Gu Hye Sun Posts on SNS that Husband Ahn Jae Hyun Wants a Divorce

Oh boy, not another one. K-ent got a rattling Sunday morning wake up with K-actress Gu Hye Sun posted on her SNS account a picture of a piece of paper with the words “Gu Hye Sun, I love you, Gu Hye Sun, I love you” but below her caption read that her husband Ahn Jae Hyun has changed his mind about their marriage due to boredom and now wants a divorce. Next week her husband’s side will release statements which are not true and Gu Hye Sun is trying to save her marriage. I’m not a fan of either of them but their marriage appeared like two kooky oddballs finding each other which was sweet and I hoped they would quietly make it in the cutthroat world of K-ent. I guess the start of the week will shine more light on what is going on.


Gu Hye Sun Posts on SNS that Husband Ahn Jae Hyun Wants a Divorce — 67 Comments

  1. Due to boredom? Lol. He does not have work or what? I thought he will lead a drama with OYS which I am not interested in. Why will he be bored? He is such a bad person if he uses boredom as an excuse for the divorce ?

    • He got bored of married life, which some people do and get divorced and life goes on. But, what’s with the broadcasting of your troubles on SNS these days? Can people not resolve their problems behind closed doors anymore? Next thing you know, they’ll be criticizing netizens for being nosy and prying in their private matters.

      • We are called the LTE generation for a reason. This is the reality of millennial marriages I guess we should just get used to over sharing.

      • yes totally. Too much IG and FB. Boredom? Get on with your life DUDE!! Should think twice before getting married. K-dudes just don’t get it. Duh.

    • I guess he found someone else… usually they start to get bored but doesn’t leave unless there is a replacement.

      It’s actually painful. Seeing how she’s trying to show his broken promises. How he used to love her and have a change of heart.

      I think she posted them not because she wanted to ruin him. It was her way of talking to him. Things that she felt like she wasn’t able to send to him.

      • Don’t assume things, wait for his side to release a statement. Just because she posted first that could just be what she thinks is the reason he wants a divorce but oh could be more than that

    • He probably had a lot of fun with the boys on “Kang’s Kitchen” – like going to camp and got bored when he went home! ??‍♀️

  2. Oh no! Poor Gu Hye Sun. I feel for her. He pursued her first! I was so hoping they could make it. Gu Hye Sun is one of those that kind of just do things her own way, which was interesting. She acts well in melodrama type characters and I was one of her fans. I don’t know much about her husband, other than they were both in a drama together. I hope Gu Hye Sun can get through this with the same grace as Song Hye Kyo… I am a fan of both actress and it is sad to see both have trouble in their personal lives.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems kind of immature and a bit petty to say he wants to divorce because of boredom. Even if it were true, wouldn’t you just want to say something generic like “irreconcilable differences” or something?

    • He would have said that in his public official statement. She gave his personal reason to her which she shared on social media. It’s immature to use boredom as an excuse because he should gave given serious thoughts before entering a marriage but she should also not turn their divorce into a media circus.

  4. What? I always thought that they were the happiest couple around since there were articles on Soompi proclaiming their love for one another and for me it was nice and reassuring to read at least there was one lovey dovey married K couple around. GHS must be at her wits end to publicly post about this. However I’m still a fan of AJH regardless of the news.

    • Can someone please translate the caption that GHS wrote in English to give some context to her ‘boredom’ claim in the marriage and reason for divorce. We are yet to hear from his side so it would be interesting. Oh sorry let me clarify I just want to know his reason if there is a pending divorce and why did GHS post on SNS so unexpectedly because obviously she wants the daggers out for AJH first. Gosh go to Soompi and All k pop first and not post on your personal SNS. That’s so tacky and underhanded.

  5. Didn’t they just put a divorce clause for dramas? Does that mean he’ll have to drop out from his drama? Not that it would make a difference since neither drama nor the leads were appealing to begin with.

    • Hahaha couldn’t agree more.
      But since there has been no script reading of yet, I think he will be free from penalty and he can just be dropped.
      That divorce clause will definitely be in the new contracts.

      • I did think the reason why the divorce had to be announced now was related to the divorce clause as he would be the one “penalized” and basically not making any money, instead going negative $, from his drama if it were to be announced during the drama, which she could possibly be have done especially if she did want to “get revenge”. It is very sad, any relationship ending is very sad unfortunately nowadays staying together seems to have become very hard. But they will rebound from this and find happiness again. They are still young.

  6. Just makes you respect KTH-Rain even more. High profile couple with a high profile marriage and now children. Takes effort and commitment from both sides as well as compromises.

  7. Didn’t she just wrote a book about dating experience with her ex-boyfriend? Some knetz saying this sensing a divorced on the horizon!!She dropped this first and screenshot about their conversation?? Weird and crazy.

  8. After the whole SHK & SJK fiasco, I think it’s better if we don’t start speculating. It’s her words that might be either true or false. AJH hasn’t released a statement yet so who knows what he will say.

    As for the “boredom” reason. We don’t know the context behind that. Lots of couples break up cause of that reason. And before you attack me it’s more towards the sense of “the spark is gone”, he doesn’t feel the same way about her that he once did. Lots of people break up due to this. Breaks up don’t always just happen cause of cheating, or their bad habits become unbearable. It’s just one day the love you once felt disappears.

    I’m not on AJH side, I just feel like we should hear both sides or at least stay out of it and not create rumours. It really could be as simple as him not feeling the same way and her wanting to stay in the relationship and could be spiteing him by releasing that first. Or maybe he really is just a horrible guy and she really is a victim. It’s sad it had to end this way. I was really rooting for them.

  9. Wait wait wait,are korean celebrities who got married in 2016 cursed or what?First SJK and SHK then now my beloved GHS and AJH,I just hope this is all a joke.Let’s just wait for AJH statement.

  10. I feel that things have turned a corner in k-ent and that this kind of stuff is going to be out there more. I have no idea what happened in their marriage, but not everything is about infidelity. Having said that, if anyone thinks it is better to be told, “I don’t love you anymore” they are out of their minds. I’ve seen people go through that and it is devastating so, sure, GHS should put down the phone but if she was on the receiving end of that line while still being willing to work on her marriage I get her distress. (this is what was indicated in the soompi article.) I’m not a particular fan of either but I was rooting for them.

    • @Thank you Kat for referencing Soompi I’m catching up on who, what where and apparently GHS wants AJH to apologise to her mum for the divorce? What the… I can’t catch a breath with all this K ent news. It’s really disheartening read can there just be a moment’s peace and goodwill please. For my sound of mind I’m going back to watch J drama 156 episodes-15 mins each of ‘Natsuzora’

      • @GingerCrunch Only Koreans and Asians can understand why AJH has to apologised to KHSs mother. But I will tell you why. Because in Asian marriage, the groom has actually have to ask the parents to hand the Bride to him for marriage during the pre-marriage meeting. This is executed during the ceremony where the father escort the bride and hand here over to the groom.

        In addition, during the pre-marriage meeting, AJH probably asked the permission of KHS mother to marry her and promised her to love KHS till death to they part. AJH is clearly breaking that promise and in the text KHJ is clearly asking him to apologise in person to her mother in the same matter when he did his promise to her.

        Message below is for all commenters in general:
        By the way, I don’t understand why people have to through judgment and opinions? Read the news and keep quiet and rather just send your sympathy to both of them. Divorce is never easy. Having said that, unhappy marriage is never easy either. But couples have to make the hardest decision in their lives and it’s tough. Why don’t you all heartless people or low EQ people just wish them to be strong.

      • @MistyEyes; Can I assume that you’re generalising when you say only Koreans and Asians can relate to the apology? I guess in any culture it would make sense to apologise but it shouldn’t be the rule of thumb. Is it a legal obligation or just a moral one? Either way if one party is not reticent why is she pushing for this when according to the messages the divorce proceedings started 4 weeks ago? I can’t understand why GHS made this public via her SNS and even gave screenshots of her convo and there were articles in Soompi declaring their love and support of one another. It sounds very orchestrated on her part. And also your last comment I read it but this is a forum/blog where Koala has kindly allowed us to share our thoughts and opinions so to say that we should ‘keep quiet and send our sympathy to both of them’ well it’s kinda hard when GHS gave us ample opportunity to comment back. And please tell me you copied and pasted from another source because I know that you’re not one to write IQ as EQ?

      • @GingerCrunch Hold your horses and read my post. There are lots of typos in it but I am sure you are smart to work it out. And, to point out here, the last comment was not intended to you unless if you admit that you have given your judgmental opinion. Oh well..

        Btw, I meant EQ not IQ. I was talking about emotions, didn’t I?

      • @Misty Eyes -Since you so aptly pointed out that I was giving my judgemental opinion Gosh I’m glad you didn’t misconstrue that because I am….like everyone else on this blog. Furthermore it must be the season for acronyms because I’ve seen IQ as being short for Intelligence Quotient so Emotional Quotient oh well you learn something new every day. Sorry I’ve never heard of EQ before I thought it had something to do with Earthquakes. Oops my bad ?

      • @MistyEyes- “to all commenters in general” “you all heartless people or low EQ people” you certainty think you are the most superior of all heartless people. Do you think you know all? From what you have written, I cannot read any heart in your words!! Go examine yourself and be more humble the next time you comment.

      • Yes to all commenters in general, including myself. Lol so defensive .. if you think you are one of those heartless, judgmental, low EQ commenters, then be it. hahah There’s nothing I can do about that.

      • Am I being defensive? I didn’t say I have a heart, but same with you. I am glad you admit it too. Focus on the article and stop attacking other commenters.

      • @candycane You are very funny and one of a kind. haha If you don’t have to heart face criticisms for your comment just don’t comment at all. In fact, you just butted in the conversation and just blantantly being defensive.

      • I have to butt in because you are addressing all the commenters in general including me. I read most things here and I cannot keep quiet. Sometimes I feel like speaking up when I disagree. Why can’t you read the comments and keep quiet? You cannot even do what you are preaching. I wonder who is the one being so defensive here.

  11. Don’t rush to judgment since he has always appeared to be a loveable guy and she as a bit difficult and controlling. On their marriage show she would control the purse strings and give him just enough money to buy what she wanted and never gave him spending money or enough for gas. I always thought that strange and also that she would treat her animals better than him. Let’s wait and wish them both well ’cause she’s coming across as hurt and spiteful. There are always two sides to a story.

    • Oh I remember that, she is difficult on that show. Like actually a difficult to be with as a person.

      I thought she met a good man who is willing to take her tantrum.

      • How was she difficult? Plus Ahn knew what he was getting into. If he couldn’t stand it, why did he marry her? Why did he persuade her to switch to his agency? Explain that please

      • “If he couldn’t stand it, why did he marry her?” Because he is STUPID, that’s why! I cannot stand such a guy who is so dumb to the point of upsetting the woman he once loves. When private matter spills out to the whole world, both are at fault. I can see why GHS is pissed, I will be too if the man is such a jerk.

      • Because Love is blind that’s why he wanted to marry her. Then he most likely realised that he didn’t want to be in a unison with her for whatever reason so asked for a divorce. This was in the pipeline 4 weeks ago and then she spat the dummy and outed him on her IG and as they say the rest is history. I hope she is well though because she did have a medical condition that forced her to leave the 2017 drama ‘You are too much’. Can she please let the lawyers proceed with the divorce and stay quiet now because it’s really disconcerting and ugly having their marital strife out in the open. It’s actually embarrassing. It’s irreparable damage that she drove with her IG posts yesterday which she has since removed. Now we’ll most likely read that AJH lost the role in his MBC drama due to this saga. She won he lost.

    • This is true. I’ve seen the show.. She’s always so moody around him. Cheerful around her pets.. I was hoping to see some lovey dovey scene since they’re kind of newly wed at that time. I was disappointed.

  12. Seems like both side has this animosity. For him, it was over and done, don’t know what the reason.
    For her, they still needs the formal apology to their family and they still can work out the marriage.

    This things always confuse me cause I want to know the basic if I am picking a side but I don’t want to know anything either.

    I hope the best for them in the long run, divorce always hurts everyone

  13. I read the text message between the two that was posted. That was so cold and so heartbreaking 🙁

    Lesson learned: don’t ship drama leads in real life.

    Although I lean more on goo hye sun side based on what has been released,m news wise, I wish both a great future.

  14. Idk what to think, I don’t follow these two, but from what I saw/felt when I watched their marriage reality show a while back. I felt he was head over heels for her,but she came off very mean to him. It just rubbed me the wrong way how she treated him in that show. So if I was him, I’d probably be tired of it too.

  15. I dont understand netz, when the celebrities start dating or gets married they want to know everything about their personal life n start dissecting their media posts but when celebrities say something about their divorces through social media, they start saying they shouldn’t air about their dirty laundry…. hypocrite much???

  16. lol lol lol
    People are still fighting over for Song-Song divorce and now this. I remember during Song-Song’s divorce news broke out, many people showed this couple as wonderful example, praising them and even soompi release an article about their sweet life. It must be a pattern now. Both couples talked positive things about their marriage life, a month later divorce. I can’t stop laughing over to something I shouldn’t.

    • I’m in shock because just yesterday GHS was talking about her marriage on Soompi but she had divorce proceedings already underway. I don’t trust the Korean media articles anymore I feel had. And now she’s removed her IG posts too. That was fast. I guess she really wanted to throw him under the bus boots and all plus to jeopardise his MBC drama with OYS. Now that was a sly calculated but very clever move by GHS. Like you wronged me so guess what? I’ll give it back and oh yeah I’ll post our private convo for the world to see. Yeah she flipped the bird at him poor guy did not see that heading his way at all. Now he will be relegated to the ‘too much trouble’ heap by prospective producers for causing this ruckus whilst she’ll still maintain the edge with her film scriptwriting and production, painting and writing. She really has nothing to worry about as for AJH he’s lost a lot. GHS actions on IG really strikes me as a woman scorned and very bitter and it’s not nice at all. This is purely speculative and in My option only-please don’t take it to heart and personally. I feel that I need to add this disclaimer as I’m jumping on the commentary gravey train.

      • I don’t follow her so not really know about what she’s like. But judging from list of her works she is more like artist guy. I have seen one of the clip of their variety show on youtube and there she looks more like mom to him. I even thought they have 5 or more age gap. Surprise to know it’s only 2. With all those little info I have, I think she is the type that’s hard to deal with and don’t follow what other force her to do. When I saw this news, I thought it’s an unprofessional act from her at first. But right now, I thought she is completely pissed off so causing the mess. To tell the truth her ig post not only backlash on her soon to be ex but also hurt her reputation. But she throw the bomb anyway so there must have a huge trigger. It seems like their agency also involved in great role to their divorce. Maybe she indeed trying not to divorce but people are forcing her so she accepted. Later she felt so pissed about their behaviour or something and go wild…lol. I’m not defending her action. Just trying to show another point of view since your told about her plan to ruin AJH’s career.

      • Yes but she posted on IG first and let the cat out of the bag with the private convo but it ain’t private anymore. Her ulterior motive was to seek and destroy whatever credibility he had which is zilich now. Mission accomplished IG posts are removed. Speculation is rife now and he is most likely to be removed from the MBC drama as being too problematic. She single handedly destroyed his career with 2 IG strokes. And so my respect for SHK just went up notches over and above with no SNS posts or post Divorce interviews leaving the matter for her legal team to lead. Now that is definitely class and deserves respect.

      • I don’t think she is currently in the right mind to plan something like that from the start. Just one trigger clause happened and then “boom”. Why do you think she won’t lose anything from the divorce? lol

      • IF no more statements release in the future then the one who lose will be her. AJH is safe. The agency is on his side since the beginning. He will have to go low currently but in long-term he will still in business. She will be difficult.

    • @Pham – I don’t think it will be difficult for GHS. She is now focusing on writing, painting and film production, all backstage work which won’t require much onscreen exposure. She is very talented and artistic. Her personal life should not affect her talents.

      • Yea… it won’t be, if she didn’t post those IG posts. Chae Jung An divorced after a year like them but she still maintain her career so I found lame to those excuses that she is doing this to protect herself. Now she has already performed double suicide. I won’t talk about writing and painting. Film production is not that easy. Even independent films need huge budget. I don’t think she is that rich enough to produce every films on her own. She will need to work with other people. If I were investor, I would not want to invest on emotional director who handle thing in immature way. She tried to hurt the image of her current Agency so they have to take in mind she can do the same thing again. If she is someone like Bong Joon Ho level, I may ignore those factors though. I have never seen her films so can’t tell about how talented she is. I even doubt Korean film studio will look only for talent. Unlike western studio, they are more interested in Image after all.

  17. It’s so weird to publish something like this in social media, why publish something so intimate and controversial.
    Something with this couple felt off from the beginning,…not sure why but when they announced their marriage it crossed my mind that it could be a marketing move to boost their careers. Maybe because I can’t understand that you are so open about the details of your private life in social media and press in general.

    • Yea! That’s what I thought at first. Why creating big on social media instead of divorce quietly?? After reading all the news article released, I have a feeling their agency played a big role in their divorce. She may piss off about that so releasing statements herself (They have already prepared statments for media to release next day) and creating mess on IG.

  18. Jamais 2 sans trois ! It means that if they divorce another couple will follow . 2019 is really a bad year …1929,1939,1969,1989,2008/2009,… But the divorce should be a private matter and not a kind of battle trough sns. ” We are getting a divorce.” Basta! Détails are private even for stars.

  19. Anyone wants to do a recap of all the crazy that’s going down in Kent this year? It’s only August but all hell has broken lose!

    • Why not? Better than they remain married and he keeps being cold to her and then eventually cheats? Wouldn’t that be more horrible for the both of them?

      • It’s lame because the spark can and does flicker and go out in almost all marriages at one time or another. I agree, get out if you are not willing to fan the embers and bring the spark back to life because that is what one should do when you say the “in sickness and in health” spiel. I suspect he was infatuated or in love with the concept of love. It’s not easy to be that person wanting out, but to be on the receiving end is godawful. I hope she has a few girlfriends who can help her deal (and take the phone away) not only with this but with the health issues with her mom.

  20. This is not surprising – anytime I see anyone in my personal life oversharing on social media about how much they love each other and how perfect everything is I wait for the breakup news. People don’t do this unless they are trying to prove something to themselves. Celebs who monetize their relationship with reality shows and such are following the same principle and no-one should be surprised when they implode. It’s the ones who are quietly living their lives who are probably going to last.

    • Yeah, these are my thoughts as well. People who overshare about their private lives are in general overcompensating for the lack of something in thier lives. What’s missing generally shows up sooner or later. You can’t pull wool over soeone’s eyes forever.

  21. But there are few celebrities couples in spore who have both ways…their marriage still in tact though some sort of their private life is being sacrificed…maybe becoz they are not widely popular like korean celebrities

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