Police Confirm Singer Roy Kim Also Participated in Hidden Camera Video Sharing Chat with Good Friend Jung Joon Young

The other shoe has dropped for singer Roy Kim, who has been noticeably absent and laying low in all the recent scandals with Seungri, Jung Joon Young, and many other same generation male singers. The reason K-netz think he may also be involved is because he’s very good friends with Jung Joon Young in real life and it turns out Jung Joon Young had a very sick habit of texting his sexual conquests to his pals without the ladies knowledge and/or consent. Police announced today that Roy Kim is in fact a participant in the Jung Joon Young chat rooms, and he had quite a few chat groups going hence the number of people involved. The reason it took police longer to identify Roy Kim was because his chat name was Roy Gim. Ahahahahaha OMG how moronic and useless are the police? Anyhoo, better late than never so time to delete Roy Kim ballads from the playlist as well. Buh bye dude.


Police Confirm Singer Roy Kim Also Participated in Hidden Camera Video Sharing Chat with Good Friend Jung Joon Young — 24 Comments

  1. Hope all the scumbags are caught so that the vulnerable kids who aspire to be idols can be safe . Whenever I see all the young girls in Kpop who are hypersexualized and infantilized at the same, it makes me shudder. I don’t worry so much for the boys but I always wonder which girl is being exploited.

  2. This is so ridiculous. The women who slept with these guys were not some teenage virgins, they were sleeping with a celebrity in hopes of getting fame in some way. Post the videos, give the women the fame they were craving.

    • You are so sick. Get some help. Did you read their message? He even want the girl to be conscious when the girl in the video unconscious due being drugged. I can’t see how when you’ve been drug knows you’ve beem film&They spread it without you consent. A seriously get help. Hope karma will get you. Never pray something bad for someone else but it seems you need karma&let’s see if this happened to you.

  3. There goes half my kdrama ost list. By the time this is over I’ll have acquired new music tastes. Jokes aside its about time these guys get prosecuted and their companies and all the big wigs who were involved in any way go down with them.

  4. Only small numbers…In reality one wonders what amount in huge numbers of the male population in all walks of society would be guilty of this when these so called nice guys have been exposed so easily..Scarey and worrying world trend i would say.

  5. boy I feel bad for laughing out loud at ”Roy Gim”!

    Well tell me your friend and I will tell you who you are…

  6. What’s the big deal being the chatroom though? They are young people and all sexually active. Video sharing…lots of those videos in porn sites. Accusations of illegal filming is yet to be proven though. I am more keen to know those people or establishments who are illegally operating as a business —- if the Korean govt can make arrests then we see a real case. But making that chatroom a big deal is such a waste of time just because just bunch of young people have active sexual drive.

    And those people calling for woman abuse? Geez wake up. You have to admit there are women who uses their bodies to get ahead and you see them everywhere even in a workplace.

    • ? I didn’t realize you work in a place being drugged and needed to sleep with all those sexually active men. LOL.

    • Hey you should dedicate your time towards producing and Uploading your own porno on the Internet then since it’s not a big deal. Instead of wasting your time here defending criminals, you should give them something to watch so they don’t have to illegally film others. Okay problem solved. World peace. Go on with your day.

    • I dont care if they watch porn or sleep with willing women or even having group sex with willing partners. But drugging women and sleeping equals rape, no? As a human we all should follow the laws, as a decent human being we should respect each other.

  7. I know you wrote that to get notoriety and i know i should probably ignore your unintelligible speech. However, this once i will respond. Of what importance is thier being sexually active and women using thier bodies here. Firstly, women can use their body however and whenever they want because it is “their body”. Period. Secondly, sexually active should never be used to justify violating another individuals rights. Thirdly, I hope that when you see a cancer fundraiser you make sure to inform all the people gathered that autism and diabetic need funds too. As much as i pity your mindset, i wonder what ‘broke’ you. I hope you take time out to heal yourself.

  8. Am I seriously reading this rubbish here? Yes, men and women can watch X-rated stuff. No big deal. It’s part of being human. However, we are talking about using GHB drug to intoxicate someone and then not asking their consent to film them. There is a reason GHB is called the ‘date rape’ drug because people who have taken them don’t remember anything so it’s easy for the perpetrator to get away with their crime. If you watched the program, ‘Love my Seoul’ you will know prostitutes are looked down up by their society so they will not come out fighting and wanting justice for illegal filming.

    • You right,because from the beginning I wasn’t interested in accusations without evidence, let alone a theory that didn’t connect with the core of this case

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