The Tale of Nokdu Leaps Forward in Emotional Revelations and Twisty Plot Development in Fourth Week Episodes

KBS drama The Tale of Nokdu is seriously way better than it projected on the premise alone and I was good with a silly and fun cross-dressing tale. Now we have double palace and royal family male descendants intrigue and feelings so strong and bursting forth Kim So Hyun‘s Dong Joo feels the need to physically get herself away from Jang Dong Yoon‘s Nokdu, and he’s the one who confessed his feelings first and got shot down ha! I love the twist that Kang Tae Oh‘s Yul Moo isn’t just some garden variety nobleman but is instead the big bad of this drama, and big bad only because he’s doing what he was born to do which is vy for the throne and anyone else in his way bedamned. I was getting tired of Nokdu pretending to be widow, it was fun for awhile, so I’m happy the widow’s village is no more and we can get Nokdu being a dude forever and slaying every single obstacle in his way until he can reunite his family and get his girl.


The Tale of Nokdu Leaps Forward in Emotional Revelations and Twisty Plot Development in Fourth Week Episodes — 26 Comments

  1. as the drama is getting darker, there will be fewer funny moments… i will miss his pretty cross-dressing look. he is still fine in men’s clothes but i like the dress more. wink.

  2. It seriously deserves high ratings, don’t understand why knetizens sit out on quality Kdramas like this one, melodrama, and extraordinary you.

    This show blends many different genres with ease, this is a fine case of where good work gets overlooked

    • i am so surprised at JDY beauty in ladies dress, his small face and smooth skin, his hair, even his back while walking in a dress looks beautiful. KSH looks so dim in comparison because her skin condition does not look too good in this drama and her protruding cheekbones look too “strong” for a girl… just saying from my visual observation, i don’t mean too bash… there is something off with KSH makeup in this drama. She was a lot prettier in Ruler and Let’s fight Ghost.

      • All of that is on purpose because JDY is supposed to 100x prettier than any woman. KSH is supposed to be unattractive and boyish looking. The make up artist did a good job at making them look like their characters.

  3. This drama is utterly perfect. It was a brilliant idea to cast KSH and JDY together their chemistry is insane. KTO did a complete 180 with his character and it’s a major plus. This drama is genius.

  4. Jang Dong Yoon is super pretty and it’s a treat to watch him dressing as a girl, but him alone can’t make me watch the drama anymore. The plot is getting over-complicated with everyone being a prince now and all the weird intrigues. Also, we don’t get much insight on why Dong Joo keeps rejecting him, and I’m loosing interest in them getting together. I think I’m dropping this one, there are other dramas airing that I find more appealing. I support JDY anyway, his acting is great and I hope this role will make him more popular.

    • It was explained that her mission is a deadly one, one she will mostly die, so she doesn’t want him to be too attach to her because she knows what it is like to lose those she love and had to remain alive. She doesn’t want him to live like how she lives.

    • She clearly spells out why she rejected him in episode 7 when she makes her confession. The drama is brilliant in the twist it pulled. The intrigue element added a complex layer to the story. This drama is better written than the writers past work and one of the best written plots this year. The chemistry continues to be off the charts as well.

  5. This drama is a big disappointment for me. The only thing I love just the crossdressing part, its funny and refreshing. I’m not buying the real conflict and there’s no chemistry between the leads. Not just from the main couple, the second male lead is failed as well. Everything didnt work for me. I think I will pass. But of course I will following JDY’s next drama, the guy needs more recognition.

    • The second male lead is the weakest link!! I don’t like him either. Cut his screentime. Give more screentime to Nokdu’s brother even though he is betraying Nokdu… but he lost his own mother because of Nokdu…

    • What the world? The chemistry between the entire cast is balls of amazing. Yul-mu being twisted and evil is brilliant. Maybe we are all watching different shows? Lol

      But you guys are entered to your own opinion ^^

      • It is the best chemistry! People have to be completely blind and prejudiced to not see it! Love this drama!

  6. This drama is the biggest happy surprise out of all the currently airing dramas. The leads are so good with their acting and have chemistry in spades. The twist is mind-blowing and makes Yulmu such an interesting character. This is one of the best kdramas to ever exist. I’m glad the cross dressing is finished and we can move onto the real story. The romance continues to deepen and get more interesting.

  7. I am enjoying this drama….but not to the same degree with how much I love Extraordinarily You. Anyone else watching it? I am surprised Koala has not mention anything.

    • I’m watching extraordinary you too but the last two episodes got kind of draggy. Why is DO crying so much? I can’t stand it haha

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