beautiful together, I think I’m finally sold!


Park Bo Gum Comforts Lonely Song Hye Kyo in Beautiful Drama Poster for Encounter — 71 Comments

  1. Tbh the first poster isn’t anything special. But it’s pretty. I super love the poster where park bo gum is crouching byhimsekf against the column looking out to the sea. Pretty looking at pretty. Swoon.

      • I’m fine w/ it.

        I do some weird shit to my hair when I’m bored so I can’t really talk smack for such a minor change [imo].

      • His long hair in the beginning of the drama is not a futile detail, it has its importance. His hair always match with the characters he’s playing.
        Personally i love both short and long but honestly i don’t care as long as he’s happy with the one he chooses.
        Freedom is priceless.
        So i hope he will never do anything because of pressure.
        His job already dictates his hairstyle (commercials, dramas etc), so we should let him breath when he’s on break.
        Plus i can’t get bored with his incredibly various hairstyles….some actors have same haircut for years…they don’t take any risks.

    • I like them individually but not as a pair. SHK is too old for PBG and PBG is too baby for her.
      They need to pair SHK with age appropriate hot appas.

      • Which hot appas that can pass being a younger man character? The plot says a young man.. and an older woman who is a divorcee.

      • @faith Basically for fueling the fantasy of the ajjumas who constitute major part of the viewers.

      • @Female so your point is Dramas w/c the female lead is older than the male like Lee Nayoung Lee jong suk and Han ji min Nam joo hyuk Shk pbg are dramas to fuel ajummas fanstasy? Lol

      • Is it just me or is it weird that song joong ki and song hye kyo are both working with people they know for next drama? Seems coincidental. Like they each had stipulation for their next project. The spouse has to approve of the costar lol.???

      • @Valentinozara,seriously?wow if they are able to do that..means they are big enough in korea right? No wonder there are people who can’t help but getting jealous of them.. They are getting richer and richer despite all the hates..??

  2. some inetz be like they are not watching like their opinion matters lol they only thing that can make this drama flop is if the writing is EXTREMELY terrible and so far knetz seem to be loving it and also cnetz which is their main target market

    • I know right..inetz will always be like “I’m not going to watch it”, “I’ll give it a pass” who cares right? You don’t contribute to the rating at all, so nobody gives a darn if you watch or not..

    • Actually in some Asian countries inetz already showed their excitement and anticipation for this drama. Big tv networks already got airing rights of Encounter where usually they will wait after the dram finish airing in SK before buying it. Point is more inetz are excited and will watch this drama than the ones not giving it a chance. Non- fan will always be negative while neutral ones will wait before making any judgement and of course most SHK and PBG fans will be happy just to see them back on small screen.

  3. This looks amazing but deep down I worry this is another “Something in The Rain” mainly because of the writer. Hope it’s an enjoyable drama for most of its run.

    • It’s going to be worse than Something in the Rain because the scriptwriter has a poor track record. A good director can only do so much if the story sucks. SHK and PBG name alone will probably bring in the viewers though.

  4. Song hye kyo’s drama always a must watch in my house.. We are all excited and ready for this new drama of her.. Can’t wait…

  5. Like mama and son or aunty and nephew. SHK is mighty fine and.. well I’ll stay quiet about PBG. I can’t blame the writers in South-Korea because ultimately, ahjumma fans are watching and they like to fantasize about PBG with an older woman and SHK is a perfect vessel for their imaginations. Double standards too. If this was a clearly older looking male actor back hugging an actress who is in her early-mid twenties, all the drama ahjummas would be ’’feeling uncomfortable’’. Just like everybody was head over heals for IHYV Soo Ha and Hye Sung when Soo Ha was a 17-year-old high school boy and Hye Sung was a professional in her late 20s, shipping them together. But when it was reversed in Doctors for example, everybody became uncomfortable when a doctor/teacher in his late 20s had hots for a 17 yo high school girl. Anyway, both are adults here so whatever but it still looks like aunty and nephew.

    • Nah, I thought Knetz loved Mr Sunshine pairing? Weren’t they voted third most loved OTP even though they looked like father and daughter? I think it depends on the actor/actress.

      • Yeah, if the knetz like the acting, then age gaps don’t matter at all. I’m merely talking about hypocrite i-netz.

      • KTR-LBH looked like father-daughter throughout Mr Sunshine though. Their acting was also average nothing exceptional. The drama itself was formulaic to cater the taste of the viewers. K-netz votes are only due to drama’s popularity.

    • @prettyautumn

      I’ve read your comments carefully and i’m amazed by your manipulation skills (more disgusting than an age gap).
      Very high level.
      But i’m not blind.

      • Yeah..prettyautumn really talented person, manipulating everything until it suits her/his point of view. Amazing twisted person. Indeed.

      • I’m flattered that you think I’m good at manipulation. However, that’s not my intention at all.

    • Ok so @prettyautumn just fyi majority of Park bogum fans in korea are teenagers.
      And your comment that producers like to cast older actress and young actor example shk x pbg for pbg ahjumma fans fantasizing him. So the dramas with Lny x Ljs and Hjm x Njy producers casted them too because ajummas are watching. Even if ajummas are the majority audience of these noona romances what’s wrong with that. I mean are ajumma audience are peasant or something. And i find it weird cause your a woman and you will be an ajumma too. And i think majority of audience just want to have some good time and relax and not to fantasize. Those who fantasize are hardcore fans w/c i think just 10% of viewers only.

  6. You bet the haters will still be the first to watch so they can run here and hate.db readers especially being such hypocrite hating on the drama for the age gap but also supporting ljs drama with Lee Na young where he plays a genius for the one millionth time lol

    • @Tzuyu well visually LNY looks like his aunt. But the thing is LJS used to always play with lead actress twice his age they call him noona slayerfor nothing. But more than his drama with LNY im looking forward to his drama with SHS now that’s a more better pairing. And koala pls update about it. Keep checking your blog if you post about it Enough with encounter.

    • I’m more than happy to drag LJS who is playing a genius for the umpteenth time. Also, why would LNY lower herself to play highly educated, skilled but unemployed writer who is overqualified for many jobs while a supposed genius who is much younger is undoubtedly in a position of power compared to a slightly older, highly qualified woman? LNY and her skills and visuals deserve better than the repetitive, plastic nose LJS. MOT

  7. Don’t know some of y’all on here trying to make 12yr age gap look like 20 there many celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Beyonce and jay z etc with similar age gaps and most people consider them as couple goal. Fact there are huge age gaps in relationships which is OK as long as they are adults.

    • LMAOOOOOOO Jay Z and Beyoncé are far, far away from couple goals. It’s a known fact that Jay Z was a clapped oldie who went after twice younger, teenager Bey and has cheated on her throughout their relationship. Also, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively don’t look like uncle and niece. PBG just looks too boyish for a beautiful, mature woman like SHK.

      • Tbh I still wish she choose another drama and am not even ready to deal with Pbg fan girls but it already done so I just hope the story will be at least decent

      • @prettyautumn
        He was groomed by his wife when he was a teenager. Who knows if they really loved each-other or not? We don’t live in their house to know the truth.

    • 12 years age gap is really a huge age gap specially when the woman is older. Not saying that the relationship can’t work but practically speaking men are naturally programmed to find younger women much more attractive who are obviously much more fertile. If a woman is much older than her man then it’s also not good for a man’s sexual health. He at the peak of his sexuality would find it hard to be compatible with a menopausal woman.

      • If a man wants to cheat he will cheat even if his wife or girlfriend is young or old. Men will cheat if he use hi D**k more than his brain.

      • It’s just a drama..chill..SHK herself said love stories in dramas are too perfect to be true. No need to crack your brain to think what makes sense, what doesn’t.

      • Your comment disgusts me. I can’t believe a woman wrote something like this. If you disagree with the age gap, you can just stick to complaining about it. I don’t see anyone forcing you to watch the drama..and you don’t even contribute to the ratings so I don’t know what makes you think you’re important. One more thing, worry about your own body first, not others’.

      • Wow you really took the drama that personal didn’t you lol. And if men will still cheat younger or older if they want.not even going to comment on the menopausal stuff you said

      • I knew I’ll get these kind of response. But I did not say these relationships never works.
        If someone had actually tried to reflect on my points and knew how the real world actually works then you would have agreed with me.

      • That’s not what i said.
        I have expectations about the drama, not expectations about people who watch.
        And yes i believe a k-drama can be beautiful, meaningful and open hearts/minds, that’s not incompatible.

      • Open minds will only happen if both sets of parents are dead, and there is no traditional korean thinking of ageism or status/rank etc… This reminds me of the reason I dropped Something in the Rain, I could not stand her mom screaming… Encounter is a melodrama, so be prepared for some tears, it may not be as meaningful as you wish… just hope there won’t be any incurable diseases or death.

  8. This drama looks like it is going to be one hell of a tear jerker and the tone looks and feels very melancholy. The only drama for me that has my total undivided attention right now is ‘The Smile has left your eyes’ and Seo In Guk and Jung So Min are the OTP (as far as I’m concerned) for 2018 but I have a hunch that SHK and PBG could truly take that mantle. However I wrote this previously; the writing is what will let the drama down if it’s not done right. And it is going to be interesting flicking between MOA to Encounter I hope I don’t comatose over it. It’s exciting times people.

  9. @candycane
    I know what you mean ! i couldn’t stand the screaming mom too !
    Yes i have that melodrama aspect in mind but people will cry only if they support the couple, so that is somehow a good point.
    I don’t know if it will be meaningful but what i’ve read and seen so far give me that hope….but high hopes can make high disappointments too so i try to refrain myself.
    And yes no diseases nor death please ! LoL

  10. Production team did a great job with posters and teasers released as we can already feel the main leads emotions. Counting the days.

  11. Finally i love both posters.
    Both are meaningful, i think they are complementary.
    I loved the first one because it has something unique and original but i didn’t like the second one because i found it too conformist but i was so wrong cause it really makes some people uncomfortable…i need more than that to be shocked.

  12. Looks like SHK is still capable of getting a lot of comments here even after her marriage. Whoever said otherwise that day was in denial. ?

    • Some articles about Kyo may not get as much comment as before but that doesn’t mean they are not causing traffic at koalas or not interested anymore. Many of us does check this site regularly for updates but avoid comments section to avoid negativity

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