Son Ye Jin is Literally Crash Landing on You on Top of Hyun Bin in Second Drama Teaser

I don’t know why but the cheesier tvN drama Crash Landing on You looks the more excited I’m getting. It’s like the drama is being intentionally doofy in set up and even the cast seems in on the joke. At least that’s the vibe I’m getting from the second drama teaser just released where Son Ye Jin is hanging on a parachute stuck in a tree and physically falls into arriving North Korean officer Hyun Bin‘s arms, and he’s all uuuuuuugggghhhhhh and she’s being all perky even after finding out she’s North of the DMZ. I get this weird vibe like both of them are trying hard not to laugh and break character and dang this can be so good if the cheesy is sufficiently meta and the two blow up the screen on chemistry alone.

Second teaser for Crash Landing on You:


Son Ye Jin is Literally Crash Landing on You on Top of Hyun Bin in Second Drama Teaser — 84 Comments

  1. Wow. Second teaser is completely different in feel and tone. Fervently hope director/writer can pull off the cheesy comedy with romance and action. Comedy is so hard to do. It can totally crash or a smash hit. It reminds me of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Secret Garden where fans were so vehemently divided between love and hate. I am currently watching Legend of the Blue Sea from the same writer and really loving it despite many negative reviews. On another topic, Chocolate just dropped the second poster hinting at dreamy romantic aura between Yoon Kye Sang and Ha Ji Won’s characters. November is looking absolutely yummylicious with my favourite 2 dramas/actors.

    • I concur you Ms Koala. These two leads were holding their emotions not to laugh knowing how comedic their first encounter with. HB face a lil obvious. As viewers i think we feel what they feel coz we know them, both love to laugh, smile and thats where there chemistry comes from. This drama for sure would brings us good tidings such as good vibes lovelove and laughter as it falls on christmas season. Love binjin close friends relationship and hope after this drama they will paired up again for movie action/romance like mask of zorro just hoping????

  2. with so much bad stuff happening around, I just want a drama where my brain doesnt need to totally function. fun, campy with good romance. i hope this can offer that. the leads look good together, so i dont need “Realistic”. i want to enjoy and swoon.

  3. I cringe when she fell into his arms. I’m not sure this is more me, but I’m still intrigue by the wacky premise, so I’ll definitely give it a try .

  4. Awkward, the scene not work for me. This writer used to work with JJH, I can feel JJH’s vibre in SYJ. And Hyunbin’s acting remind me of HJW in king two hearts

  5. Seriously, i’m shock after watching the teaser. I mean, i’m really high expectation watch first teaser. But this second video i lost my interest. This looks like going to be a mess.

    • I cringe so bad becaus SYJ overacting and it’s not funny. I don’t feel the acting even with Hyun Bin. My question too how did it get to 16 episodes. Not hating but first and second teasers is meh to me. I will give it a shot for Hyun Bin because I really love his impeccable performance in Memories of the Alhambra.

      • Overact? You must know a lot about acting to leave such comment. She’s an award-winning actress. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. Watch her movies before making senseless comment!

      • @Ann – award winning for one movie does not mean one will not overact in another. are your neurons connecting properly? yes she overacts in this teaser and my opinion remains the same. we can agree to disagree.

    • I think we just agree to disagree. So far, there is nothing overeact about that teaser yet. Just natural for someone looking for help.

    • Lol you overact because you can’t stand too look at how beautiful of a couple these two make. Your jealousy rudeness will make you drop the drama not because it’s bad but because you can’t accept how fantastic these two A-lister are together.

      • Beautiful couple?. I am trying very hard to believe you. From the second teaser she looks ‘terrible’ to me with puffy eyes and all. Looking so matured and trying to act comedic didn’t do it for me. I have no interest to watch this drama any more. I will go for Chocolate instead.

      • Exactly this is the right answer to them the haters my dear. Hoping someone would noticed ur clear msg and they will share HB to others as sharing is loving. To those HB/HJW, HB/PSH, HB/HJM, fans share it your beloved boy and nothing to worry its just a colleagues partnering HB. And likewise your beloved girl have a new drama as well with their new pairing. So just continue to love and support them. ???

      • “sharing is loving” ?? Shippers have really risen from the dead while I thot Halloween is over ? “beloved boy” is he still a boy? ??? words are getting ridiculous

      • @Mikki you probably read it wrong why people stand Han Ji Min because you Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin fans badmouth her and her acting ability… From reading all the comments here, these people are not HB/HJM shippers. Where did the Binjin shippers read that people are comparing Han Ji Min to your bias to see who’s better. Very lousy. Talking trash about another actress than turning the words around. Hahaha…funny…!

    • Don’t give attention to this bitter candycane LOL. As a jimin fans i remember clearly she was blaming jimin for the flop HYDE JYKEL ME.lets see if this drama flop will she blame SYJ too. Oppa Hyun bin never flop LOL

      • HJM’s acting was bad in HJ&M, I am keeping my words, and that drama was truly a flop from the very poor script to lack of chemistry of the two leads. But HJM has since redeemed herself with her excellent performance in Dazzling, so now I like her very much. You very shallow @Oppamwahh, I don’t hold grudges like you shallow people. I don’t need anyone’s attention, but it seems like you are paying extra attention to me because you clearly remember my previous comments. You are putting your big foot in your stupid mouth. LOL.

  6. Never a fan of SYJ when comes to comedy because she never sale it for me. She always overreact and failed. I remember my friend was watching Personal Taste and we cringe so bad because her performance was so bad. She’s better off with melodrama and movies. Hyun Bin looking very handsome but I’m not feeling this plot of this drama. I will watch this drama for its hype. I heard so many things about this couple and their reputation especially SYJ so hopefully it’s a hit not a miss.

    • Jealous Hyun Bin shipper trashing on SYJ. She’s the best Hyun Bin can ever asked for. Did you even read his recent Wkorea interview. He said he had never met or act opposite an actor who is as flawless as Son Ye-jin. Just looking at her eyes and performance, he’s not up to her level. The only actress he ever compliment her acting ability and her beauty all together make him lower down his pride for. He even made her cried because of his admiration and consideration torwards her. As long as it’s not Han Ji Min the worst actress who has no aura at all in the acting world. You should be happy for him.

      • Dam so rude. Why drag Han Ji Min to this Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin love story. Who cares if Han Ji Min is bad in Hyde Jekyll, Me or good. She is a good actress herself. She don’t need someone like Hyun Bin to praise her in order to stay relevant nor any of his past co-stars. A great actor strives for their best. They don’t need another actors to race about them. I’m also not a fan of her but her recent movies and dramas proved she is a flawless actress. Someone who can deliver just anything. You need to be more careful and have more manners towards others that are not your favorite. Now I want to watch this drama and A-lister couple even more.

      • You’re so Rude! Who care about HB’s opinion! HJM is great actress and She already proved it many times

      • Who cares about his opinion? Everyone who worships him obviously which is a lot of people. He has one the biggest fandoms in korea and abroad. He worships SYJ which means she is the best actress he has ever worked with since he has worked with a LOT of actresses. So deal with the reality that oppa likes SYJ and they are both more popular than your bias.

      • Biggest fandom in Korea and abroad? Then why the views of this drama teaser is so low?
        Don’t need throwing hatefull comment to other actress how about you take care your own oppa drama.

      • Wow???. Moreover she is the only one can make him smile so big and happy at all times. Although i am not very sure whether they are in dating or just a plain close friends relationship. But overall i respect their good friendship bcoz they brings good vibes. Syj may not be as photogenic as mostly haters is comparing to some but seeing her casual pictures posted w/o MAKE UP is enough for me as evident being confidently beautiful.God bless our binjin couple???

      • @Mikki Give me a good laugh here please. We’re talking about acting not beauty contest. Y’all pitiful Binjin shippers thrown someone who has nothing to do with your love couple here so why ranting when others don’t agree with you. No one cares about who HB glue his eyes to or dedicate a long speech too. Shippers will always be shippers.

  7. It makes no difference if this drama is good or not everyone will watch this only to see SYJ and HB date on screen before they announce their wedding. The power of A listers. They can do whatever they want and still make millions.

    • a bit too early to say. let’s wait and see the ratings first. lately the big budget dramas are not doing well… Their boring movie did not do that well in box office, no power for the A listers there, just saying…

      • You think they did this drama for ratings? This project is just a vehicle to announce their relationship. Just wait for 1st Jan 2020. I’m 100% the plot will be zero and the ratings will be average but they’ll be No. 1 in popularity the whole time. Their CF offers will get a massive boost and their salaries will make headlines. That is the only reason they are doing this drama. To prove their star power and cash in on their relationship. Just wait and see.

      • Shippers bombing this site already just like back in the Secret Garden days… I am only a kdrama watcher, totally not interested in their private lives. If the plot will be zero, I for sure will drop this without a blink.

      • LOL i smell jealous poppa fan girl. You complained because he’s with the best and most beautiful female lead in the game. This will be another hit drama because Son Ye Jin will make it a hit for him unlike those terrible actresses he had recently act with. So horrible even he can’t save those four dramas. You must be blind because their movie and performance is a hit drama in Korean and international that’s why people are dying to see them together. You can ask anyone and they’ll tell you that’s Hyun Bin best movies since he debut. All Hyun Bin fans agree including Soompi too. As long as these two power houses A-Lister are in one frame, ratings will be flooding in. The drama haven’t even start yet but commercials and news are all over to support them. If SYJ is not in here trust me it’s another fail for him. His fan should be happy and stop hating on her. Korean name them the Nations first love and treasure couple. I’ll see you come here crying when the drama hit big and they get marry.

      • @Randomlee – LOL. “most beautiful female lead”? hahaha… Why am I jealous? He is not my bias. I don’t care who he acts with. My favorite of his is Snow Queen. I watched MOA til the end despite that horrible female lead. I will watch any drama as long as the story is good. “You must be blind”? Oh you BIG BULLY, do not use such language here, not everyone can handle cyberbullying! “You can ask anyone”? Why should I? I know what I like and what I don’t. That movie put me to sleep as it’s free on my flight back from Italy. “trust me”? Again why do I care what you think?

      • OMG my poor son ye jin and han ji min did not deserve this slander. I don’t care the fuck about hyun bin just leave my baby girls alone!!

    • Right my dear. So continue to support them by watching their first ever drama together coz these two were in showbiz for quite sometime but they never had one collaboration aside from movie nego where there is none interaction. So lets just enjoy. Not that negativity rule over us. ❣️❣️❣️

      • Gosh you people are so immature! Arguing before the drama even started. @Candycane Wow from just a teaser you can guess it would be boring?? Sorry only to you but others will be enjoying it.

      • @Kenthusiast – when did I guess it would be boring (although I kinda agree as an afterthought)? I meant their movie nego. Geez You truly cannot read. LOL. SMH. Hahaha… some people here like to accuse before first trying to understand simple English. This is such a mess.

  8. This reminds me of that jdrama with Matsumoto Jun except roles reversed lol how could he didn’t fall on the ground though kk but guess now i’m sure to have to throw all logic aside for this drama. What else i’m still gonna watch for their chemistry ^^

  9. If you really analyse the 2 teasers and all pics posted on this drama , you ‘ll notice that there are many ‘unsaid’ . I think viewers will be baffled by the turnarounds of each teaser. I ‘ll give my Time for this drama . About HB and SYJ, they are born to meet and to be together. Their chemistry is explosive . I have no problem to see them together as couple

  10. If SYJ character is supposed to be dipsy and clueless then yep makes sense because how the hell do you go parachuting without a helmet and googles? Hopefully she had this on when she made her jump cos her long hair would have tangled up and been a health and safety hazard choking her on the way down. But I guess it’s gonna take the pale lilac overalls now that would have been a dead giveaway and the sole reason to be deported out of North Korea. This really does not look like a 16 episode drama it has more of a Tele feature vibe.

  11. @randomlee you’re an idiot. I love and watch Hyun Bin works because of his acting. Why are you telling us to wait because SYJ is the best to make him hit big. Such a downgrade. Don’t drag names to this love couple of yours. Han Ji Min is not a terrible actress. She is an amazing actress who doesn’t need anyone to praise or lower themselves for her. She do her best in whatever she is cast in. You’re here talking low on her because of one drama Hyde Jekyll, Me. I’m sorry but you’re not helping on promoting your treasure couple here. More like making others dislike them especially Son Ye Jin. I too can’t wait for this drama to air to see how good these two are for their shippers to trash talk about others that are non related.

  12. I enjoy reading all these interesting comments here. Han Ji Min gotta tried harder next time if she’ll ever act opposite Hyun Bin again. Lol!!! Now let’s get back to Crash Landing On You. Please make this drama the biggest hit for Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin or else I will crying because I really want to see him win the next Baeksang and Daeksang awards.

  13. I love them . Both so lovely . Perfect match . So i don’t say no to see them in a drama . Especially the plot isn’t bad. Waitiiiiiiiing of December

  14. So Crash Landing On You is move to December. I love Hyun Bin and his performance so am looking forward to seeing him. Hyun Bin in uniform is love. Anyway what’s up with all these hating and comparisons on Han Ji Min. From the news outlet to these Binjin shippers and Injin shippers keep dragging her name in. She is a great actress who is very low key and gain success on her on hard works. She don’t need any actors to worship her. So rude.

  15. Knowing what you know about NK’s paranoia about foreign intrusion and punishment it carries if they even remotely suspect you to be a spy, how can anybody watch this atrocious plot.

    • @Gem That’s what plagued me the most. The NK angle and the fact the whole storyline focuses on their love line is not gonna be pleasant. I would have liked the drama without the NK stance because the fact that they’re making this a us and them is actually cringe worthy. The writer has really gone left field and exhausted her fantasy plot lines with an alien and mermaid and nowhere to go…chose NK. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Park Ji eun’s last two dramas with my girl JJH (just binged these 2 recently) But knowing the atrocities that NK inflicts on their citizens is leaving a somewhat sour taste for me with this drama.

      • Maybe its because I keep track of news, this is just waaayyy off in terms of being tasteful. Son Ye Jin also hasn’t picked good scripts in a while and neither has Hyun Bin. Alhambra had its moment but was messy at best, Pretty Noona bored me in later half with forced hurdles. Lets see if this one can fare well.

      • I’ve enjoyed SYJ in films mainly because she nailed her character inThe Last Princess and The truth beneath and that’s why I’m loyal to her however drama wise nope I won’t watch Pretty Noona only lasted one episode because I’m not into the ML. HB was MOA from beginning to end and I enjoyed the storyline immensely so yep am kinda keen to see how the writer meshes this story together.

    • @gingercrunch Agree.. the last princess and the truth beneath what makes me love son ye jin to the max especially the truth beneath when she transforms from dumb mother into hardcore.. and the legendary a moment to remember with my ultimate bias jung woo sung #neverforget

    • Me ! I’ll watch ! And you’ll watch it also , don’t be idiot , You ‘ll dont resist to keep an eye on it ! So don’t be ridiculous ! You say it’s atrocious plot but you are totally in . Hahaha. You Come here ! You take your Time to comment . Ah i forget you wasted your time Rrading it before and of course reading all news on it on net , to come here. Are you honnest or fake or hater ! Let me say maybe atricious person Hehehe. Hurry December ! I definitively watch it with all my friends . Kdrama fan girl here !

      • Checking something out of curiosity hardly means I will follow through…I have valid reasons for finding the setup distasteful…I am not claiming it has to be that way for everyone…who knows it may turn out to be another King to Hearts…Calling me names personally speaks more about you and your level of maturity than it does about me…so keep your vapid opinions to your self and take your teenage tantrums elsewhere.

    • This is a drama, not a historical documentary. If they want to write a love story between N.Korea and S. Korea so be it. Asking a k Romcom drama to be realistic is no longer Rom Com genre.

      Perhaps, if you flip the coin and think of it as step to reuniting both Koreas.

  16. Calm down people, it’s just a drama. Be kind to other actors/actresses, no need to drag others down to elevate your own oppa and unni. Ultimately, we don’t know their personal lives so there is no need for bullying language or playing fortune teller as if you know exactly what’s going to happen in the future. It’all right to worship your bias but don’t go overboard until you attack other innocent actresses. Remember what happened to those young stars who have passed on due to cyber bullying? Have we forgotten that so fast already? Relax children and have a Kit Kat chocolate. Lol.

    • Son ye jin, honey could go back to movieland? You gain a lot unmatured fans after that mess pretty noona and now this. I hated shippers and i really do!

    • @missa No one knows for sure only a few on this blog believe they are dating and are using the drama as a platform to announce their relationship afterwards. The majority of us couldn’t give 2 hoots whether they are or not. I’m in the 2 hoots camp. Either way the drama will create a lot of buzz when it does premiere but 16 episodes is a hard ask though. Hopefully the second lead actors have a strong storyline to follow.

      • I agree. The same fuss happened when MOA came out. All the shippers rushed to marry poor Binnie off to Park Shin Hye. When the petition to make MOA Season 2 failed, Binnie & PSH fans threatened to boycott all his new dramas if Park Shin Hye is not in it. Wonder what happened to all the BinShin fans now? All this unnecessary fuss over the HB-SYJ pairing is making me more interested in the second male and female leads. Pray that they will get good story-lines to support this drama.

      • And where are those Sega shippers? LOL. Never ending shipping with HB… Why? BTW, who are the second leads?

      • Second male lead is Kim Jung Hyun, the charismatic first male lead in School 2017. Second female lead is Seo Ji-Hye who was 2nd lead in Black Knight. Sega shippers have moved on and grown up. BTW, Chocolate just dropped first video teaser. Going to be a HJW cry-fest but I love chocolate cakes and the chocolate theme is made very apparent by both leads.

      • @Kimchi Ajumma – Chocolate yes with HJW I have this on my radar for her! Excited that she is returning to drama land. Second leads too and of course Yoon Kye Sang. Liked him in Last and that movie Poongsan with Kim Gu Ri. Funny how there are media reports that him and Honey Le have split. Also I didn’t know that there was a petition for MOA 2 I mean it was great going but a second season? Surely one MOA is enough. KJH is well enough to return so hoping he’s fighting fit and healthy. I’ve liked SJH from Punch and more recently Heart surgeons.

      • @Ginger Crunch, yeah Binnie fans flooded his VAST agency Instagram to petition for MOA second season bcoz of the crap ending and also they want HB and PSH’c characters to kiss more and have happy ending. Despite getting a few thousand signatures, it was not enough for Netflix or Studio Dragon to consider making one. Anyways, the predictions/antics from shippers coming fast and furious are highly amusing and entertaining to me. Looking forward to next year Jan 1st big announcement. Lol. Have a great week ahead.

    • So sad to see people badmouth son ye jin like this.. being her big fan since a moment to remember days, how i wish she never did a drama comeback to get hates like this ?

      • These ‘people’ are haters shippers nostalgics persons . So they open their jad mouths just to say bad things but the reality is they are angry to see her so beautiful and with Hyun Bin . No more no less . They spit their venoms here. Don’t pay attention to them

      • Tbh I don’t like this shipping whatsoever.. it is cringe and delusional.. son ye jin is chungmuro princess and box office queen.. she has strong reputation before with the awards and long list hit movies.. but it looks like no more..she did a mistake for staring in this drama..the hype and her shipper fans dare to badmouths other actresses makes people tired and tbh I don’t blame them haters

  17. These ‘people’ are haters shippers nostalgics persons . So they open their bad mouths just to say bad things but the reality is they are angry to see her so beautiful and with Hyun Bin . No more no less . They spit their venoms here. Don’t pay attention to them

    • Lmfao!!! These Binjin shippers are pitiful. No Hyun Bin shipper but his fan here. Also not oppa delusional crazy worship but fan who love to watch his performance. So dragging an actress who have nothing to do with this Binjin love story is hater shippers nostalgic venom SYJ hater. I don’t recall complaining about SYJ look? Explain why you are a shipper…

  18. SYJ and HB are dating because there is no other reason to do this drama. The plot is crap and the overseas filming was completely unnecessary. We can all keep denying it until the official announcement but the truth is they are dating. Two actors of their stature would never lower themselves to do a pure fluff piece drama like this no matter who the writer is. Korea is already in love with them and wants them to date and get married. They must just be trying to cash in on that before the official announcement. Even dating is a business deal in the entertainment world. The Queen of Chungmuroo and the King of Hearts.

      • Clearly everyone on this post and in South Korea. Every 2 out 3 comments are about them dating. Cheer on this obvious couple. Park Ji Eun is playing matchmaker like Kim Eun Sook did.

      • @Kenthusiast – you misunderstood my question. It’s just a simple question. I have no reason not wanting them to date nor do I care. I am just wondering why do strangers care about who HB is dating? Are they his mother or grandmother or pretending to become one?@lola – there is nothing to cheer for. I am not watching a soccer game ? I am just a drama watcher looking for some entertainment. No private lives interest me except my own.

      • @lola – KES as matchmaker? You must be joking ? One famous couple just got a divorce. She fails badly. Who else has she gotten together?

  19. I’m gonna watch this drama because I love both of them and I will support them no matter what others say.

    We cannot please everyone and most of them have their own biases and don’t brag other actors just to satisfy yourself and to prove that your favourite is better than the others.

    The only thing you can do is to support your bias and not bad mouthing others

    • Me too, i’ll watch it. I like all about this drama. The pairing of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin ❤️. The storyline. I don’t understand these comments criticizing it . It’s not the most unrealistic plot in k drama. Talking of HB , what was post unrealistic that this Switch body in Secret Garden but everybody here know the success it had. So i don’t care about all blablabla about the plot above . I’m happy it will be on Netflix with eng sub . My Christmas gift ?

  20. I think you should reread all them comments first before you start pointing fingers here about can’t please anyone with your couple.

  21. Hyun Bin have some of the most stupidest fans and shippers ever. Just freaking leave Han Ji Min alone. She’s been criticized so much from his dumb shippers and fans to now because oppa comeback drama flopped. It’s all because oppa is stupid and blind to work with a horrible ugly actress Han Ji Min. Until now here it goes again with a new dumb Binjin shippers group bashing her and comparing her to Son Ye Jin. Like seriously the lady doesn’t like your oppa so keep him all to your bias. Who give a craps about how pretty your bias is or how oppa praises her. Poor Ji Min getting slander for no reason just because of some douchebag worshipping their oppa and annie.

  22. Hello , i’m Hyun Bin fan ! Please read well and stop generalizing like that by classifying Hyun Bin fans like you do. All kstars have real fans who support them for their projects and shippers who’ll do anything for satisfying their desires. Reading 2 or 3 shippers don’t allow you to talk like that to Hyun Bin Fans . ……………………

    • More than 100% agree. I’m Hyun Bin fan too and will support his acting,without underestimating the female leads and other casts. I’m hoping for the successful of this drama. And those who do not know or fully understand Hyun Bin, study about him first or else don’t give unfavourable comments about him. He doesn’t disturb your precious life. Thanks..

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