Song Hye Kyo’s Side Expresses Frustration with News Media Sensationalizing Everything She Does

Recent weeks there has been two housing related news stories surrounding K-actress Song Hye Kyo. The first was last month when Song Joong Ki‘s house was torn down to be rebuilt and K-ent said that was the house he bought before the marriage to Song Hye Kyo intending to be their newlywed house except the two never moved in. Now comes another news story that Song Hye Kyo had listed an expensive house in Seoul for sale. Both stories were refuted by the respective sides at the time and with respect to Song Hye Kyo selling a house it was apparently listed a year ago and only recently found out by a newspaper where the article made it seem it was just being marketed for sale. I do agree that anything she does is immediately fodder to be sensationalized but it’s hard to blame the media because she’s just a magnet for attention plus her last three years personal life was straight out of a K-drama level intense.


Song Hye Kyo’s Side Expresses Frustration with News Media Sensationalizing Everything She Does — 144 Comments

  1. This is the give and take of the fame. She is defining actress of last 2 decades from k drama land, pan asia popularity, and it brought her millions of dollars in various cf deals, including being the face of biggest cosmetics brand. She owns a lot of real estate among celebs.
    But this compromised her real life privacy. You can’t have it all.

  2. Song Hye Kyo’s agency is so good at refuting rumours and defending her as a good agency should be. And on the other side we have Song Joong Ki who didn’t defend Park Bo Gum when he was unwillingly added to the mix when the divorce news broke out. If not as a friend, but as a person from the same agency he could have put a word in.

    • You’re so ridiculous. Maybe something happened to their friendship and etc early on. If I was park bo gum I wouldn’t agree to star in encounter, the kissing scenes were so heavy. The scenes were so steamy that people hope it wouldn’t cause anything despite fans “thinking and believing” they were good friends.

      You can spin it around and say if park bo gum was a good friend, he would had stepped up and supported sjk during his divorce publicly. So prob their friendship was already damaged long ago.

      You want to smear sjk? Well who was the one who committed tax fraud twice and blamed her accountant? Your accusation of him being a bad friend is nothing compared to her of being a criminal.

      • During the filming of encounter, it was obvious that the couple was on the brink of separation. It was just a matter of time. I think they just waited to complete it before announcing it. SJK never even waited for his drama to end to divorce his wife, he was in a hurry. Looking back, I completely understand the kissing scenes. They broke up already by then.

      • @chi wow..I know you must be sjk fan but mentioning shk as a bratty princess is too you know her personally? I you don’t know, there were some rumors before Sjk became popular..he was not so nice person..and shk? I never heard about her being bratty..ever..

    • @chi sjk better not marry with an actress then. LBY have a hot kiss with LJS too, she even showing it to jisung and they were still fine. Don’t blaming others for your bias childish behaviour.

      • @ forever romantic

        That’s possibly true. Still it’s all speculation. We don’t know when they officially broke up, or when they 100 percent gave up on reconciliation. We don’t know when they were offered the drama and when they accepted it. It’s just time insensitive, and them working together gave fodder for people to use it again at them. It indicated how steamy the scenes are.

        @ tiani

        It’s completely different scenario. Are they all good and close friends the three of them? Were they married when I can hear your voice came out? It’s

        Childish behavior? Everything is just speculations. Shk is an adult? The one who stole from the government? The one who wanted to keep more money to herself?

        Get help. I think your relic brain has more holes than Swiss cheese. Keep on tolerating your scam Queen whose acting is just showing a pretty face for the most part.

      • @Tiani

        LBY and Ji Sung weren’t married when I Hear Your Voice came out. And since they’ve been married LBY has been careful with her roles. I notice that she no longer stars in romance driven plot centric roles, but goes for thrillers like Mother and Whisper. I’m not saying happily married couples can’t film romantic scenes, look at Jang Hyuk, he’s able to do so and is still married. I just think that it’s a bad idea to agree to film hot and heavy scenes with your best friend’s wife. And if said wife knows she’s having issues with her spouse, then agreeing to film those scenes may be further rocking an already unstable boat. If the husband had issues with that, I wouldn’t blame him. Always remember, that before they are actors and professionals; they are first of all, human.

      • @chi @adal wow really? Did you check LBY next drama? She is so ready with another Mello romance. And what about JJH, LMJ? LBY and Jisung married 1 month after her drama end. Jisung absolutely don’t have problem with that.
        So SHK cant do drama with sjk bestfriend? First PBG is not SJK’s bestfriend, and PBG already asking SJK before he take this drama. CTH said before in his interview whenever PBG take any drama he always asking his senior first. Second if you asking SHK to not taking any drama with SJK friend then she was doomed, because SJK has many friends, duh.

    • Maybe because the rumours about shk and pbg were true. The rumors about their affair didn’t pop out after their divorce. Those rumors were doing round months before their announce his divorce. There was blind item about them and sjk fallout with his agency because they wanted to bury the scandal about her affair with bg, it also mentioned about sjk and shk divorce . Ironically everything mentioned in that blind item which was doing round since Jan of 2019 turn out to be true. Their both got divorce, there were also rumors about sjk and kov as mentioned in that blind item and finally sjk moved out his agency. Sjk announce his divorce during his drama. He was confident of his stand if he was guilty here I doubt he would File for divorce first. He had nothing to lose here.

      • @mulan oh dear, how about you just go and support your oppa drama, don’t waste your time for something like this.

      • Aigoo..I can’t believe that you consider that useless rumors are true..why pbg want to have affair with shk.. I want to say something really harsh but yeah..I think it will be useless esp to people like you..

      • Say whatever you want. But can’t deny the fact that this blind item is close to what we have seen so far. Be it their divorce which no one saw coming, sjk moving out of his agency where he was one of the major shareholders, or rumors about him and kov.

    • The fact that some netizens really wanted SHK to be guilty of something really amuses me. She never spent a day in SJK’s house but they went around acting like he tore it down coz he didn’t wanna be reminded of her. And when his agency was contacted, they said they couldn’t confirm coz it’s his personal life. Who can blame UAA for wanting to dispel the confusion?

  3. It does seem like they want her to be guilty. There are many strange things about what happened between the two of them. As far as the reference to the Encounter scenes both are actors this is their job. You are basically saying he couldn’t handle it. Not sure about that. But will agree he did kind of serve Park Bo Gum up on a silver platter. Her agency is doing their job and for the most part she handles it with class.

    • Doesn’t matter if it’s a job or not but it’s considered being insensitive esp if you’re “close” friends. There’s millions of projects out there to accept, but why did shk and park bo gum feel the need to accept encounter?

      Acting or not, the spouse/lover would feel uncomfortable esp if it’s their “close friend.” That’s a huge insensitive project to accept. Both shk and park bo gum were dumb to accept the role.

      Park bo gum and sjk friendship were prob not so good anymore pre-encounter and during encounter.

      • I think if there’s someone ridiculous here, it’s you @Chi on. Encounter was a drama, they are both actors, amd if it was the reason for SJK to walk out, then he’s a wuss. Why? They are actors. It was a job.

        The one that handled the divorce thing with absolute class was SHK, whether you agree or not. SKJs actions from when he filed actually hurt him, his popularity and how people see him. I’m not a fan of any of them, but my sympathy went straight to SHK. I keep thinking his action looked very much like vindictive, aimed intentionally to hurt her. But whether it’s true or not, we would never know. I can only judge by his actions, and his actions lacked sensitivity. And he’s a man, previously married to her.

        So yes, you’re ridiculous alright.

      • @mindy

        Maybe you’re naive but being an actor does not mean you can do whatever you want and your partner will be okay with it. Maybe if more actors are sensitive to their love ones, perhaps there would be less divorces. So yes selecting work is important and their partner well-being should be considered.

        What a fake, if you weren’t a fan of one of them, you wouldn’t frequent their articles on this website. For someone’s who is hurt, his acting career sure is taking a hit, with three movies on the way and a sequel to AC.

        LOL you judge his actions, I’ll judge her actions. She stay quiet, why? She’s most likely the guilty party. And if she’s the one that harmed him, he had the right to be vindicated. We all watched enough revenge dramas to know what should be done.

        And she has record against her, if she could con the government, what else is she capable of.

        Don’t give up and get help. Critical thinking skills and morals can be developed.

  4. Although, I do not like over-sensationalising a situation or matter. However, sadly, this is the price of fame. You can’t have it all.

      • @agnes

        Shows what a delulu you are. She already robbed the government and blamed her accountant. What next, she stabs someone and you’ll still support her?

        Get help, I’ll schedule your therapy online appointment for next Monday.

      • @Chi You seem to have prob with her fans supporting her. Instead of trying to schedule online therapy for other people, you should get one for yourself first.

      • @ nad

        Yes I have problems with people who embrace arrogance and greed.

        It’s a shame your moral compass is broken. Oh by the way, the therapist gave me a handful of coupons for all the referrals. You can have ten of them. 50 percent off for every session. You’re welcome LOL

      • @Chi Then you should have a problem with SJK too. He married her, didn’t he? Even went as far as praising her good deeds. 🙂

        “It’s a shame your moral compass is broken.”

        Yeah, I’m sure yours is still fully functioning. 😉

      • @ nad

        Love makes people blind to their partner flaws. In her case, flaws the size of mountains.

        Thank you, my moral compass is functioning splendidly 🙂 Yours fortunately isn’t beyond repair, so work hard. Fighting!

      • @Chi So that’s you defence? Love makes people blind? So your love for him makes you blind too?

        Mine is working just fine. But don’t worry, I’ll let you know when it’s not.

      • @ nad
        It’s a common human flaw, I’m not making it up. You can search online about psychological articles about people love blinding them from seeing their flaws.

        It’s so different, I can drop him if he commit crimes. You shk hug her even harder after her tax scams.

        That’s clear evidence you’re a delulu and your moral compass is severely damaged. But it’s not too late, seek treatment. The earlier the better LOL

      • @Chi Tough to prove things that don’t happen yet, isn’t it?

        I commented about her tax issue before but you chose to ignore it. As a fan, I’ve never regarded my fav as someone with no flaws. She made a mistake and she apologized. Did it erase all her good deeds? No.

        Well, at least I don’t go around calling people fake, hypocrite etc. What about you? You judge people you don’t personally know. What kind of moral principles did you learn?

      • @Chi Fine by me. She already apologized and owned up to her mistake. What more can a fan ask for?

        Boasting about your morals now, aren’t you? Cute! Lol

      • @Chi

        I don’t have to admit anything. I’m sure you’re used to it. You dragged SHK first before. So yeah, pot calling the kettle black.
        Nomad? I think I can guess what type of person I’m dealing with here. Lol

  5. Thanks @Mindy for your post. Am a fan of SHL. You are right, SHK handled it well while SJK proved he was so immature and so unprofessional, ungentlemanly even. He handled it badly. SHK was so quiet, she was an epitome of a decent, classy woman.I admire her. I can see how hurt she was, after the Encounter wrapped up, she went to Thailand for a break, you can see in her photos how sad and lonely she was but she remained quiet.

    • @forever romantic

      How rich they shk fans used this article as a venue to bash sjk and flatter their reverse robin-hood Queen.

      What a delulu monster LOL Your decent and classy woman robbed from the people. It was such a chess mate move where sjk threaten her if she opened her mouth, things about her will be reveal. Of course the guilty party will stay silent.

      SJK wasn’t hurt by the incident? Most lies spread by shk fans got proven false overtime.

      Get help and Grow genuine morals .

      • Funny how some SJK fans keep using his words to accuse her of being the guilty party. Fact is the divorce only took 5 mins to be completed. Fact is SHK had decided to sue those who slandered her. Even the one who spread nasty rumors retracted what he said.

        For someone who didn’t want his ex-wife to reveal anything regarding their marriage, he surely has no problem being linked to her since Feb. What a joke!

      • @nad

        On both sides they were slandered. So your point doesn’t make her the innocent party of the divorce. He kept it private as long as she kept quiet. Nice try but no delulu.

        Not mentioning her is one of the best way stay unlinked: let rumors true or false fly away. If you truly don’t care, you don’t bother about the rumors and ignore it.

        You’re the joke for embracing an arrogant, thieving person. It shows your delusions have no bounds.

      • @Chi Why would I stay quiet and let my fav be dragged by those who think SHK did something wrong to SJK hence why he decided to tear down his house? Why would I stay quiet when I know that she never spent a day in his house? Why would I let anyone get away with tarnishing her name when the truth is they lived in her house after the marriage? Why would I stay quiet when the other party didn’t even bother to clarify? Even K-media were blaming his agency for their vague statement. Lol

      • @ nad

        It’s because you’re lord delulu. It doesn’t matter if logic is there, you’ll just ignore it. And you’re more than happy when sjk gets dragged and slander when you know it isn’t true. Hypocrite, I wouldn’t be surprise if you don’t know how to wash your hands properly because your brain is barely functioning independently.

        He’s smart to ignore and let karma bite her. He owes her no clarification and no defense.

      • @Chi What logic? Care to tell me? And how about you? Do you not ignore what I’ve been trying to tell you?

      • @ nad

        Oh there you go again, deflect and spin. If you choose not to read all my responses to you and chew on it thoughtfully, it’s not my fault. I try. You’re just upset, mostly at yourself. I can’t help those who don’t want to help themselves. It’s like a man drowning and I toss you a life savior but you decide not to grab it LOL

      • @Chi Lol you love avoiding my questions by saying all those irrelevant things. So whaf if I’m delulu, fake, still haven’t answered my question.

      • @ nad

        Stop playing dumb, I responded to all your questions. It’s good you acknowledged you’re a fake, delulu hypocrite. Honesty is first step to recovery LOL

      • @Chi Too many posts to go through. It’d be easier for you to tell me which logic you were referring to.

        Praising me for my honesty while excusing SJK for not being 100% ‘honest’ sounds kinda weird, doesn’t it?

        ‘Honestly is first step to recovery’..I know someone who needs this line. 😀

  6. Hi @Chi you should see this video before you blame them dumb to accept the role. Go to youtube and search 07 Encounter Press Conference(English)
    That is Song Joong Ki who advises Bo Gum is not under too much stress, should enjoying filming. Now, Joong Ki fan scolds Hye Kyo and Bo Gum because they want to make a good drama by a focus on acting. If because that reason they divorced, I think it is good for her. His word and his action is different. Look like he is a man with two faces.
    We all never know, that’s their business.
    When facing difficulty, you can clearly see someone’s true color by the way they solve the problem.

    • SJK is so fake and u believe him?? PBG took advantage although romancing with an older woman is not that fun. SHK is still pretty. So who is the loser here?

    • @janechelsea

      Nice try but no LOL There are many times people don’t like certain events in private but they try their best to accept it and it shows how awesome he is to express it support publicly.

      Most of you shk rabid fans are ignoring your Queen true colors. Her stealing money that would had help go towards infrastructure and other government funded programs in Korea.

      I think you left your brain outside in the desert for too long, it dried up.

  7. I can’t help thinking why SJK didn’t clarify the rumors himself. It’s been weeks. Even when his agency was contacted, they said no confirmation could be made because it’s his personal life. You’re divorced..why would you still wanna be attached to your ex-wife? Especially with something that has nothing to do with her at all.

    • It is because he leeches on her money. He has gained and then lost most of the CFs because of the divorce. He is all about her money.

    • @nad

      Great, it shows he’s indifferent about her. Why help her clear up when she’s being a nuisance. He no longer cares when she’s mentioned in the news even if they’re related to him. Sjk keep on living a good life and ignore all the immoral haters, keep on working hard and take breaks when needed. You owe her nothing. You done good enough by not exposing her actions during your marriage. Just continue remaining true to yourself.

      • You seem to know a lot, Chi. Mind telling me about what she did during the marriage?

        And how is SHK a nuisance when she hasn’t said a word about him? How is she a nuisance when she hasn’t done anything to him? If you wanna accuse someone of being a nuisance, it’s him. The house belongs to him, she didn’t even live there and yet netizens were blaming her as if she was the reason of its demolition. She keeps being dragged into his business..the business that should have nothing to do with her anymore.

      • @ nad

        I’m not a fly unlike you who feed on your fake queen manure. Her accepting a project that allows more steamy scenes than most dramas with her husband close friend is already a red flag. So insensitive. And it lead many to think there were something going on between her and park bo gum, because of how passionate the scenes were. It lead to lots of ruminating. Not saying it’s true and that there was an affair but it was not a wise move to accept a project that lead to this talk in the first place esp since shk is sjk wife and park bo gum is sjk close friend. acting or not that’s insensitive to the max, you have to think of the well-being of your partner, that’s why so many celebs divorce.

        And her fans haven’t dragged him around? Accusing him of using her to finance his family, his “agency”, and etc? He totally saw her as a nuisance if he threaten her to stay quiet or he will spill beans on her drama during the marriage. And she stayed quiet LOL that’s not what an innocent person would had done.

      • @Chi She did take a legal action, didn’t she? Why’d you choose to ignore that? Why would she need to say anything when she could’ve easily hired a legal team to ‘speak’ for her? Besides, she isn’t the type who talks about her private life. If she didn’t talk about him when they were still married, why would you expect her to say anything after they got divorced?

        Where were you when SJK decided to propose to her? Perhaps you could’ve advised him to get married to a non-celeb instead, not an S-tier actress.

        If he had a prob with SHK doing a romance drama..why did he say he wants her to do any project she chooses coz he understands that married actresses tend to have limited choices? And in case you forgot, he did ask everyone at the filming location of AC to support Encounter. My question is..did he really mean what he said?

      • @ nad

        SJK also took legal actions. Your point? What does speaking privately or not about your marriage or not has to do with public slander? If He speaks about her dramas in the future obviously she will speak to do damage control, just like how she blamed her accountant for her tax fraud.

        I think your brain checked out and stayed at a motel. It’s time to clean and mop inside your head and treat your brain a little better.

        What does that dating/proposing scenario has to do with anything? So desperate to deflect with something random. Even though I didn’t like her then, I hope for the best on his behalf. But like most marriages, it’s hard to change people esp their flaws.

        Of course he doesn’t mean it, most partners will in some point of their life will hesitantly support their lover decision even though they dislike it. They do it for love. And they will outwardly express their support. Most humans don’t like to outwardly share their martial problems and disagreements in public much less celebrities.

        If you would use your brain more, you could had wisely thought this up. But All you can do is deflect and kiss your tax fraud queen feet.

      • @Chi Read my post again. You accused her of being guilty coz she kept her silence, didn’t you? You expected her to say something to defend herself. Guess what? She did. Via her lawyers. But you’re not a fan, so you wouldn’t know her keeping quiet isn’t something abnormal.

        Lol SJK didn’t mean it but still talked as if he did. So what did he mean? And what about other things he said? He didn’t mean them as well? Do you think honesty and transparency aren’t important in a marriage?

      • @ nan

        Nice try. It’s Once again It is called damage control. Why didn’t she shut her mouth during her tax scam and not blamed others??? Hmmm abnormal my butt. She opens and shuts her mouth only when it’s suits her self-interests.

        You’re such a desperate delulu. Your arguments are thinner than dental floss. Which human should a 100 percent honest about their feelings all the time? He did it to support her despite how he feels. It’s called being selfless. She’s just selfish to take a project that further damaged their relationship.

      • @Chi She took full responsility and apologized. Why is it so hard for you to understand? Mentioning her accountant doesn’t mean she was putting all the blame on him.

        Well I prefer someone who doesn’t sugarcoat things. At least SHK’s words and actions have always been consistent. She talked about focusing on herself since Feb, a few months before the divorce announcement whereas the other person still talked about how his wife kept giving him support to complete the filming of his drama. Lol obviously he didn’t really mean that coz she moved out of her own house early last year.

      • Lol him and his agency doesnt want to clarify that the house the he mediaplay since 2017 as their marital house is not really a marital house and maybe he is ashamed that he live and she fed him during their marriage lmao.

  8. @Chi on. I didnt read your comments, not all of it, because I realize you’re a toxic but solid fan of SJK therefore you’d think and believe everything you want to believe. There is absolutely no arguing with you. Goodluck with your hatred. Obviously you seethe with anger because it is SHK who emerged victorious from the divorce. You know why? She handled it with class. She didnt stoop down to the level that mirror his fans, like you.

    • @ mindy

      It’s obvious you couldn’t handle the truth and the logic I presented, that’s why you couldn’t finish reading my responses to you. It’s like an alcoholic denying they don’t have a drinking problem. Don’t give up, your delusions will fade someday.

      SJK was kind to not spill the beans on your tax fraud queen. I’m not sure how she’s victorious. I’m just glad she wasn’t in an acting project for a year and a half. Her acting is atrociously bland.

      Toxic people are those who defends criminals. And they accuse others with baseless accusations w/o solid evidence. That is a great definition of most shk fans. Hypocrites. Shk has a criminal record, sjk doesn’t. Boom! LOL

      • @ mindy

        Also lady, it was a fellow comrade of yours who started belittling sjk first in this article. Don’t be surprise if In the future I initiate first. It’s not fair you shk get all the fun LOL

    • Lol how did she end up victorious? She hasn’t signed any new cf post divorce neither she is offered new drama? Even her mediaplay movie Anna nobody is willing to finance it, even her Chinese movie are in halt. fans knew it just a ploy to distract netizen from rumors about her cheating. Knetz still hate her to date. Obviously she has no choice to remain classy when she obviously was the one who ruined the marriage.

      • Her Chinese movie is in a halt? I’m a fan and I don’t know anything about that. Which movie were you referring to?

        How do you know she hasn’t been offered any projects? Do you work for UAA? It’s only been a year since Encounter ended and she specifically said she would take a break last Regarding Anna, she never said she would do it, didn’t she?

        If she ruined her unhappy marriage by walking out on him, then I’m thankful she did that.

      • @mulan

        I think she’s still offered some acting projects, but thankfully she either rejected or the project got delayed or cancelled, her acting isn’t that good. Sjk was a way better actor and more expressive in facial acting. She has been an actress for so long but she doesn’t have many projects in her name, thank goodness. Her movie career bombed for the most part. She should just stick to modeling and cfs.

      • @ nad

        She only said she would take a break until end of 2019. It’s 4 months in 2020. It’s not big but another glimpse of her dishonesty.

      • @Chi And she said MAYBE she will choose a project in 2020..MAYBE. But nothing has been decided yet.

        Do you need some time to comprehend? I have plenty to give you.

      • @Mulan Do yo work on her agency how did you know she never have offers? Alisters never announce their project unless they are positively reviewing it. Example Wonbin everyone aware he is the most wanted actor by pds and producer but do you see any news about his offers? No because thats how Alisters behave. And shk projects only get leadked when she is positively reviewing it. Only b listers always announce projects to make it look like they got offers. Lol

  9. Naunsa man mo oi.. Wala moy labot sa ilahang personal life, ang inyoha self unuha, your family and daily life needs, kung mga fans mo kutob ra dihaa, dili mghimo ug away kay nakaka stress lang na..

  10. 1- Kyo has never even lived in that house. It’s being reported as it was a newlywed house, but that’s not true. After married, they lived in her house.
    2- Her house in Samseong-dong reported was put for sale a year ago.
    Go, I’ll continue supporting you, nothing change.

    • I am not her fan, but I used to see her drama “That winter the wind blows”. I like that drama and their acting skill is wonderful. Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo. Send my best wishes to her.

      • Nice try. You’re not going to get out of this by pretending not to be a fan. Even your words of praise is contradicting your status. Get help LOL

      • Oh, many thanks, dear.
        Because That winter the wind blows, she got Daesang for acting.

    • @ben Ben

      Fact #1 she had to pay two separate fines for her tax problems.

      Fact #2 she stay silent when sjk threaten to expose her when he applied for divorce if she spoke out.

      • You look like a mad dog, go every comment. So funny. Get out my comment, I do not mention this man’s name. Please. If your brain has a problem, u should go to the hospital to check. ok.

      • You see’re the one with a prob here. You don’t want to accept other people’s opinion when they try to reason with you. And when they disagree with you, you resort to name-calling. You can’t comprehend, can’t argue properly and always repeat the same thing over and over..

      • @Chi Worry about your own karma first. You think name-calling others will get you a good karma?

        I hate SJK for what he did but did I say something untrue about him? Did I spread any malicious rumors? Did I accuse him of cheating or having a sponsor? Did I wish for anything bad to happen to him the same way you wished SHK?

      • @Chi You were referring to me when you said ‘You hate SJK..’ but when I replied to you, you accused me of ignoring the ones who said bad things. Do you want me to talk about myself or other people? Gosh you can’t even comprehend your own post..idky I expected you to answer my questions.

  11. User here badly want sjk to be guilty only because she is Song Hye kyo. I am Sure if it was other way round people would have still pelted stone on sjk for divorce.

    • This!!! Well what funny is that all the rumors spread by her fans eventually turn out to be fake. Be it about sjk joining his brother agency which don’t even exist or his alleged mistress who was pregnant according to her fans.

  12. About that tax issue..Really, SHK tax issue was already a thing of the past. The truth of that matter was- SHKs 2011 taxes was just under declared, as in she still paid a certain amount. When she got assessed, she paid her back taxes. Case closed. People like SHK were too busy to do their taxes and do not know how to do their taxes. That is what ACCOUNTANTS are for. But unfortunately, there are accountants who take advantage of their client’s trust by telling them that everything is being taken care of but the truth is, IT’S NOT. Often times, it take years for the tax examiners and for the client to find out that his/her taxes were underdeclared. In taxation, the taxpayer is allowed to settle the case off court. In her case, she chose to PAY EVERYTHING, including penalties and interest without any disputes. The tax agency has already closed the case and settle it privately because they knew SHK had a good track record in paying taxes in previous years. The court orders that accountants should be put in jail and be remove their license. Of course, SHK had to apologize because of her negligence and for being fully trusted the people handling her finances. BTW, the tax issue happened last 2011 and was settled privately and easily on that yr, but the media reported it in 2014. Someone must be out to destroy her

    • -People always talk about her mistakes but never remember so many good things she did.
      -She received an endorsement offer of Mitsubishi with a lot of money, but reject it because Mitsubishi still hasn’t taken responsibility through action or payment for war crime.
      -Besides, SHK and Prof Seo Kyung Duk donate Korean guidebooks for nearly 10 years.
      -She decided to make the donation for ill children after narrating a documentary.

      • Yes. She’s been doing a lot of good deeds. Makes me really proud to be her fan. 🙂

    • 1. She has A LOT of income from her works in Korea and abroad hence her previous accountants may opt to pocketed a portion of her money for themselves because of their greed.
      2. SHK just like any artist is not the one who personally does her own taxes and also she didn’t have the proper education and knowledge to do it that is why she and her managing agency hired an accountant to do the work.
      3. The National tax service of Korea found out that her accountants mishandled her paperworks and under declared her taxes. So clearly, The FAULT was NOT on HER. Also, she was awarded as an Exemplary Taxpayer by the government years before the tax issues so she’s aware of her responsibility as a citizen.
      4. The tax issue happened last 2011 but there was no media frenzy about it was ALREADY SETTLED and there was really NO CASE INVOLVE. But someone must be really out to destroy her because during the promotion of her new movie, My Brilliant Life last 2014 the issue was presented to the public 3YRS AFTER it was happened.

  13. I am glad she took encounter, it’s a good character but the drama lacks a lot in term of the story.
    Also, she may take it because of the impending divorce.

    I think people trying a new genre is always good.

    I wish people just stop trying to really blame her, every news I get is how bad she is and how she failed her marriage but then it takes 2 to tango, I’ve seen failed marriage in real life, it always has more than what we thought.

    • I never said anything bad about him lol I could care less about him. How many accounts do you have? Get a life.

  14. She shouldn’t have accepted Encounters. That drama did nothing for her it only bought baggage of controversy for her, it was meh and forgettable.

  15. My 2 cents…

    All I know is:

    * SJK has been a long time fan of SHK;

    * He treated her like a queen before their marriage;

    * He gave credits to SHK for his achievements publicly for many times;

    * He risked his fame for announcing their marriage in the middle of promoting his movie Battleship Island;

    * He turned down an offer for casting in The Kingdom;

    * SJK’s brother even promoted Encounter in his Insta page befire it was aired;

    * SJK’s father cleared the rumour for SHK;

    * There are millions of time we saw from different clips how SJK treated SHK sweetly and protectively…..

    I personally believe there must be a solid reason more serious and harmful than just the simple jealousy of a husband. I really don’t think Encounter triggered the divorce. There must be a reason that only the two of them know best.

    Btw, I am also wondering how it is going with SHK suing those who spread “rumour” of her. Even the Burning Sun case is almost finished, how about her suing? As if she has solid ground to sue? It is more than common that the general public will stand on the woman side in divorce cases; however, it seems not the case this time and I wonder why.

    • Two of the commenters have been forwarded to the prosecution but it may take quite some time to settle. That’s what happened before when she she decided to sue the ones who slandered her. She ended up winning both cases.

      • @Nad I doubt it, if that was a case they would have mentioned it like their did it with sponsor rumors.

      • @Mulan Where did you read about it? Any links? I’ve never seen any articles specifically mention the charges.

      • @Nad checkout on soompi they mentioned malicious comments not malicious rumors.

      • @Mulan Usually, how do people spread malicious rumors online? Don’t they have to write first?

    • You sure the general public will stand on the woman’s side more? You should read one of NB’s latest articles about Song Da Ye’s divorce. Some Knetz already think she’s the prob coz she got divorced twice eventhough there were comments about the man being problematic. They think the man’s innocent coz he looks ‘kind’ Now, compare her situation to SHK’s. SHK has always been criticized for her public relationships. Not difficult to picture why Knetz seemed to be on SJK’s side when they got divorced.

      Besides, the one who spoke first normally got to control the narrative. There’s another famous example for this.

      • @Chi on

        FACT#1 – you’re toxic and hateful
        FACT#2 – so glad I’m not you
        FACT#3 – When in doubt, refer to Fact 1 and 2

    • Well the case were regarding rumors about sponsor in China being the reason for divorce and other was for malicious comments. Quite shocking that Her agency and blossom entertainment didn’t took any action against those who spread rumours about pbg and Shk.

    • True, if it just was because of jealousy. Sjk and his family won’t have supported her drama in first place. There was video of sjk asking everyone to support his wife new drama during opening ceremony of AC. He was head over heels in love with her. Obviously reason for their divorce must be huge.

      • I also wonder about it tbh. In her interviews around Feb and March, she kept saying she wanted to focus on herself, deleted a lot of pics and her private IG acc, moved out of her own house, suggested the divorce first. And if the house she put up for sale was the same house she and SJK lived with, that means she decided to let it go around the same time. SJK still talked about her supporting him at his press con and days after decided to file for the divorce behind her back even though it was a mutual decision. He even did it when she was out of the country. The way he filed it made netizens wonder if SHK was the guilty party. He even threatened her not to say anything even if she only released two official statements via her agency. Btw, after the divorce process was finalized, SHK proceeded with a legal action against her slanderers. Two of them have been forwarded to the prosecution. The Youtuber who spread nasty rumors about her retracted his statement and he is now being accused of something. Lol

      • Two things I don’t understand..the man who got cheated on was willing to wait for months before filing for the divorce? He even spoke fondly of her at his press con. Some of his fans also said SJK found out about her sponsor but instead of getting angry and letting her go, he advised her to leave the sponsor and go back to him again. ?‍♀️

      • @Nad sjk warned her not to spread lie or he will reveal everything. Her agency was definitely cooking something.

      • @Mulan its from Chanel A in an episode that they aired a reporter claim that the reason why he filed the divorce behind her back when they already have an agreement is because he wants to threaten her lol. What a immature guy he obviously hljust wanted to control the narrative by announcing he is the party who filed.

      • @Mulan But she hadn’t spoken a word except for two official statements from her agency. And why would he feel the need to threaten her? Weren’t his fans convinced that she was the guilty party? They said she must’ve done something bad to him hence why he hastily decided to divorce her. But the truth is the divorce was mutually agreed. And it was her who suggested first.

      • Well we don’t know if he really wanted to wait for month. Maybe there were certain disagreement. And as for him speaking fondly. He had no choice, obviously he won’t have commented anything against her. It was for sake of formality and Even hk said sjk was supporting her new drama. When according to her fan they were already separated since October of 2019. Basically everyone is speculating but no one knows actual reason for their divorce and we might never know.

      • @mia and she was silent throughout the divorce mediaplaying article about her weight loss, wedding ring and about his father. Ofcourse she is a Goddess who can never do wrong. Wonder what she did that she took his threat seriously?

      • @Blazingflame There was a fanacc of SHK visiting SJK at his drama location in Dec 2018. So SHK talking about him in a month before isn’t really weird. Perhaps they were still trying to save their marriage at the time. Who knows? But things seemed to change around Feb 2019.

      • Lol @Mulan you said that Shk take his threat seriously but she’s mediaplaying against his father? Are you dumb if she is scared with him why she’s mediaplaying against his father? Do you realise your allegations about her dont match. And about the wedding ring if you read the article it says there that kyo is having a problem about her marriage and she lost weight and that happen late 2018 and early 2019 it actually matched the time she lost a lot of weight and them never got spotted together anymore.

      • @Mia to gain sympathy. Those article against his father were old. Even knetz were shocked to see those old article about his father trending on naver. His father got quite a hate for this. Even knetz knew it was shk agency doing. Obviously sjk won’t trend an article against his father. Amd tell me why she never claried rumors about her cheating. If she can use ring, weight loss as an excuse. A simple No third party involve statement from their agency article would have been enough.

      • @Mulan Didn’t Blossom already issue a statement about PBG? And why would UAA say anything when they could hire a top legal team to ‘speak’on behalf of her? News about her ring, weight loss didn’t tarnish her image. But sponsor and cheating rumors did.

      • @Mia Where is the proof? her agency doing media play because his dad trending on Naver. How big her agency?? and Knet tell you.
        So funny, Sometimes I feel his dad more popular than them.
        Before they got married, he accepts a long interview about how good his son and their married.
        When SHK Encounter drama broadcast, he send message ask everyone to support her drama. This message become trending on Naver.
        Maybe her agency doing media play to help his message become a top search on Naver.
        Everything still on never, u can check.

  16. Song joong ki doesnt want to clarify about the house why?
    Because since 2017 his mediaplaying that he bought her a marital house and his fans keep gushing about how he is so much inlove with her that he bought her a house. Turns out its fake he never bought her for them and he lived in her house their entire marriage. So i understand he ashamed to admit he lived underhouse and obviously she is the one feeding him and paying whenever they travel together ugh.

    • He agency clarify that it was his personal matter. And as for his house he always had plan to recontrust it. According to OG article He obtained the permit back in November 2018 and filed for the permit way before that. It took him a while to obtain permit because of safety issues for neighbouring house due to underground construction for his house. He had plan to construct it long back and move with her post reconstruction. But by the time he got permit he married life went haywire ?.

      • Lol his talkative father had a chitchat with shippers who went in his museum and accrdg to his dad that is not their marital house and sjk bought that as investment. And there he told those shippers that he staying in her house and he even share their private pictures ?‍♀️

      • @Mia you are right.
        – His dad really likes to send a message to the reporter and share anything to shippers when they went to his museum. Tell shippers when they went to a home. Make so much noise.
        – Almost all top star in Korea, they want to keep low-key private, never expose too much about family. That is the best way to protect them. How awful about Korea’s entertainment industry, they don’t know when will it come back to hurt their family.

    • Really media already knew they were staying in her house. Nice fanfic though , atleast what I said is true and there is solid evidence about it. your seem like fake rumors like every other spread by her fans to degrade his family.

      • Lol keep playing dumb not my problem.
        Those shippers went to his museum and had a chitchat with his dad. And there’s even 2 leaked pics curtesy of his dad. The one on their wedding and on his bday last sep 2018. Why will i make up stories if its true dont pass your habit on me.

      • I know about the pic but his house as an investment is rumors spread by hers fans. According to them he mortgage the loan for his brother entertainment agency. Turn out he never own any agency. He actually own assets management company since 2011. They even spread the rumors that sjk wanted shk to join his brother agency. Lol everything turn out to be fake when sjk himself join other agency. Ki Ailes knew about it since their divorce that he plan to join new agency formed by his longtime friend from sidus.

      • His dad told the shippers that he bought that as investment its the truth even korean k ailes are aware of it. As for the rumors speaded by hykyoforever on twitter shk real fans has nothing to do with that. Call her out and stop generalizing her fandom.

      • Let’s believe he bought it for investment but where is the proof that he didn’t bought the house for his married life. Did he father said he has no plan to live there. Since he got permit in 2018 and he applied for permit way back before that means he had made plans to live with there post construction considering the house was old. Why would he waste money on reconstructing property if he has no intention to live there. He is actually completely demolishing the house to build 5 storey mansion.

      • Seriously @Mulan what knetz know about them? Nothing remember when the first divorce rumors came out they are up in arms in denying thet they are getting a divorce. Calling chinese press pathetic for the news. Then when he announce the divorce and he was able to control the narrative they suddenly spreaded makjang stories about her lmao. And the article about her loosing weight and was not able to wear her ring anymore accrdg to the insider that happen early this yr meaning early 2019 it fits the time when she deleted tons of their pictures on ig and them not getting spotted anymore. So if its her mediaplay then so what she’s not lying.

    • @bemben. His father never shared anything to reporters. His acquittance message him post their divorce announcements. It was his acquittance who shared his message to reporter.

      • Oh really?? If SHK’s mom does sth like that sends her message to her acquittance and then her acquittance share to reporter. Become trending on Naver. Will you say her agency media playing??
        His dad did, everything is ok.
        But her mom did, everything become media playing.

      • Articles that trended on naver wasn’t about his acquittance. It was old article that says about his traditional value he wants both of his son to follow. Typical Asian parent thing nothing hateful. His father got hate for that not because 0f acquittance. His message to his friend wasn’t triggering or anything sensational. His acquittance were worried for him because he wasn’t responding to their messages. Please before coming after me. Check full news don’t share half baked rumors. Don’t drag her mom when she is not even involved. I am talking how her agency mediaplayed article to degrade his family and garner sympathy. I don’t have link about that article. But I’ll share Knetz comments about her mediaplay.

      • @Benben I remember how Knetz were accusing SHK of mediaplaying about her weight loss and ring. But when SJK had an article about his hair loss, everybody was pitying him. Double standadd at its finest! They even managed to accuse her of using his dad for mediaplay and even went as far as threatening to tell SJK. Pftt lol. Anything she said back then wouldn’t make any difference coz everybody had decided to ‘punish’ her. Can’t really blame her if she kept her silence. She was literally criticized for everything..for attending events, for smiling. Even the strongest person has her limit.

      • @Mulan You do realize that she was already being punished by Knetz the moment he decided to go behind her back and file for the divorce alone, don’t you? Finding a positive comment about her last year was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. How would you know their comments were objectively written and not driven by their hatred towards her?

      • @Mulan And since you seem to believe Knetz so much..I wanna tell you something. Do you know that some Knetz were expecting SJK to get involved with his family business once his contract with Blossom ended? They said it’s normal for him to join a family agency. Even wished him luck. But turned out, it didn’t happen.

      • @Nad
        -Everything she does, they will conclude, she is doing media play.
        -Everything he does, they will poor him.
        Her ring and weight loss = her media play.
        His dad and loss hair = her media play.
        What kind of this logic??
        -The original intention was to keep this news quiet and not make any announcement until the divorce was finalized but SJK decided he would file for divorce and then announce it to the media on his own without informing SHK and while she was out of the country for work.
        -Painted a picture like she was in the wrong somehow, talking about he had to end the pain. From his legal team and his family to create sympathy for himself while try to destroy hers.
        -Fans or knet are never know what behind their door.
        -The woman is the only one whose life is ruined after divorce. But from the early last year, SHK didn’t wear a ring and delete IG. I feel sth wrong between them. She is very courageous in choosing not to stay in a bad marriage. I think it’s good for them.
        Now u see he happy, move on. Hye Kyo, too.
        U stand by him, I stand by her. Good luck.

      • @Mulan
        Do not believe Knet too much. Before the divorce announcement, do u know how much his new drama criticize by Knet. Knet also tells his film doing media play when they invite Jisoo to star in Arthdal Chronicles.
        Knet said: ” Wow, this is the biggest media play I’ve ever seen”
        I do not say, this is from Knet. So u believe Knet.
        Do u need I send u link.

  17. OOT: Well.. If SJK is my son, I will tell him to avoid her from the start. She is pretty, but not the married type.

    On the article: UAA doing its job. Get it.

    • Oh well…. If SHK is my daughter, I will tell her to avoid him from the start. He is a crybaby, mama boy but not the married type. Don’t marry a crybaby, they’re actually selfish. They’re attention seeker and it’s all about what people think about him.

      • Ahaha, I’m merely stating fact, and respond is bashing for SJK. She is pretty – fact. She told chinese media that she loved being with her girl friends more – fact.

        Hope you find a more suitable lady next time SJK.

    • how about not judge a women who is married type or not.? Things can go bad in marriage. Unfair to blame one side only

      • Im not saying non married type is bad, hey, not all thing revolves around marriage.

        That being said, unfortunately, what I know makes me say what I say.

        Oops, sorry Koala, this article is supposed to be about UAA. Bow out then,

  18. Song hye kyo always rank in top 5 in legit surveys in korea like gallup and gov ministry. Producers based on that. The hate she’s getting on nate or naver by some anonymous trolls doenst matter really because they base on legit surveys from real korean citizens. She always rank higher than Sjk i dont think she lacks offer i bet she even have more offers than him. But Stiers celebs like her or Wonbin never leak their every offers in media unless they are positively reviewing it.

  19. Steamy kissing scene is precisely that. Its a contrived kissing scene with about 4 cameras taken from dofferent angles and edited to become one seamless and romantic moment. This will include the director, assistant director, lighting staff, make up artists for retouching, sound etc. At the very least 12 persons observing every clip of that ‘romantic kissing scene’. Reality sucks for people who believe real romance can be captured in one perfect continues shot. If ever there is a romance brewing it would happen without witnesses and under wraps.

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