J-ent Dubs Beauty and the Beast as Top J-actress Aoi Yu Marries Comedian Yamasato Ryota After 2 Months Dating

As long as the couple is happy together is all I care about when I read about marriages. J-ent is abuzz today with the surprise announcement that top actress 33-year old Aoi Yu married 42-year old funnyman Yamasato Ryota, and after just 2 months dating as the pair met back in April of 2019. The newlyweds held a press conference and Yu explained that she loved how he made her laugh and he’s a very kind and considerate man, and also they two decided to date in April with the caveat of marriage on the table.

Yu met her hubby through his comedic group Nankai Candies mate Yamazaki Shizuo as the two ladies were friends since 2006 working on a movie together, and Shizuo popped up at the wedding press conference with red boxing gloves to talk some smack to Ryota for stealing her best friend. As much as Yu is the bigger star of the two, Ryota has been getting tons of press this year being one of the commentators on the popular show Terrace House. Congrats to the couple!


J-ent Dubs Beauty and the Beast as Top J-actress Aoi Yu Marries Comedian Yamasato Ryota After 2 Months Dating — 9 Comments

  1. I only watch him in arashi variety shows. And he is actually ok compared to other comedians. Based on the press conference they actually look comfortable and happy

      • No not the girl he’s secretly dated. I know her. I believe he used to have Aoi Yu picture in his dorm room back then when Big Bang was relatively new. Like a long time ago lol. I’m pretty sure it’s this girl. I remember her smile.

  2. Wow, so many wedding bell this week.
    Jerry Yan’s ex,Lin (sorry, i forget her name), is also getting married to Exile’s member, akira (?). Hmm, i thought she would get married to Jerry, but fate is a mysterious thing, lol.

    Most of J actresses got married to ‘not very handsome’ men but they seem so genuinely happy. And dont really care about others’ opinions.

    Congrats Aoi Yu and husband.

  3. It’s very quick, that’s why many are speculating that it might
    be a shotgun wedding. But to that we’ll just have to wait.
    I find him hilarious on Terrace House but apparently he is othewise known for
    being very creepy towards female entertainers (smelling their hair, taking they glasses and licking them etc)

  4. Lee Hyori got married to a not so great looker, nor wealthy partner.

    BUT she’s happy, comfortable and at peace living the Bohemian life that is part of her (outside of sexy anf fashionista Hyori) … and that’s really what matters.

    ALL those fu-er-tai (富二代)chaebol partners may NOT be the happily ever afters in reality, despite being seen and heard in the latest Hermes and Chanel. (the stress, the societal pressures within such families, and all the honeys buzzing around willing to offer themselves + like Cathy Tsui – popping babies out like a factory, to secure your share of inheritance).

  5. I am happy for them and hopes it works out since I also believe it is a shotgun wedding; but they know best what they want etc. I also don’t like people judging people on superficial things e.g. appearance; I also hope those creepy rumors about him aren’t true for her sake.

  6. Okay so I just happened to come back to this website after maybe 2 years and learnt in 5 minutes that Rainie Yang, Tiffany Hsu, Anne Watanabe (yeah I know I’m late), Tamaki Hiroshi, SHOTA MATSUDA (and I was living in Japan at the time…) got married……. but AOI YU !!!

    She’s my Japanese goddess, I loved her in All about lily chou, Tama tama… her beauty is so pure and innocent yet you can feel that her personality is actually quite strong.
    I always thought she was free spirited but this wedding was a big shock. Now I know that she has a sense of humour but damn
    Wish her all the happiness

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