Kim Yoo Jung is in Charge as the Backstreet Rookie Opposite Bumbling Ji Chang Wook in First Drama Teaser

The first teaser is out for upcoming SBS Fri-Sat drama Backstreet Rookie (Korean title Convenience Store Morning Star or Convenience Store Saet Byul) and I find nothing bad about it which is a huge relief because this entire project felt so polarizing. There’s concern about Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook‘s age gap (there are so much worse in K-dramas) and the rather raunchy and skeevy source webtoon that really focuses on the female leads feminine assets if you will. But the first teaser just shows her character Saet Byul being totally put together and in charge type while his character is straight out of The Simpsons take on the convenience store manager shuffling his way through a shift. It’s cute and succeeds in making me look forward to this drama.

Teaser for Backstreet Rookie:


Kim Yoo Jung is in Charge as the Backstreet Rookie Opposite Bumbling Ji Chang Wook in First Drama Teaser — 27 Comments

  1. Something is missing in the teaser. But I hope I am proven wrong and this drama exceeds my expectations. JCW and KYJ fighting!

  2. I hope this makes the lighthearted drama a trend.
    I am watching piece of your mind and the plot is depressing,
    watching when the weather is fine for some relaxing plot but there is murder plot, why?
    watching find me in your memory and as much as I like it, the whe plot is about dying, bad psychiatrist and stalker.
    Watching hospital playlist and I love it but then hospital has big heavy heart cases.
    Watch the king and it just all over the place,
    watching extracurricular and how to buy a friend, it’s so heavy.

    I hope it’s about how different people come to convenience store and how they deal with it since it probably doesn’t follow the webtoon.

  3. im excited for my queen. The Queen is back.The teaser is so cute & I can already feel the strong chemistry between CHang wook And Yo Jung.
    This will surely outperform its predeceddor in terms of leads’ acting, leads Chemistry, popularity and vieweship rating.

  4. I’m still not feeling the age gap at all (at this point, it’s obvious she’s being deliberately paired with much older actors for whatever myriad of reasons) but I’m glad her character is being portrayed as a no nonsense, badass so far and even though she’s a glam girl, she’s not hypersexualized. Still cautious but we’ll see. I hope the writing is decent also.

  5. It looks cute and lighthearted, my girl looks gorgeous esp when she strut into the store. I can’t really judge yet if I like it because it does look like a typical comedy, so I’m looking forward to an entire trailer soon.

    It looks like late spring/summer is the season of comedy dramas, we have the current, ‘good casting’, upcoming ‘mystic pop-up bar, ‘old school intern,’ ‘that guy is the guy,’ ‘oh my baby’ and now this one haha

    • you are right, now that you list it, so many upcoming drama isn’t as heavy and depressing as the earlier season


  7. Age gap doesn’t matter..hello people..they are not only the actor and actress that paired with age gap..and helloooo this is base on the webtoon story, of course they will find a fresher one like Kim yoo Jung and a good looking convenience store owner like ji chng Wook to make it perfect!!so what’s the problem..they look together..go go loyal fans will support this drama..♥️?

  8. Light-hearted rom-com or action comedies will reign. Come on, after months of COVID-19 shutdown, parents pulling their hair homeschooling kids, massive unemployment, deaths and cases, who wants heavy themes dramas that are slow, plodding, complicated plots, remind them of death again? Escapist dramas that make people laugh, with a simple story line about everyday people that we can relate to, relaxing, and throw in heartwarming scenes that just warm the cockles of your heart is what people need right now. I am all in, hurray for Wookie and his beauty badass sidekick KYJ. Reminds me of Jung Ill Woo’s Flower Boys Ramyun Shop and he of course has his own cute little drama coming up as well. My 1987 rabbit babies are doing well, only left Siggy to make his comeback and blaze the screen with an action thriller ending off this 2020 which is a total nightmare in the first half.

    • Both GOOD LOOKING!Toooo Handsome & Tooo Pretty for Convenience Store..And the mere fact both such a talented actors!Most of all they are both humble
      & kind which are obviously shown in their faces and smiles..Fighting!Hope & Prayed it would be a Success for Both of You!God Bless

    • I’m sorry but KYJ is not anyone sidekick in this drama. Both leads are equally important or maybe her character is even more than his bcoz the drama’s title is referring to her.

  9. I see the teaser wow impressive,,I think this drama become popular and very successful .. because the two lead character are both talented veteran ang clamsy boy and hyper girl hahahha they both smart and the cuteness overload ❤️….keep it up and Good bless you guys see you June….I’m so excited…

  10. She still looks a baby to me so i will not be watching this. I also did not watch clean with passion for now because i did not like it.
    I really loved her with Park Bo Gum in love in the moonlight. they looked so cute together.
    Casting directors, please cast Joo jung with AHn Hyo Seop, Ro Woon, V, DO when he gets back from the military or somebody who is closer to age her age. So the romance would not looked so forced.

    • Not sure coz even LMH with ratings hit streak is struggling to hit double digit ratings for his new drama. Not to mention that JCW and KYJ don’t have a good reputation for pulling high domestic ratings. Anyways, let’s just focus on the positive side.

  11. She looks a bit overacting in the teaser, but maybe this is intentional. Comedy is good for this depressing time. Have to evaluate the full drama to be exact. Too bad The King is not setting a good momentum for the ratings… it is now down to single digit.

  12. I like light-hearted dramas that make me smile or laugh. I rarely watch heavy ones unless I like the cast. I watched A Couple’s World till ep 4 and dropped cos it’s just too intense and I’m a coward. It’s okay if it’s just a movie but I can’t invest my emotions for a couple of weeks in a heavy plot.

    I am watching Fiery Priest to prepare myself for this JCW/KYJ drama. I love them both and will definitely watch.

    • I like thriller and heavy plots but due to current condition, I think ppl need moments of laughing and just staying away from whatever prblm they are dealing with. I want this to be funny and easy to watch.

  13. I admit they look much better than Ive ever imagined. Yoo Jung is so beautiful and she just shines, first seconds of teaser was funny with sleepy wookie facing classy sassy yoo jung. I hope their acting matches as well. chemistry oozes between them. cant we just delete wookie’s girlfriend and have changyoo as soon as possible?! =]

  14. they look much better than what Ive imagined. yoo jung is so beautiful. first seconds of teaser was so fuuny with sleepy yawny wookie facing sassy classy yoo jung. chemistry just oozes betweeen them. I hope their acting matches as well as their visuals. and cant they just delete wookie’s girlfriend so we can have changyoo as soon as possible?! :]

    • I cant believe another person felt that too. comparing their features seperately, they dont look alike but watching them generally I dont know why they look like eachother to me. I noticed that once I saw some of their pictures together. its like they dont look like eachother but yet they do! kinda wierd!!

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