Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are Rumored to be Dating, Both Sides Deny Reports

Well this is an interesting news story to wake up to. K-ent is reporting that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are dating after a netizen posted online about seeing the two at a golf course in Los Angeles. The sighting was the two walking at the country club and then having a meal with Son Ye Jin’s parents, with Binnie going to LA after wrapping Memories of Alhambra to meet up with and celebrate Son Ye Jin’s upcoming birthday on January 11th. If the sighting to true then it’s highly likely they are dating, with the two filming the thriller movie The Negotiation last year and doing lots of premiere promos for it thereafter.

Another netizen also chimed in claiming that it is true the two are dating and keeping it low key. Both sides agency has swiftly denied the rumor, Binnie’s agency says he is not dating her and is in LA for post-drama filming activities and has nothing to do with Son Ye Jin, while her agency says Son Ye Jin is in LA but her parents are not and denying she is dating Hyun Bin. I genuinely could care less either way, if they are dating great and if not then whatevers.


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are Rumored to be Dating, Both Sides Deny Reports — 57 Comments

  1. I support Hyun Bin all the way if she is the right one for him. Thought am not a fan of her, she’s pretty but have to wait until Hyun Bin confirm it himself. I watched their movie and it’s not the best since both have no chemistry at all.

  2. Lol he’s with Ha Ji Won not this Son Ye Jin. Ha Ji Won is in LA California with Hyun Bin probably have a sexy time together because posted a picture of just waking up. Son Ye Jin not even pretty and she is dirty. Doing all those nudity sex scenes with tons of actor so no way Hyun Bin will be attracted to her. This just a publicly stunt for their unwell receive movie.

    • Watch your words about people when your Ha Ji Won also done nudity scene too. As expected the most pathetic shipper of all times going to Son Ye Jin IG leaving rubbish comments. We don’t care if you prefer Hyun Bin with Ha Ji Won only. Learn to be respectful and take all the dirt comments somewhere else. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin was just rumors only but all the retarded shipper going to Ye Jin accounts talking trash comparing her to Ha Ji Won and other actresses. Some childish and insecure people always love to put other actress down.

      • I’m sure you’re not wacthing korean movie? Songjihyo joinsung sojisub kimtaeri jungwoosung kimgoeun joendoyoon and almost movie actor did nude scene!! Are you blind?

    • Obviously you didn’t know that HJW has made a movie whereby she had this nudity and sex scene?. That was at her early career.

      So what?.

    • I really don’t think @ReignSg1023 is a HJW fan. Always comparing HJW with much younger and prettier actresses will only put HJW lower and lower in the ranking. I believe she hates HJW and wants her to be trashed. LOL.

    • How could you say that! Did you not watch the drama “Crash Landing On You”? It’s starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin.

  3. I would be happy if it’s true that they are dating. Son Ye Jin my favorite actress and Hyun Bin my favorite actor. If not hope they play a drama together.

  4. It makes me curious why every time there is a post about him, Ha Ji Won is always mentioned. Were they even really an item before? I only know of SHK and KSR as former girlfriend of his.

    • Pretty sure people know Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin were never an item. It’s all rumors from the Secret Garden fans in their wildest dreams. If they were a couple before then it’s super sad that Hyun Bin never claimed Ha Ji Won. Even said to the press he’s an upright person who won’t deny the woman he love.

      I’m not here to offend anyone or do Ha Ji Won dirt but it’s all true from Hyun Bins’ own mouth. Ha Ji Won fans really need to stop comparing other actresses to her.

    • Shippers are ridiculous imo, especially when the celeb is publicly dating another person. It’s one thing to think that A and B looks good together, it’s a whole other thing to insist A and B are dating/should date and go around putting others down when A gets involved with them. Like who are shippers to determine who the celeb should date.

  5. It makes me curious why every time there is a post about him, Ha Ji Won is always mentioned by someone in the comment section. Were they even really an item before? I only know of SHK and KSR as former girlfriend of his.

    • I feel sorry for Ha Ji Won – having her name dragged when she has nothing to do with all these. And then some non-shippers mocked HJW just to annoy the shippers and escalated into immature arguments. Seriously, why the need to insult her when the delulu are the one coming up with nonsense?

      The shippers need to stop. They are tarnishing her image. As far as I am concerned, HJW and HB both mutually treat each other as nothing more than colleagues. They are free to date whoever they like.

  6. We should only comment about actors’ acting skill, dramas/movies they are in. Just like us, they’re normal people with feelings. If we don’t like anyone to talk bad about us, then we should not talk bad about others. Let’s be kind, folks.

  7. Yeah as far as I know Hyun Bin only officially announced dating Kang Sora but they broke up one year ago.

    He has never admitted about dating Ha Ji Won. She neither.

    This current rumour with Son Ye Jin, let’s see whether it would be like SongSong couple, deny till marriage is announced.

    K-netizens are saying this scandal is to divert attention of his label rookie actor who is being investigated for sexual harassment!

    • If it’s true that the scandal is to cover his agency’s talent, Son Ye Jin is being used being if that is the case. I don’t she would allow that unless there’s an element of truth to the rumor.

  8. Off topic:
    Didn’t Ockoala for Encounter’s rating to drop?I think she got what she wished for as the rating for Ep11 was 7.5% and ep12 was 7.6%. It’s still at a higher mark but it’s a big dropped from it’s premieres rating of about 3%.

      • Why does she wish for the ratings to drop??
        I haven’t watch Encounter yet.
        My current mojo is Sky Castle hahaha.

      • She said because she wanted to enjoy the drama without all the fuss and buzz surrounding it.

        In contrast, if I love a drama so much, I definitely want the ratings to increase. It’s a way to say thank you to the actors and production team for the job well done and of course, for their hard works to be widely recognized.

    • MistyEyes-My observation with encounter drop in rating because viewer didn’t like hot steamy kissing scene with park bo gum. Even though comments on naver was positive but rating was dropped. This time for shk change genre cause she always doing same in past 20 years.

      • I think the 2 week break over December/January wasn’t fair at all which caused the drop but 7% is still above average. Encounter is entirely SHK’s drama and it’s unfortunate that PBG is getting unnecessary flak for whatever reason the storyline is still okay with me. The ‘hot steamy kiss’ was pivotal as it had to happen but 4 episodes left the ratings might escalate again so anything can happen in the meantime.

  9. HB breaking news with SYJ good on them if they are but it is bad timing with MOA still screening not a smart move to drop dating news even if it is denied cos the romance had just started with Hee Joo in episode 13 so unsure how K viewers will react and if their ratings will be a affected as they went up to 9%. That aside I believe Soompi writers don’t like MOA and this is my observation judging from the lack of MOA articles posted. I mean they didn’t even write the ubiquitous ‘2 things we love and 10 things we hate’ type of article. They have for the other dramas airing. Thank you Mz Koala for being impartial, sharing the love and keeping the posts real for MOA since no one else is doing so. I’m not fanatical about MOA and cast as I just like the storyline and will see it to the end.

  10. I think this couple look good together and even if they were not, they are both single and available so good luck to them if they are dating and if not I again wish them good luck.

  11. It’s hard to follow all those dating news. Son Ye Jin was tied to Kim Nam Gil after Shark and Pirates, then Jung Hae In after Pretty Noona and now Hyun Bin for Negociations. The 3 men are pretty fine, lucky girl if one of them is the good one :p

    • She never was with JHI and they never had a dating report. At least with KNG and HB there was a dating report and their agencies addressed the rumors. The JHI « rumor » is just the usual post drama interviews question.

  12. Lol who’s also in the USA for a trip? Hyun Bin is in the US now?
    Son Ye Jin is in the US now? Park Shin Hye is also in the US with her parents at a golf club now too? I ship both couple ??. I love Shin Hye post of her parents together posting like Jin Woo and Hee Ju. Growing old together…???? shipper mold. I’m not ready to let go of Alhambra. ????? I will miss Jin Woo and Hee Ju.

    • I just saw Park Shin Hye post that recently and had a heartstrings. Love Hee Ju and Jin Woo so much. ?

      Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin will be a well matched couple. Good luck my Binnie if the rumors is true.

    • Hahaha @loveholic, I would love it if he joo and jin woo got old together haha. About the article, it’s funny how these articles come out of nowhere. Also, one fan said they saw hyun bin and song ye jin having lunch with her parents, while her agency stated that her parents are not even in the US. Lol anyway, I guess we’ll get to know like songsong if any of these is at all true.

    • HB and SYJ were both in LA while PSH was in Hawaï which is at least a 6 hours flight from LA.
      PSH is still going strong with CTJ and they were spotted together just the week before the HB and SYJ rumor.

  13. Reignsg-hyunbin not taken lol! Hajiwon still have have changed with him, this dating rumors just to buried jeong you ahn scandal who was same agency with hb.

  14. the worse thing to do if you want to keep your dating secret is to date when one of your dramas is on and everybody is aware of where you are and what you are doing.

  15. Everyone seem to be holidaying at a golf course some where. Even HJW is vacationing at a golf course (her IG post). I will only believe if the news is from Dispatch. And like some people described HB as someone who would not deny the woman he loves. His dating history proves it. He admits all his relationships to the public. So why deny this one if it’s true? Because it’s not true. Period. Why all the arguments and drag HJW in it? They are very close friends. Don’t harm their long term friendship with rumours.

    • He didn’t date son ye jin, lol! His agency doing this rumors to buried rookie actor jung yoo ahn who has been in same labelmates with hyun bin! So don’t worries about sega shipper their ship still sailing ????.

  16. Ommo son ye jin and hyun bin???? They look really good together, yes, date please!Both make a beautiful couple.
    Why bring ha ji won name here, don’t purposely bully her please,leave her alone!

  17. I am new relatively new to the Korean entertainment industry and only know a few Korean artists from the few dramas and songs that I came across randomly. It is also out of random that I watched Secret Garden recently. Yes, almost 10 years since it debuted. And boy,I have been hooked on Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won ever since. I read so much about them respectively as talented actor/actress and of course, I came across many articles and comments by fans who would like them to be romantically linked as a couple.

    I must say it will be nice to see them as a couple in the real world, especially after watching them on screen as a couple. I do not categorize myself as a delusional fan, but I also won’t be shy to admit I really wish to see them together! However, I have a few observations:

    1. If the both of them are indeed a couple and seeing each other secretly, how would they feel when HB had to announce his so called relationship with KSR (presumably a disguised relationship to cover up other negative news, as speculated by fans)? As matured and distinguished actor/actress, do they need to submit to such absurd request by the agency? HB was fine to tell such a lie and hurting HJW in the process? HJW is willing to accept and keep quiet?

    2. If actors or agencies’ consent is required before the media can release any photos, then it seems to me a little hard to believe that any artist would want photos taken without their knowledge to be exposed at all. For eg, why would HB and SYJ agree to have their grocery shopping photos to be released and then only to deny rumours of themselves? They might as well reject the request for the photos to be released in the first place, right?

    3. Supposedly HB and HJW are indeed a couple, what are the reasons for them to date secretly and not to disclose their true status? Especially if they know there are so many who are rooting for them?

    I wish we all know the answers, and it really will be great if both of them can find (have found) their true love (and hopefully it is with each other). HB is such a fine specimen. It is such a waste to be single. Same goes to HJW, whose biological clock is ticking fast.

    Just my two cents.

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