Melodrama Graceful Family Ends with 8.5% Record Ratings for Small Cable Network MBN, Cast Gets Vietnam Reward Vacation

Congrats to the dark horse hit drama of 2019, small cable network MBN‘s unexpected surprise Graceful Family ended it’s record setting run last week with 8.5% ratings. If you want to know how impressive that is the highest rating for cable network tvN‘s highly promoted and most expensive drama ever produced Arthdal Chronicles was 7.705% and tvN’s real hit drama of this summer Hotel Del Luna averaged 8.867%. The cost of the entire drama for Graceful Family probably cost what Arthdal spent per episode so that’s why high ratings for low budget dramas is even more profitable, earnings to cost ratio is through the roof. The entire cast and crew including leads Im Soo Hyang, Lee Jang Woo, Baek Jong Ok, and Lee Kyu Han are all going on a reward vacation to Vietnam which sounds like so much fun. MNB has only aired 14 dramas so far so there isn’t a lot to compare Graceful’s success and include some known dramas like Devilish Charm, Rich Man, and Yoon Eun Hye‘s Fluttering Warning.


Melodrama Graceful Family Ends with 8.5% Record Ratings for Small Cable Network MBN, Cast Gets Vietnam Reward Vacation — 14 Comments

  1. Yay!!! Congratulations to them!!! It was a great drama and I loved the finale. We got to see one of the classiest villains ever to grace the kdrama scene lol. They earned their breakthrough ratings. Hopefully they go on a well deserved rest and we get to see the actors in other productions.

  2. The cast is impressive for a drama on such a small network, I’m guessing they saw the script was good or the names attached to the production. I’ll be binge-watching it now that it’s done.

  3. I have a feeling there may be an award coming for Baek Jong-ok, who kept me watching long after I wanted to quit. After this one and Designated Survivor she sudddenly has a very high profile, well deserved.

  4. I love the show until the last two episodes, the ending was so unsatisfying. I wish I never started the show because unsatisfactory endings are my biggest pet peeves. None of the antagonist characters got what they deserve in punishment.

  5. One of my favourite dramas this year! I wonder if they are considering a s2; the ending was kind of “open” to the possibility.

  6. The show was so good: included topics not usually in any conservative korean drama. The ending was not dramatic, but has a strong societal message – is it okay to sacrifice a few to keep the many stable and strong. This is a very good question for Korea. So there’s so much in this drama…not to mention the whimsical parts like red dress at the funeral. Awesome story and acting!!!

  7. Im soo hyang has really emerged as top actress with gangnam beauty and now this. She n shin se kyung has now really emerged as top actresses with great dramas

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