Popular Singapore Actor Aloysius Pang Passes Away at 28 After Tragic Military Training Accident in New Zealand

I’m a little late with the post on the recent passing of Singaporean actor Aloysius Pang but I’m not familiar with him and it’s hard to write such a heavy story to start off the new year. Child actor turned young leading man Aloysius Pang was off on a three week mandatory training with the Singapore military in New Zealand in early January and during one of the training exercises was fatally wounded by a falling part on a tank. He was only 28 years old and already wildly popular in Singapore as part of the crew of young leading men making their mark in the industry.

He was rushed to the hospital and despite surgeries and top medical care was unable to recover and passed away four days later. The full military honors funeral for Aloysius was hold four days ago on January 27th attended by family, friends, and throngs of fans. This news has gripped Singapore entertainment media for the past two weeks and also involves the postmortem outing of Aloysius’s secret three year relationship with fellow Singapore actress and frequent costar Jayley Woo who was rightfully devastated as the two were talking marriage in the next few years. Rest in peace to this young man and condolences to those who loved him.


Popular Singapore Actor Aloysius Pang Passes Away at 28 After Tragic Military Training Accident in New Zealand — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve always thought he was the child actor in I Not Stupid until recently…
    Not familliar with him or his works but its so sad seeing all the posts by his girlfriend and friends… Rip.

  2. Yes, Aloysius’ injuries during a military exercise and unfornate passing has really gripped Singapore, in part because he is local celebrity but more so as his passing is the latest and most high ptofile of a recent spade of young Singapore sons who died during military training.

    Singaporeans are now questioning the safety standards of the military training and even the necessity of conscription for a small nation that is geographically located in a region that is peaceful.

  3. Wow, didnt expect you to cover news in singapore but yeah, really very sad. There were previous cases in the last 2 yrs too and my heart goes out to all their families.

  4. Well, this post could have included a statement that says this is not an isolated case as there have been non-celebrities involved deathly incidents in military training / exercise too. Just because Aloysius is more famous hence he was given this much media attention and ‘hype’ (no offence or disrespect meant, r.i.p). What about those that aren’t ‘famous’, they are just swept aside? They are precious sons of their own families too. Just sayin’.

    • This is a blog that covers Asian celebrities, mostly from Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan as well as other countries. Why is koala obligated to report about other deaths. Yes, they are tragic, but this isn’t a news site. It’s a blog. If you care that much, start your own site and spread the word. Or you could have just mentioned the missing facts in your comment without being holier-than-thou. Take a chill pill.

      • Hi there. I didn’t know I sounded not chill. In every reputable blog post there needs to be a purpose in a post. Nowadays, it certainly doesn’t feel like so. The blogger says so herself, she is not familiar with the actor, so why wiuld she suddenly cover a news on this? It must be because she knows there are eyeballs from the Singapore, so she felt she needed to report something on that. If all ahe wanted to say some young actor from a tiny weeny city died without touching any further… then what is the purpose of this post? To get more ads? 🙂

  5. I am really sad about this, although I don’t know him , they could have reduced unexperience people work load , and give work to more qualified technicians, a bright guy .

  6. Thank you for covering this. I am not that familiar with Aloysius but I followed his story when the news broke. It’s heartbreaking and I feel for his family who must be having an immensely difficult time with such a sudden and untimely loss.

  7. The tragedy is not only in his sudden passing but leaving a bereft partner of 3 Years who has to now grieve publicly. The love of her life that had to be kept secret only now catapulted out to the world; this for me is really sad and with his parents; family and friends the whole unfortunate event has my deepest condolences R.I.P AP❤️

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