Hit TW-drama Someday or One Day with Alice Ke and Breakout Actor Greg Han Wraps Up Successful Run

I totally missed the premiere of TW-drama Someday or One Day (Chinese title Wanting to See You) but I’m glad now I can sit down and marathon this baby as the drama aired its final episode this weekend. The drama stars Alice Ke and rookie young actor Greg Han (Hsu Kuang Han) playing dual roles in a time travel/fantasy mobius strip of a romance and mystery drama. It’s from the production team behind Marry Me or Not and In Time With You, two amazing TW-dramas so clearly the script and cinematography is going to be first rate. The drama has been a major success in Taiwan with ratings always going up and the story and cast getting tons of newspaper and online coverage during the drama’s run. It’s set in 2019 and alternatively 1998, with Alice playing a 27 year old woman in 2019 and then a high school student in 1998 who look identical, and same with Greg’s characters. Check out the English subbed long preview and find a free weekend to dive in!

Long preview for Someday or One Day (English sub):


Hit TW-drama Someday or One Day with Alice Ke and Breakout Actor Greg Han Wraps Up Successful Run — 10 Comments

  1. Love her….should watch Marry me or Not, was on Dramafever but now all gone….I watched it so many times. Hoping Netflix or Viki can pick this drama….this new show is on Viki.

  2. I loved Marry Me or Not and I love Alice Ke…from the looks of the trailer, this sounds like it’ll be right up my alley. It’s great to finally have a drama hit the trifecta of writing, acting, and directing 🙂

  3. I just finished Nowhere Man on Netflix. Greg Han was so good in it. His character was creepy and disturbed but also somewhat sympathetic.

  4. I started this drama after reading the rave reviews. While i did find it interesting to some extent, it bores me. Its been two weeks already since i started, yet im still at episode 3 and has very very low motivation to continue. Will it get better afterwards? I love a well made drama n just completed the world between us and CLOY. Currently im only watching Itaewon Class, and has been searching for another drama to watch. Other new kdramas dont interest me, so i searched for taiwanese, japanese etc. Any suggestion?

    • Things start to pick up after ep 3…i’d say a lot of world building is needed to make the story work so please please give it another go… i’ve never liked a drama this much since nirvana in fire lol

    • I really liked this drama. The story is so wellthought and all the characters are relatable in some kind of way. So I definitely recommend you to pick it up again

  5. I LOVED this drama and am predicting that this drama will be my favorite of 2020. I rank this show up there with Signal and Secret Forest for all round quality: acting, script, cinematography. We all knew that Alice Ke is good, but Greg Han held his own. He had a supporting role in Meet Me @1006, but that didn’t give any indication that he’d be so good here. I hope he and Patrick Shih (I know him from HIStory2: Crossing Boundaries) get more roles because of this show.

  6. Very good drama and actors. It has a special atmosphere… This mix between old and new. The main actors are amazing and i hope we’ll see them more often.

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