Song Hye Kyo Returns to Glamorous Long Locks Post Encounter in New CF

K-actress Song Hye Kyo has always exuded this grounded vibe even as she’s soared to the top of K-ent actresses of her generation in the twenty-plus years she’s been acting. Perhaps that’s why her character in Encounter (Boyfriend) felt like a morphed version of herself – thoughtful and capable, but also immensely sad, lonely, and constrained. It’s the most fleshed out character I’ve seen her play, so well-written as character development in the drama took a front driver’s seat to actual plot movement. It’s an actor/actress type of dream role, to let the performance propel the story and Song Hye Kyo definitely knocked it out of the park for me. It may not seem flashy but it’s what makes it hard, to play someone restrained and rather boring and make me interested in her life. She’s shed the character now and what better way to remind us she’s really a super glamorous star in real life with a set of new CF stills with plenty of long hair sexy and va-va-voom shoulders.


Song Hye Kyo Returns to Glamorous Long Locks Post Encounter in New CF — 25 Comments

  1. She is so symmetrically perfect. She is like India’s Aishwarya Rai. So beautiful and flawless Both are also limited actors who need good directors to present them in the right way. SHK seems to have learned what works for her .It would be fun if she could do FH2 with rain….Want to see her in a rom com being vivacious. Want to see her long hair in waves and wearing bohemian dresses. Bored of the uptight characters she’s been playing so far.

  2. Pretty but boring give me ahjumma vibe. All of her CF was photoshopped. Just stick to CF and model never comeback to acting except you get role like jang nara, kim nam joo, and oh na-ra.

    • I saw your other comments that you are a fan of Park Min Young. Plastic surgery beauty over natural beauty. Daesang awardee over starlet. Poor taste you have.

  3. I can’t agree more with some of you. She is very beautiful but Dane role over the years. Almost the saintlike character. I prefer Son Hye Jin and others who don’t depend on their beauty. I can’t make myself watch Encounter just because no matter what, it screams to much of capitalism. And,a little weird seeing PBG kissing her. SHK, play something a bit different.

    • Doesn’t depends on their beauty, hahaha, are u that naive??? All actresses want to be pretty and spend money ? ? to maintain their look, for god sake , it’s Korean entertainmaij industry?
      It’s because not “many can born with that face” like SHK, so “pur leasseeee” it’s really old school to bring other name here to diss her.

      Want to see the difference in her role? See my comment below.

    • Why dragged Son Ye Jin in here? She has nothing to do with this. Stop trying to start fan wars. Song Hye Kyo is an amazing actress whose very pretty and natural since her prime to now.

    • Can’t agree more Song Hye Kyo is very beautiful but her acting is very limited compare to outstanding actress like Gong Hyo Jin, Ha Ji Won, and Song Ji Ho. Those actress are beauty with talents who actually saling their
      performance rather than beauty. Honest talk Song Hye Kyo is best with CF. I saw all her works from The crossing to Camellia and A Brilliant life. She’s not so impressive. It’s always her Male co-stars that outshine her.

      • @Woniee liking an actress acting is a matter of preference like in my opinion the actresses you mentioned are just ok not that outstanding specially song ji hyo she ruined frozen flower normally an actress who goes all naked and have sex scenes in film won awards but she got negative reviews for her performance there. With shk she have the right combination of a star acting, beauty, charisma and mass appeal. That is why a lot of fantaŕds never fails to compare her with their faves.

  4. I just saw her short film camelia. And i can say if you want a diff. Shk try to watch it. It so diff from her drama roles her character is kinda dark and alluring. She pulls it off well in fact i think she can act in a villain role.

  5. Anyone commenting that she always has the same role, I 100% guarantee that they havent watch her other projects then. She also had taken indie films. Too bad the public is not aware of it. And PUHLEASSSEE stop comparing her with other actresses…I doubt the one who comment is a fan of Son Hye Jin. And I believe both are talented bec they last this long in the industry..

  6. I remember I cringed watching her acting in Autumn In My Heart. Now…. She is capable of emoting with her eyes and sincere about her acting. She has passion about her acting. I haven’t watched the whole drama of Encounter, because it seems typical. But it reminds me of Yeo Jin Goo The crowned clown. The plot revolves around his character, and Yeo Jin Goo bEing amazing in it helps.

  7. She is beautiful, but come on, these pictures were photoshopped. She looks older in motion, just watch Encounter. And it’s not a bad thing! All people age, we should embrace it. But fans who act like she hasn’t aged one bit need a reality check. Look at her neck in Encounter, it’s starting to show her age, again that’s not a bad thing!

    Also she’s wearing extensions her obviously.

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