Kim Soo Hyun is Quietly Studly Modeling Watches for Elle Korea April 2020 Edition

The recent polls, news, and buzz around Kim Soo Hyun confirms that this young actor, despite a two year break from K-ent to complete his military service, is still a wall of popularity. He’s got a steady step with his post-army return, first doing two cameos in highly rated drama Hotel Del Luna and Crash Landing on You and picking the drama I’m a Psycho But It’s Okay that sounds like a nice acting stretch in a new type of role of a psychiatric hospital employee and an autistic brother. He’s also ramping up his media return with his smoldering and simple pictorial for Elle Korea April 2020 edition modeling watches. All I can see is his boyish handsome face paired with very manly hands and feet, he’s got the whole package if you ask me heh.


Kim Soo Hyun is Quietly Studly Modeling Watches for Elle Korea April 2020 Edition — 59 Comments

  1. His face is cute but those arms are so manly. I hope this drama becomes a success. And how indurstry ranked him at top, he is definitely loved by pds and directors.

      • I don’t think he is so greedy about to create another ‘pan hit’. If he that greedy to have pan hit, he could do another romantic comedy. In his interview, he mention he want to be a real actor and want to try any genre. He said he doesn’t care if his popularity drop. And popular in korea is enough i think for him since he can get whatever script he want.

      • Kim sy i hope so too. In the end he is A list actor who deserve blockbuster drama only. Those artsy drama are only for critics but not for public.

      • Yes, I guess he is more into improving the acting skill than having a big hit drama, hope he can chooses the role he wants to now in the new agency. Look forward to his drama in June???

      • @Malaysian he earned aroundd 50 cf deals after my love from star. No actor will mind such easy money which comes with pan asia drama

      • @Ady he earn a lot also in the moon embracing the sun, the thieves and secretly greatly time. Popular in korea is enough to bag all the good CFs. He is an actor and actual actor should be respected for doing actually acting job, and i respect him for sticking to his decision to be a real actor.

      • @Malaysian drama pays good but u can make whole drama salary with just 3 cfs and sorey i have to disagree. You can be good actor and have a blockbuster pan asia drama at same time. Korean money is good but not comparable to what he can make pan asia

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  3. i really wanted to see kim soo hyun in person and a hug from him. i love him so much. but i know its very much impossible cz im from the philippines. i jst want him to know that he is like my beloved son. pls take care my son.

  4. It’s fascinating that he doesn’t seem to have aged whatsoever from his YFAS days. It’s a bit crazy actually lol.

    Anyway I’m really excited for his comeback! He’s such a talented actor – I’ve no doubt he’d be amazing in his new drama. I just hope the drama itself is great!

  5. The watch looks so good on him. He got 2 new cf for March alone. I like how he always low key and don’t mediaplay for any cf deals he got.

  6. There’s will be 4 big actors who have comeback in the mid of 2020. Kim Soohyun, ji changwook, Lee junki, Park bogum. Curious who will top the buzzworthy list.

    • kim soo hyun and park bo gum are in a league of their own. it’s between those two. lee jun ki is average-above ratings or miss and ji chang wook’s last drama flopped. both also never had mega hits like my love from the star and moonlight drawn by clouds.

      • MDBC is only huge in Korea. It never stood a chance against the popularity of Scarlet Heart overseas. So, it is not a mega hit.

      • Pfft no matter how big scarlet popularity overseas, when the rating in Korea is low then it will counted as a flop. Flop is flop.

      • i’m talking about domestic mega hit which brings in CF king and top star status, which bogum got from mdbc and reply 1988. neither lee jun ki or ji chang wook had this type of results. both, especially jcw, have following overseas, i give them that.

      • But JCW’s dramas do not have big following such as the likes of DOTS, MLFTS and Goblin. So, he do not have any mega hit dramas both domestically and internationally.

    • Errr… not to start a fan war, but sorry… Lee Junki and Ji Changwook aren’t “big actors”. Instead Lee Minho would be in the league of Park Bogum and Kim Soohyun.

      Also Ji Changwook already has his miltary comeback. It was a disaster but I do like him so I hope his new one is better.

      • LMH drama will air in Apr, he will in big competition with A world of married couple. If the drama reach sky castle popularity then it will become a big challenge for LMH, but he wont competes with KSH and the others.
        JCW drama always created buzz internationally, and LJK drama always get high rating, so they are big actors too.
        But yes it will be KSH vs PBG at the top

      • @maya Rofl lmh is ksh rival. They defined last decade . Has always been been lmh ksh sjk, psj, hb( senior but rival ) etc who r rivals of their gen. Pbg is not there yet though he is absolute A list of 90s gen. But he is above others. Jcw and others are not in that league. @maya get ur facts straight. It is lmh vs ksh vs hyun bin as well as cloy is among top 10 watched netflix drama even this week worldwide at top. Even park seo joon too after ic. And king has more buzz than ji chang wook drama anyday
        And two dramas can co exist at same time and do well. And it id only competition in korea bcz outside korea that drama stands no chance against king.
        Ji chang wook and lee junki are below that league

      • @king is biggest drama of the year and you think top writer kim eun sook drama cant compete with ksh and others? That is most hilarious thing i read here.
        And they wont compete bcoz they dont air at same time but at year end we will see who have biggest drama among lmh ksh pbg psj hb etc. Jcw should wprry about getting a decent hit in ratings first before competing with these A list actors

      • @adyjunjihyun I’m talking about drama that will air in mid 2020 not in the first half of 2020. Its about actors power not actors who get easy ride from the writer popularity. As example how JCW last drama is so bad but become the most searched drama in Google. Why so salty

      • @adyjunhihyun no one worried about KES drama rating, it will always get high rating. But LMH fans better worried, can their oppa make it to Baeksang awards? Because 3 of actors in KES last drama make it to Baeksang. GY and LBH even won the awards. If LMH not make it then its such a downgrade for KES. Its mean He really just get an easy ride from KES.

      • @maya easy ride? Top writers cast actors who bring money. Investors r not doing a charity but business. They see lmh bringing lots of money from advertsiers to overseas rights. He brings ratings and have 4 dramas over 20% before his 30th birthday. He has earned it. Its not easy ride at all

      • @maya there r no easy lunches in world. No easy rides. He gets casted because he brings money, ratings and his dramas get highest bids. You think kim eun sook is doing some favour lmao? Why dont she cast ur oppa jcw or young actors? Bcoz she also needs A list actors for business. When investors fund drama, they see who can carry the drama and sell it. They are business men not some charity workers.. Lmh fans have nothing to worry becaude we know he is massive star and will again prove why he is bankable. lmao r we talking about success and A list star power or awards? Stay on topic which is regarding ratings. And we will see awards when the time come bcoz drama has yet to air. You dont know the future. Right now lets talk about ratings and biggest upcoming dramas.

        Why dont ur oppa jcw get such dramas? You should worry about 1% oppa jce who is b lister. Bcoz he is 1% rating actor. U added b list actors and tried to downgrade lmh.
        Kim eunsook hire only those who bring success. Top writers also need A list leads to sell their products. Thats why both work together. Jcw has to prove he is more than 1% rating actor

      • @adyjunjihyun I’m not talking about rating here, I’m talking about the actor who will make it in buzz worthy list. Its not the same with rating.
        KES can pick whoever she want to work with. Its doesnt matter if JCW last drama get 1% in rating, He still A list actor and have drama with 20% in rating and he didnt need big name writer to achieve that. He got cast in many Chinese drama thats a prove of his popularity.

      • @maya your post was about big actors coming back. Then you changed the content according to your mood. He was second lead in 20% drama! Not main lead! Lmh was main lead in all 4 20% drama of his. Difference. Big writers come to him for that reason. He is buzz worthy across whole asia to bring advertisement revenues. So you lose your point there.
        Lee min ho was in chinese movie so your point? He even had more cfs than jcw in china by long margin. So he beat him in buzz too
        And jcw doesnt need big writers because they are not going to cast him. They need someone who bring ratings as well as buzz. Buzz alone is not going to bring money nor google search. 1% jcw is B list not A list

      • I’m talking about big actors who will comeback in mid of 2020, actor who can make it to buzzworthy list. Can you read? LMH not coming back in mid of 2020 and looks like you have no idea about what is buzzworthy list. Your oppa not in the list yet, so I’m not blaming you.

      • @maya you tried to put 1% jcw over actual top star lmh and you can keep that buzz worthy list for you. Noe dont change words lmaooo
        That is not going to give him project like king the eternal monarch. Investors and kim eun sook think him buzz worthy enough to hire him. Your 1% buzz worthy oppa jcw will never get such massive project. I hope kim yoo jung saves his next drama
        Yes you cant blame me. My fave has biggest drama of year upcoming. You should worry about 1% rating actor so called buzzworthy one lmao

      • Nah you just repeating the same words over and over again, boring. JCW drama will air in July thats why I put him on the list, KSH and LJK will air in juny, and PBG will air in July too, thats why I just mentioned them. They will be in a big competition in buzzworthy list when their drama aired at the same time. You cant compared it with your boring oppa because his drama will air in Apr. I’m not change words, you are the one who didnt understand my comment and I’m not worry because JCW not my bias. Suprise? I’m just trying to respect others because you are too arrogant.

      • @maya u changed ur stand 100 times in cmmnt section and downplayed lmh in ur second comment. U got handed actual receipts.
        And my boring oppa is actually more buzz worthy than your 1% oppa will ever be in real world. Ur boring oppa is friend with criminals from yg. U know!
        Your comments r lame and mine r actual points

    • @maya dont worry about lmh. He is a list aftor for 12 years now not like 1% jcw oppa. U shpuld worey about his career. Kim eun sook and investors arent going to cast b list actors. Because they also needs top most actors for drama . Thats why they trust lmh. That is business. Not free lunch or ride!

      • Looks like LMH didnt bring much money, all actors who get cast not that popular except him. So different with Mr sunshine, Dots, Goblin. Yes I know LMH is more like cfs star, happy for you.

      • You surely have resding problems.
        All actors r popular in those dramas. Lee by7ng hun has worked in hollywood, song joong ki was bug by the time dots came and gong yoo is huge sinve coffee prince. So all these leads along eith lee min ho brings money.
        Thats why investors cast them. Their criteria is not 1% rating actor. But actual bankable men who brings revenue

      • Na i m not used to delusion of putting 1% jcw over actual A list aftor lmh. That needs to be corrected

      • You really want someone to mention your oppa, huh? You did it in a wrong way because you will just bring hate for him.

      • I wouldn’t have brought him here but u tried to downplay his achievements and said he has easy rides.
        Well u got ur oppa dragged with actual receipts. And people hating him here wont change the fact lmh stays A list oppa in real world not ur 1% rating oppa

    • @maya u got what u asked for. I actually told truth about rating power of 1% jcw oppa of urs. Your second comment u downplayed lmh and that is what u got called out for.
      Ur comments are lmae. U changed narrative over thr comments when actual receipt showing ur jcw non existent star power were posted. U discredit lmh and his hits but attribited 20% drama success to jcw where he played second lead. That is hypocrisy of highest level
      And my boring oppa is not friends with abusers and drugists from yg atleast
      My broing oppa stays more successful n actual buzz worthy than 1% jcw oppa of urs

      • I simple talking about actors power, actors cant bring rating duh, if the story is suck then its over for them. In my first comment Im talking about actors buzz but you kept mentioning how LMH drama always reached 20% so OOT. If you want to boasting about your oppa then make your own comment not on my place. I’m kind enough to replying your annoying comments

      • Actors bring initial ratings. If stories suck lmh faith still averaged over 10% same for personal taste. That is his star powet where jcw was averaging 1%
        U have to reply bcoz u r getting clocked.
        Lmh has more buzz than jcw will ever have

    • It will just about PBG and KSH. LJK drama maybe will doing well in rating tho. JCW just a no no lol.
      My bet KSH drama rating will be higher than PBG because his drama will air in weekend, don’t forget he has a good eye for drama projects and everyone is so excited with his drama comeback. But PBG will top the buzz, because of his diehard fanbase in Korea. Except KSH got another mega-hit than he will take everything.

    • @adyjunjihyun I agree that Ji Chang Wook is not Kim Soo Hyun and Min Ho level of popularity, but let’s not act like he needs saving from Kim Yoo Jung. Her recent drama also got 1%.

    • @maya
      whats the essence of making it in the worthylist if the viewers arent watching your drama. lol.

      viewershio ratings are more important because it shows that viewers are loving and supporting your drama.

      MMS topped the buzzworthy list but it still got 1% viewership rating.

      convenience will top the buZZworthy list. but will it get high ratings? well i just need to wait until the drama airs. Most likely, it will get high ratings because of the popularity of the male actor and the female lead.

  7. Manly and handsome. A Versatile actor not afraid of challenges to grow and mature his acting, either he succeed or fail. Really takes his acting career serious. A considerate, genuine, and honest actor/person to self and his fans. Does not need “accessories “ to stay relevant in entertainment business and others. Looking forward to his new drama. Many blessings!

  8. MDBC is only huge in Korea. It never stood a chance against the popularity of Scarlet Heart overseas. So, it is not a mega hit.

      • Yeah, but as domestic hit only. Just so you know, the reach of K-dramas are very global nowadays. So, K-dramas need to be both domestic and global hits for the same to be considered a “MEGA” hit. So, we can’t align MDBC with the likes of CLOY, Goblin, DOTS, MLFTS, The Heirs, Secret Garden, BOF, and among others as a mega hit.

    • Kim soo hyun. He has the best track record past decade. Pbg has yet to go to army as well. By pbg age ksh has massive projects and more compared to pbg N ksh has free run now

      • Ksh has big domestic fanbase too. His dramas are the biggest over last decade. His last drama was begore obg moonlight. So currently he has more. But ksh has.moved on to bigger thinga and is not just a fanbase actor anymore

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