Kim Go Eun Radiant in Spring Backdrop for New Bottled Tea CF

Gah, K-actress Kim Go Eun is so so soooooo pretty in this new CF pictorial. She’s the face of a bottled tea drink brand and the newly released BTS stills capture the glorious early spring backdrop of Seoul matched with her equally radiant smile. I’m guessing we’ll see her drinking this tea in her upcoming K-drama The King: Eternal Monarch, nothing wrong with that usually the brands drop their endorsements into the dramas of the actor or actress is is its spokesmodel. It’s great seeing her image as a put together mature young woman, rather than the Cheese in the Trap quirky college student or slightly dimwitted aegyo-prone high school student in Goblin. This is her perfect look.


Kim Go Eun Radiant in Spring Backdrop for New Bottled Tea CF — 9 Comments

  1. I find her quite stunning. And she said in one interview that she does limited cfs only. I wonder if king becones huge, will she change it and accept more cfs?

  2. She’s naturally and effortlessly beautiful with a luminous smile. I’m excited to see what kind of strong female characters she will portray in the drama – as both Jung Tael Eul and as Luna.

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