Crash Landing on You Final Episode Get 21.683% Ratings, Becomes Highest Rated tvN Drama of All Time

Well, their work is done and the combined power of the Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin onscreen pairing has validated all the pre-airing buzz. The final episode of Crash Landing on You aired this Sunday to an astronomical for cable TV ratings of 21.683% AGB nationwide. It’s the highest single episode rating for any tvN drama including other highly rated hits Mr. Sunshine, Answer Me 1988, and Goblin. It’s not the highest rated cable drama of all time, the crown still rests with jTBC drama Sky Castle which ended with 23.779%.

It’s Son Ye Jin’s biggest drama hit of her career but not for Hyun Bin who still holds his won record with My Name is Kim Sam Soon getting a final episode over 50% on prime time, and even his Secret Garden ended with 38% ratings. Crash’s rating on cable is probably closer to Secret Garden’s prime time run than to the nationwide obsession that was MNIKSS when half the TVs in South Korea tuned in. Congrats to Bin-Jin for living up to expectations, and the drama for being entertaining from beginning to end. As for the ending – think of the fate of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl. I don’t think the drama is exceptional but I cried do much for the sincere relationships of so many of the characters this drama is worth all the buzz.


Crash Landing on You Final Episode Get 21.683% Ratings, Becomes Highest Rated tvN Drama of All Time — 122 Comments

  1. Congrats CLOY.

    It was an amazing run. It defies all expectations. Have yet to watch the final 2 episodes but the drama watching journey has been worthy so far. And boy, I am going to miss the F4+1 the most.

  2. Even though it couldn’t beat sky castle in rating, in terms of international popularity and buzz, CLOY is much superior.
    Rating within SK alone can’t decide a drama’s success.
    I think CLOY is the best in everything we, K-drama fans wanted for.

    • There are articles how it has become biggest k drama since goblin with son yejin clothes accesories becoming trends. Various asian actors copying the trends etc.

    • exactly… CLOY is more popular with international audience. But i’m just so happy for there success that i don’t need to compare this to other programs.

  3. Happy for both. 22% is cable is like 33 or 44% ( paid cable channels is multipled by 1.5 or 2 to compare them to sbs kbs or mbc free channels). Its a national blockbuster. Excuses used by fans who say noone watches tv falls flat. Your fave drama did bad bcoz they have no star power plus bad script. Even here scrupt wasnt amazing but the acting of 4 leads amd supporting cast elevated the drama.
    Personally i didnt like the ending. They dont need to kill second lead bcoz dan deserved happiness and finally guy found someone who cared for him. And 15 days a year isnt good enough for me. I also hated my love from star ending and writee pulled the same again. There r deleted scene where they showed seri pregnant on soompi thread. I hoped they have given us better ending. Overall loved the show and i can rewatch it all over again. Ended it runs with average of 12.15% . Only one of 5 dramas om cable to average over 12% and along with goblin it has 20 episodes compared to 20 of reply and sky, 24 of sunshine.
    I liked how dan exposed seris brother and wife. Rot in hell. Eldest brother and wife are better humans they are selfish but atleast they cared for seri. Loved her scene with mom. They will never love each other but atleast respect wach other.
    I wish seung joon and dan got a chance. Writer did them dirty
    Hyun bin and son ye jin must be so happy with cf love calls, future massive projects. Even second lead has bagged a alead role and i am sure male actor will too. He will get good ending in real haha. Loved north korean soldiers scene
    In the end drama was satisfying expect finale for me

    • I love CLOY from the get-go. I had the feeling that it’s going to be a massive hit.

      However it’s true that people don’t watch TV on the a particular broadcast esp on cable that you can watch a re-run or streaming option. Though in winter, people tend to stay home and have more time to watch tv esp at this time when ncov is everywhere.

      I would say actors on spring and summer dramas, I reckon have more strong star appeal esp those who can keep descent rating on these seasons when people have the option to go out on such good weather.

  4. It totally revived the K-drama spirit I’ve been looking in the recent series that I’ve watched.
    Congrats to HB, SYJ and the whole CLOY team. They deserve everything ?

  5. CLOY had only 16 episodes, if it has 20, it could easily beat sky castle. Sky Castle only did well in South Korea. But, shows like CLOY, Goblin, MLFTS are real winners that did extremely well both locally and internationally.

    • Sky castle is win of script. Cloy is win of A list star power. In the end it showed star power do matters, hpw A list peads can carry average script and cloys impact everywhere is just untouchable

    • Not necessarily. SKY Castle did not start with buzz. It did not have hallyu actors/actresses. It’s a different ball park. SC started with 1% ratings compared to CLOY that kicked off with 6%, for SC to reach 20% ratings based only on storyline and immersive acting was a feat. I won’t compare the two. They are different genres with different target audience. The common thing is, both dramas aired during winter. So…I think its safe to assume that winter dramas tend to get higher ratings because viewers are at home and watch TV.

  6. I remember how everyone was mocking it and were calling it a flop before first episode aired haha. Lol. Such a slap. You don’t need exceptional scripts but good A list stars, good acting ( imagine some bad actress in emotional scenes instead of son ye jin and they will ruin it ). It is always a combination which worked. Good script plus A list stars. A top writer also needs top star for her drama to work and the chemistry of 2 leads was really selling point. It looked so natural.

  7. I wonder top drama scriptwriters like Kim Eun Sook and Park Ji Eun always cast A-list leads in their dramas. Even if the script goes wrong, these A-listers will still save the drama.
    Now, I’m waiting for the king, not because of LMH, but because of writer Kim Eun Sook.
    CLOY still made me happy, sad and emotional. Thank you Writer Park Ji Eun.

    • You know, both CLOY and the king come from the same production company, Studio Dragon which is the label of both Park jieun and Kim eunsook.
      If the king also hit big like CLOY, imagine how much money Studio Dragon would make.

      • Studio Dragon has been swimming in money recently. Their profits have sky rocketed with HDL and LA last year and now CLOY and in the future The King and Psycho. Craazzzyy

    • It is always a conbination. I see rookie actors fans crying that cast new blood. How they dont get such dramas? Let these guys earn such dramas. Likes of hyun bin, lmh, ksh, sjk etc has earned this dramas with their work from ground to top and these writers need A list actors for brands placement in show selling the rights to overseas etc and actors need such writers to match their status both need each other. Only a list aftors can sell drama with strong ratings even if aceiot is falling apart .

  8. kdrama has been dry for couple of years now. so good seeing it doing good internationally. i hope people will give chance to ieatwon class. and hoping that The king: eternal monarch will also do good.

    • Itaewon class is like mr sunshine. Very big hit in domestic but lacming in overseas loke cloy etc it is wonderful show but ita not for overseas market i feel. Overseas market has certain taste which IC doesnt fits

      • consider me pleasantly surprised for IC rating, good for PSJ. But not enough for me to check it out yet.

      • Not really. IC has strong intelligent female characters, transgender, a foreigner speaking perfect Korean. Chairman Jang is from low class who works to build his empire. IC is not an average K-drama.

      • I love CLOY and was totally addicted to it. This drama has really revived the kdrama excitement esp internationally. I am also watching Itaewon Class now and enjoying it. I think IC attracts korean viewers cuz it speaks to their current local society trends. It’s the same thing as Sky Castle, which is why these 2 dramas are huge hits in Korea but less so in international. IC so far has a very strong script and great acting. If it can keep that tight plot, I believe the ratings will be really huge!

      • I was referring to the storyline, but hey we might have different taste :). I don’t like revengeful drama as this kind of drama is so over done in the past

  9. Almost but falling short of sky castle. Still what a winner.
    I will say – this is a winner for live shooting
    It was obvious they made changes to the script, focusing on areas where the audience liked and capitalised on the cast strengths esp milking son ye Jin and Hyun bin acting for crying scenes and angst which sat well with everyone.
    The editing also made sure they had excellent sat cliffhangers for Sunday episodes where they had the best chance do high ratings.
    Having the last episode almost 2 hours Long (!) was also smart strategy to average out the ratings as it got higher and higher as the time passed.
    Sad to say this success – validated the live shooting model so it won’t go away. But the hard work of the team deserve praise. And I dare say too – son ye Jin out-acted Hyun Bin in this drama. He was good very good but she was just excellent. She also had the better emotions checked at the ending (which was filmed much earlier) while Hyun bin was slightly not able to link strongly back to Hyuk although he looked mighty fine (understandable but she was on another level)

    • So agree with all your comments. Son Ye Jin’s acting was exceptional. Her eyes, demeanor, smiles, speech etc gosh everything was so mesmerizing. I hope she wins top acting award for this and I’m looking for her next drama.

    • I love both but i do agree that SYJ acting is daebak… I tend to cry whenever she cries. Especially the scene in ep 16. thank goodness i’m watching it alone.

  10. If itaewon class could beat cloy in rating, it won’t reach overseas’s popularity of cloy. k-drama market relies on the overseas success. cloy’s success is just insane in Asia.

    • Its ok even if it beats it. Doesnt take away the fact that cloy become only second drama to touch 20% and first from tvn. Two dramas can co exist at same time equally successful. Cloy is massive hallyu as well as domestic hit whereas ic is massive domestic hit. Both have different target audience. So win won situation for both.

    • Too early to compare IC with CLOY. IC is only at ep 6. They are of different genres. Each drama has its own audience. You are too naive to compare a drama with two A-listers while IC’s female lead KDM is only 24 years old and debuts a few years ago. Who starts this comparison is stupid.

  11. Hyun bin is so manly. I mean he is not your cutie types but in last shot he was looking so hot with those broad shoulders and chiesled jawline. Damn he is so hot

    • Ah no, don’t say that! I super love Sky Castle and I am in South East Asia. I know other bloggers and netizens outside Korea who loved it too. It was a very unique and amazing drama, with awesome acting.

      CLOY is really a different genre altogether and I would say the most successful cable romcom/ melo in recent years. It plays a very important role for hallyu since there were hardly any massive hits internationally the last few years (I think the last one was Goblin?)

  12. Big congrats to them! Everyone was doubting this drama and thought it was gonna be bad but it ended up being topping tvN’s records. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s acting here is just amazing, every single week I am in shock at how they managed to outperform themselves again.

    • You’re right. I remember when this drama is first announced, everyone was saying they won’t watch since it comes from legend of blue sea writer. When the poster or teaser is released, they said it would be a hot mess, unrealistic plot or some what. Now,they succeeded and made everyone amazed.

    • It’s true, I was very doubtful about this drama cuz the premise seems cheesy. But I like both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, and since it was on Netflix I decided to give it a try. And was totally HOOKED from episode 1. It got more and more addictive and there was no turning back LOL!! HB and SYJ’s chemistry and the North Korea village characters made this really special!!

    • It is from same production company whoch produced cloy and lmh and kim eun sook in same drama is deadly combo. It can become equally successful.and he is draw overseas.
      And its not a competition lol. Both can be successful at same time.
      Personally its been a good year for k drama with all top stars comingg this year after last few years as k drama fan i m happy fan

      • ikr, 2020 started with a bang and we still have lots of great dramas coming our way… It sure is great for kdrama addicts like me.

  13. Now, it is safe to say that Hyun Bin is the real hallyu king with better records than Gong yoo, ksh, lmh and sjk. you know, son ye Jin is not normally a drama actress, she is more known for her movies.

    • Son ye hin and jun ji hyun were always known as movie stars but son ye hin was more active in dramas than jun ji hyun her dramas were hit and miss compared to jjh. Its surprisng that it took her 2 decades to have drama on success of her movies. Better late than never. She must be so happy. Regarding hallyu king it is very debatable argument. hyun bin only hit drama before cloy in asia was secret gardern (MNIKSS was domestic blockbuster). His next two dramas underperformed, movies eere not hsllyu things and finally it took him decade to get that hit pan asia drama debate. Other actors have massive hallyu projects too. Lets not pull down othera and enjoy cloy’s success

      • correct, we don’t need to pull down someone to crown our idols. let’s just enjoy all great projects from these artist. all of them do contribute to hallyu wave

    • This I agree. It is legit to say that Hyun Bin has the most hits dramas under his belts. MNIKSS, SG and ofc CLOY. MOA was also a hit. In comparison with GY, he only has CP and Goblin, though I think CP catapulted YEH more than him. The closest who could probably challenge his record is Kim Soo Hyun.

      • My Name is Kim Sam Soon had crazy high rating and had reached more than 50%. It’s very rear for a summer drama to achieve such high rating as that but MNIKSS did it, though the drama was mainly carried by Kim Sun Ah as Hyun Bin was basically a newbie back then, however it was my very first Korean drama and to me one of the best kdramas & one of my faves of Hyun Bin drama. I have probably watched it so so many times.

      • PSJ drama rating is also climbing fast. Just want to put this in. There are always newcomers. No one can rule the world.

      • @mary there can be 2 blockbusters dramas at same time and can co exist. Even if Itaewon class ends uo with more rat8ngs, cloy is still a bb and ic isnt touching its INTERNATIONAL popularity anyways. Both leads of shoes can be at top

      • Agree that both bb dramas can co-exist. I just don’t like to read comparisons. How can one compare a FL over 10 years younger than SYJ? With two A-listers, no surprise ifans will tune in to watch. Given time I believe KDM will hit it big both in movies and dramas, but she is not the typical K-beauty, she is unique and charismatic like Cannes Best Actress JDY, not sugar-coated beauty in most rom-coms. Kang Nara’s acting is great in IC too and she is the classic beauty type.

      • @mary she is wonderful actress. I am loving her role in that show but lets enjoy cloys success here . Son ye jin is one of best actresses from her gen and lets be happy for her win here
        Kdm has enough time and years to rise to top n ic looks like will make her n nara top actresses of their gen

    • Stupid to pull down other good actors to elevate HB status. PSJ IC is going up in ratings now. HB will be dethroned in no time! My point is every good actor has his place in drama land. No one can be “real king” forever. @Mallia – keep dreaming and do not start fan wars!!

    • @Mallia it is not safe for you to say anything. There is no real hallyu king. All names you mention are good actors depending on which dramas they play. Only ignorant fan compares.

  14. The dramas success is measured in such way that in china.the streaming site for kdrama crashed when finale was aired despite hallyu ban and it trended number one on twitter. Thai celebs copying tbe main leads etc

      • But CLOY wasn’t on iQiyi??? It was the well written Taiwanese drama Someday or one day that made it crashed on iqiyi.

      • They havent mentioned any name bur havw written that A list thai celebs are posting oics of drama and cropping their pics with actora on wiki. Go to cloy wiki and then reception

    • Son Ye Jin was the one sleeping on dramas as she chose to more movies instead.

      Drama shoots (e.g live shoot) are more tiring than doing movies, that ‘s why.

      • And korean movies pay peanuts unless u r investing and taking risk bcoz pds dont profit share. U have to become producer as well. Dramas are hectic but if drama works the amount of cf offers u can get can set u for life. Currently son ye jin has shot so many cfs during this show shows how a blockbuster drama can bring monetary benefit for leads. And korean dramas can cost more than movies lol. Only in korea i see this thing where dramas can be bigger thing than movies and cam give u popularity across asia

      • I don’t think SYJ is doing CF like a full time commercial endorser. She is an actress, and doing too many CF won’t help her in a long time. That is why, most established actors don’t do that many just for the heck. Anyway, they are paid for anything they wear or use, so they don’t need to exclusively endorsed too many products.

      • Even jjh (before her break ) and shk are top actresses but they never stopped cfs? They are top actresses like syj.I dont understand why doing a 2 day shoot for cf will effect actor? Many top actors do lot of cfs. Movie work pay very less if u dont invest. Why will they reject millions lol? I follow her thread on soompi and she has shot so many during this drama. A top actor can balance both imo

      • It’s not about making money. For a rising star or actor, oh well I could understand doing CF to recover the years when they’re earning. However, for actors who are established and have larger fan bases are pretty much earning for anything they do, wear, post on SNS, appearances etc without getting tied up exclusively with a specific brand. Doing CF has it’s downside, it could limit them from doing more challenging projects or roles. So why get chuckled for a particular brand?

    • Hdl , tton has nowhere any international buzz compared to cloy. Love alarm and kingdom deserves mention with cloy not the other 2. There are articles tvn expected more from hdl though it ended with good ratings but expectationa were more

      • Love Alarm and Kingdom are Netflix’s dramas. You can’t put them in the same category. HdL did very good with their budget and the fact they aired it sooner than planned in the beginning because of Arthdal.

      • These dramas were aired on Netflix so the point is lost there. Hdl did well but it was no hallyu massive hit. Tton is even lower. Cloy is original drama series in years to make an impact overseas since goblin. Hdl is hit but not in that league

      • Love Alarm, Kingdom, Crash Landing, Hotel and Nokdu are all hits in their own way. Why does anyone feel the need to pretend one drama is a bigger hit than the other? The pie is big enough just share it. It’s already a big deal that there have been so many successful and we’ll received dramas in a time when kdrama has not bej g doing exceptionally well. Congratulations to all these dramas for getting people invested in kdrama again and for kicking ass.

      • Noone is denying they are hits, TTon ratings were ok, hdl ratings were good. al i am saying they are not on level of cloy, love alarm and kingom’s success overseas. Which is true. Correcting false statement isnt wrong

      • No, it’s not the same. Love Alarm and Kingdom are only Netflix’s drama. Netflix don’t give the ratings of its shows.

        The others are Korean dramas distribued by a Korean channel in Korea and Netflix in international.

        Netflix advertise its shows internationaly and not only in Korea.

      • Point is netflix aired those dramas overseas like their originals so its same thing as everyone has access to hdl etc overseas but it is not cloy level of success overseas nor love alarm nor kingdom . What is so toigh to understand here? Hdl doesnt belong in cloys or kingdoms league as hallyi drama. Get over it. Tton is even on low tier.

      • Its because HDL didnt cast A list actors. If they cast hallyu actors, the rating will be higher same with international popularity. Both actors is weak. IU acting not in maks level and she didnt have chemistry with YJG. Many people didnt want to watch it because they not interisted with the male lead. If they cast someone like LJS or PBG as the male lead, I’m sure the drama will get more popularity. The actors is the weakest part from HDL. The PD help them so much.

      • @rd yes i agree with u though iu has improved a lot still not among tbe best. Even when scarlett moon failed i korea , lee jun ki made sure that it become hit overseas and it did. But iu is no hallyu star nor the male lead. Simple point.

      • Netflix does give data. It released lists of its most streamed dramas and both Kingdom and LA featured high on the list. Not only that the dramas very highly praised by critics all over the world. CLOY is at the same level as LA and Kingdom both domestically and internationally.

      • Del Luna and Tale of Nokdu both ranked in top 3 and even finished at 1st place on the list of most buzz worthy dramas and ranked on CPI for the entire duration of their run. I’d say that is both buzz and impact.They are also the 2 most recommended dramas from 2019 that is a must watch.

      • @thnx @genie
        @mantis that was domestic buzz and hdl did well domestic though tvn had more expectations and ttom was a decdnt hit. Point is claiming them as some massive international hit like cloy or kingdom when they are not

      • @Sayaris I think you have a misconception. For Netflix Kingdom, Love Alarm and Crash Landing On You are all classified as Netflix Original. They paid for the broadcast rights TVN didn’t ask them to air it they asked TVN to give them the rights to air it. All Korean Dramas that Netflix buys for simultaneous airing are promoted at the same level as their original dramas because they invest funds in both dramas in the same capacity. Any viewer who watched East Asian dramas will get as many promos for Crash Landing on You as it will for Kingdom or Love Alarm. Their channel Swoon is proof that they don’t differentiate between the two types of drama. Besides Studio Dragon is the main producer for all 3 dramas and no way would they let a single drama of theirs go un promoted.

      • Why bring KYJ into a CLOY discussion? Are you out of your crazy mind?? Especially when CWPFW is such an embarrassment in KYJ career. I bet @jaja is an Anti-KYJ rather than a true fan. True fans want to bury CWPFW, a low rated worst plot drama. A drama not worth mentioning ever. LA and TTON are much higher quality dramas with good scripts and great directing. Ignore @jaja who just wants to start a fan war here. The most inappropriate commentor of all.

      • Lol. Keep on dreaming KSH fans. KSH’s dramas combined will never achieve the success of KYJ’s LITM. In your dreams. LA’s success will never touch overseas success of LITM.

      • Lol. LITM is popular only in Korea. It is no where in the level of overseas popularity of LA. In fact, KSH’s IG followers increase to 8M while KYJ settles at 3M only. Hahaha. Please face the reality that KYJ is no more the popular one. In fact, KSH is now more in demand than her. Big productions are starting to look after her.

    • Lol! How dare you call CWPFN a joke. Love Alarm is the real joke. KSH fans are being delusional by claiming its a massive success. Well, in fact, CWPFN is even more successful domestically and internationally.

      • CWPFW is a joke. Of coz I can dare tell you my opinion. Are you calling a 1.6% rating for the final episode a success domestically? This is the biggest joke. At JTBC, Sky Castle final episode is 24% and IC now is already over 11% at episode 6. Get your numbers correct before you boost. What a joke!

      • HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Someone is living under a rock and delusional to the core!!!! Love Alarm is a worldwide success and Tale of Nokdu was one of the most buzzed dramas in 2019!!!! Hallyu hits both of them!!!!

      • Lol! You KSH fans are being delusional by saying LA and TTON are hits, when in fact it’s just average. Just accept the fact that KSH is not well loved as KYJ. She will always be a second rate of KYJ. Get it?

      • Not all who like LA and TTON are KSH fans. Like me, I enjoy LA and TTON, good stories and well made dramas. KSH is a good actress. @jaja Go somewhere else if you want to start fan war. Not here.

    • @adyjunjihyun HDL did not underperform lol. In fact, it did better then expected considering it was dragged as a “filler” drama for Arthdal Chronicles and pushed forward in air date to accommodate AC’s delay in post-production for Season 3. Would they do that do that for a drama that was expected to be a hit? lmao
      Also, IU has gotten jewelry, eyewear, and clothing brand CFs/sponsorships related to her character in HDL, had a dramatic increase in SNS followers, and held successful Asia Tour with greater than 10k seats in some stops. I’d say she has proven herself as a rising star in Asia. What receipts do you have for the leads of Love Alarm and Kingdom internationally?

      • For LA, it was listed by the Netflix as one of theit most streamed series in 2019. Further, the application used in LA became popular because it was downloaded million times in Playstore. Another one, KSH followers in IG increased to a whopping 8M.

        Love Alarm is a legit worldwide hit because it trended in various social media during its run,particularly that annoying cliffhanger and the announcement of the 2nd season. You may also try their Swoon channel in youtube. Based on views, you can that it is extremely popular like CLOY.

  15. i’m so happy for HB and SYJ! SYJ’s movie career has always been stellar but she never had a certified hit drama. Pretty noona made her more popular but the ratings was just so-so. CLOY’s popularity outside SK is just insane! It really helped that it was on Netflix and we also can’t deny how much chemistry these two have! I guess it was also fate/destiny that they only get to work together now. If they did work together back then, maybe the chemistry won’t be as magical as it is now?

    There were so much negativity surrounding CLOY even before the drama aired due to the plot, but look at them now! Enjoying the fruits of their labor! Congrats CLOY team… well deserved!!! <3

    • Exactly.

      I was one of the fews who predicted it will fail based on the almost nonsesical set up and glad that I was proven so very wrong. And yep… I shamelessly admit that I really like CLOY and was rooting for it to overtake Goblin (which I hate to pieces… Sorry, no offense to anyone).

      Guess HB and SYJ really knew what they signed up for. And as many as people commented that CLOY was carried by the A-listers and superb acting, I still got to give credits to the writer Park Ji Eun. The writings definitely with flaws and nothing new but it has so much hearts. That’s why it resonated so much with the viewers.

      Congrats to CLOY.

  16. I’m happy for the team of CLOY. Personaly, I wasn’t so invested in this drama. I liked more the story about the north village and the ducklings than the main and second love stories.

    I’m happy that Sky Castle is still the first 😀 It was more a team win than a A list actors win. Sky Castle will have his US remake, it’s crazy for a drama that started with 1%.

  17. This was the best drama so far at this time ,it will remain in my heart for a very very long time ,there’s a lot of moral lessons that you can learn from this drama.The love of parent for their children which can be displayed on The family of Ri Jeong Hyeok,Seo Dan and Yoon Seri.True love comes once in our life time if we patiently pray and wait??☺️Lots of love from your numerous Fans All the way from ??????Kudos to all the staff which made us all happy ,truly love crosses all boundaries ..More power see you all for their next projects

      • DOTS is full of cheese. Goblin is like fine wine with nice bromance (FL is a waste). CLOY is like cotton candy, sweet but not real enough. Each has its own taste. Cheers.

    • Agree with youuu!!
      This is so classic!its get high rating b’coz HB n SYJ!
      They’re my fav one too,but pleaseee in this scenes they’re just so meh..hope they’ll soon get another project!

    • I gave up Goblin in ep 4 too. i love DOTs though but I watched CLOY 5 times already. cloy is the only drama I watch more than 2 times and recites almost every line. I watched My love from the stars and legend of the blue sea 2 times. They are all my favorite.

  18. @Sayaris I think you have a misconception. For Netflix Kingdom, Love Alarm and Crash Landing On You are all classified as Netflix Original. They paid for the broadcast rights TVN didn’t ask them to air it they asked TVN to give them the rights to air it. All Korean Dramas that Netflix buys for simultaneous airing are promoted at the same level as their original dramas because they invest funds in both dramas in the same capacity. Any viewer who watched East Asian dramas will get as many promos for Crash Landing on You as it will for Kingdom or Love Alarm. Their channel Swoon is proof that they don’t differentiate between the two types of drama. Besides Studio Dragon is the main producer for all 3 dramas and no way would they let a single drama of theirs go un promoted.

  19. I was one of the people who were skeptical of the plot and didn’t start watching the show until I randomly saw a clip on youtube and decided to give it a try. This drama was so fun to watch and I’m so glad I watched till the end which is something I haven’t done for a K-drama in a long time. I tuned in mainly for son ye jin and hyun bin’s chemistry though lol cause it was off the charts I dont think this drama would have been as successful with other actors. This drama really re-introduced me to son ye jin and hyun bin (he definitely got hotter with age) and I started watching their past movies and my name is kim sam soon. Overall I’m satisfied with the ending the ost for this drama is soooo good. I really recommend this!

  20. I am so happy for both of them. I cried more than twice in the last episode. I’m proud to be part of this journey…

    Dooli Couple now signing off.

  21. I am also hoping for second male lead to get lead roles now. Second female lead has bagged already and north korean soldier young guy as well and now this guy is going to bag some lead role soon i feel . Despite limited screen time, he n both dan made the best out of it. And he is good lookin as well as good actor.

  22. Congrats to the cast and crew of CLOY!!! It doesn’t quite make it to my favorite dramas list but it was a breezy, fun watch with a lot of funny, heartwarming goodness. CLOY’s strength is in its cast — from the main leads down to the supporting actors. My favorite scenes were actually the ones with the NK soldiers and village women. I loved how Seri paid tribute to the women by releasing those products named after them.

    By the last few episides I was more into Seo Dan + Goo Seung Jun more than RiRi couple. Still gutted that they gave the 2nd couple a sad ending. Dan deserved better for sure! At least the success of the drama is sure to give a career boost to the actors. I hope Seo Ji Hye and Kim Jung Hyun get casted in more leading roles. Let’s hope her drama with SSH turns out a success. Also, it’s about time that Son Ye Jin got a hit drama. So happy for all of them!

  23. Quite impressed that everyone commented in a polite and civil manner past 100 comments without going to war with each other. Congrats to all fans behaving well and sharing joy over CLOY’s success. I didn’t quite connect fully with it in some aspects but it is a very good show that deserve its ratings and praise. Win win for everyone. Good for Hallyu internationally, good for local K-entertainment. Hope that 2020 will roll on with more brilliant films and dramas. Fighting!

  24. My favorite drama in the last few years. Good writing and good acting from the beginning till the end. I’m so happy for their success.

  25. I am from Brazil and simply loved this series. Congratulation to everyone and thank you for such good sreenplay, filming, acting, and for so much heartbreaking emotions and funny moments. The actors are superb, the leads perfect. Please, we need more series with this quality.

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