Lee Dong Wook to Host SBS Talk Show with First Guest Gong Yoo

I’m not sure if this is a great career shift but hopefully he’ll have fun trying it out. K-actor Lee Dong Wook is hosting his own SBS talk show starting this December called…..Lee Dong Wook Wants to Talk. Ahahaha, OMG I love the dorkout on the name. He doesn’t strike me as outgoing or talkative but that’ll just make his foray into talk show hosting even more unpredictable. As a predictable first guest goes, he landed a huge fish with good friend and former Goblin costar Gong Yoo. It was always going to be him, their bromance goes deep and hopefully will yield a very entertaining first episode chat.


Lee Dong Wook to Host SBS Talk Show with First Guest Gong Yoo — 11 Comments

    • Yeah, I think his chemistry with Shin Dongyub quite good. I remember long time ago he said he wants to host talk show with his own name, look like he finally did it!

  1. What career shift are you talking about? It’s not his first talk show. Beside that, he’s been into a variety show as well, e.g. Roommates

  2. I think all actors need to branch out to other things if they want to survive. Only acting once a year won’t be sufficient in the long term. They need to do things that require less effort but pays just as much. LDW is going down the right road.

    • Those with stable fanbase following need not worry. Those fans meets pays well, not just the ticket sales but merchandise as well. How about those photobooks?

      But really, we don’t know what they are up too and what activities they’re while on acting breaks.

  3. To be honest I enjoy him in variety shows over his acting. I particularly remember enjoying hosting Strong Heart – at least the few episodes I watched.

  4. To be very honest, he was super boring on Strong Heart and Roommate. He’s eye candy but boring, for variety\ talk shows, he’s the male Song Jihyo.

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