Song Joong Ki Debuts Permed Hair Borrowed Straight From Darren Chen in Meteor Garden 2018

This looks is so far out that I can’t believe a guy in real life is willingly doing it, and none other than top Hallyu star Song Joong Ki no less. With a floofy perm that is exactly a carbon copy of Darren Chen (Guan Hong) from playing the Hua Ze Lei (Rui) character in Meteor Garden 2018, Song Joong Ki has managed to turn himself into a hype beast and one that I’m totally cool with. If he wan’t to look trendy and young fine by me, his wifey Song Hye Kyo is out starring with his younger BFF in a new romance drama so I imagine Song Joong Ki fluffing his perm in the mirror and feeling confident that his lady love finds him so much cuter. This perm is also a less overgrown version of the perm Park Bo Gum was sporting for Boyfriend so maybe there’s some synergy there as well? Who knows but I’m totally amused.


Song Joong Ki Debuts Permed Hair Borrowed Straight From Darren Chen in Meteor Garden 2018 — 40 Comments

  1. oh gosh this does not suit him at all, makes him look like my aunt. even my grandma has better hair than him haha. instead of following trends should create trends. I’m still waiting for somebody to shave their head bald and not care what anybody thinks. now that’s real confidence!

    • Ya ya. A man that can rawk the bald look is really something. Just like the actor who played Qianlong Emperor in “Yanxi Palace”.

      Spot on the ahjumma hairstyle’s comment ?

      • right? he does look like one. I’m hoping that whoever starts off the bald hair trend keeps it for at the most three months that’s all I’m hoping for. cause not many guys can go bald for that long due to their “star” status and people may get judgemental. it’s just hair it’ll grow back or get a wig plus if they look good bald then even better.

  2. I was instantly reminded of Kuan Hong too when I saw his perm. Except he looks less charming. How did his looks deteriorate that much? Anyway, he went from co-starring with Song Hye Kyo to Kim Jiwon lol. What a drop in quality. Not like the writer of Asadal had high standards when it came to actresses but at least Shin Se Kyung shines in sageuk

    • I would have preferred SSK as well for this one but of course KJW is a good actress but I still have their tandem from DOTS burned in my mind so I find it a little weird.

      • I hate Kim ji won, can’t her acting. I hope asdal was fight ing between song joong ki Vs jang dong gun.

    • Song Hye Kyo is not a good actress herself. KJW can act as well as her. Why do you always sound so classist? Always putting down newer and less familiar faces? Is there a rule that actors should never act with a co-stars who are below their so called ‘level’? Why should they not get a chance?
      You also looked down on JIS when she was casted in Terius but she did much more better than the male lead.

      The male leads JDG and SJK are not exceptional themselves. They are nothing compared to the past leads of the writers like Han Suk Kyu and Kim Myung Min. This cast is just for the sake of ‘popularity’.
      Also writers always don’t go for ‘bad’ female leads. You totally forgot Lee Yo Won and Go Hyun Jung.

      • You don’t know that six flying dragon writer wanting to work with song joong ki went he still in the army. He has good relationship with duo writer and pd so didn’t surprised if they working together after his small role in deep rooted tree.

      • @valentinozara

        It’s not just due to good relationship though that is also one of the important factor. Maybe relationship is the reason they chose SSK a few times. The choice of cast is surely for the sake of popularity. Good thing is this cast can do credible job though they are not near the level of past cast in term of acting skills (SJK is no YAI. JDG is no KMM).

    • His wife got an upgrade in co-star with Park Bo Gum.
      Usually its the woman who got the downgrade after marriage, here its the other way round.

      • are you implying PBG is an upgrade over SJK? hahaha… that’s a first that I have read. LOL.

      • Downgrade? Well the writer of the asadal are one of the top writers in kdramaland. It’s a upgrade from Kim eun sook. Though I love her drama as well.

      • And kim ji won is rising star in korea with clean image and already is super popular among international fans,and as long as she can act, it’s not a downgrade.

  3. I’m torn. On one hand I’m okay with it. On the other hand I find it questionable. If his wife recommended it… it would explain so much though. They’re both not the most fashionable people.

    But anyways… looking forward to his drama anyways in which he hopefully won’t look like this.

  4. I don’t like this perm, he looks really weird (to me) especially when comparing with Darren. Luckily Asadal is a saguek so his hair won’t be looking like this. Whatever he looks in real life does not matter to me… LOL.

  5. hahaha song joon ki changes his hair style for once,he looks confident and happy with it and it’s all that matters.waiting for his next asadal

  6. He looks like his running man days since he’s growing the hair for asadal why not style his hair in a man bun in public events i think he will look hot in that hairstyle.

  7. I like it but then again I like him very much as an actor and think him very very talented (looking good is extra as far as I’m concerned).

    And I also like good looking men trying new looks. He could have looked wonderful with a more conventional style but I like the fact that he chose to go the other way (for whatever reason).

  8. I’m still don’t like Kim ji won,she doesn’t have power and charisma to bring rating. If this drama failed in rating I didn’t surprised at all. Just look how bad her acting in fight for my way, park min young and park bo young was better actress than her. Kim ji won just overrated actress.

  9. I Like it! It makes her chin looks less chubby and looks much younger! I think he is preparing his latest sageuk pretty well! Can’t wait! 2019 come faster!

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