Ratings Stay Steady Low at 5.7%, 6.7% for Episode 14 of The King: Eternal Monarch as Lee Gon Saunters Through Time

There’s only 2 episodes left of The King: Eternal Monarch and doesn’t seem to be enough time to satisfactorily wrap up everything. This drama always feels like nothing much is happening most of the time and too much condensed into a nugget strewn here and there. Episode 14 focused solely on the time travel element as Lee Gon returns to the fateful snowy night baddie uncle killed his king daddy and staged a coup. Baddie uncle outdoes himself this time in Darwin Awards and kills his own future self, like a dick waving contest that is about cutting one’s own member off just to prove a point. And also, how did he get rid of his other self dead body before heading to coupville?

Jung Tae Eul alternates between crying and investigating, Shin Jae finds his Republic doppleganger still alive in a comatose state, and the weird kid is the magical flute itself torn asunder trying to guide cooler heads to repair the rip in space and time. Oh, and Luna shivs Tae Eul in the end because……she wants Tae Eul’s life even if her own still has a medically confirmed date with impending death. Because why not, she can spend whatever time she has remaining drinking boba, eating fried chicken, and putting on multi purpose balm. This drama fantasy logic doesn’t even make sense within the fantasy genre because it feels like Kim Eun Sook is making up her own rules and changing it as she goes along. Oh well, I’m such a masochist for her crack, too bad this time she makes me feel like Lee Gon caught in the history of time needing to actually hit every year to head to back to the present. Interminable.


Ratings Stay Steady Low at 5.7%, 6.7% for Episode 14 of The King: Eternal Monarch as Lee Gon Saunters Through Time — 65 Comments

  1. Sigh… Instead of fixing the flaws and confusions of the dramas, the writer added more plot holes. I thought the drama is gaining its momentum on episodes 11-13, but I became disappointed again in this episode.

    I feel that KES is confused herself on what she wanted for the drama to deliver. I feel that the prod team are just trying to save the ratings than to serve a good drama for its loyal viewers. To think that it only have 3 episodes left…

    • Right, with this 3rd episode before the finale is kinda disappointing. Hopefully, its last two episodes (episodes 15 and 16) can satisfied the viewers after all the wasted episodes.

      • Watching this series on Netflix in England,I’m so very confused.I feel so dumb!To be truthful I wonder even if the actors are confused as to what country they are in most of the time!Every episode I hope things become clearer.What is up with the script writers.perhaps all will become clear in the last episode.I understand the ratings.Even with the great Lee Min Ho this must be the worst drama I’ve seen him in.Looking forward to his future works.

  2. That why korean don’t want to watch this drama..its not only make you feel tired.,but also sleepy and angry…A drama that make you feel like if you don’t watch it is better.’ the King Eternal flopped ‘.

  3. This was the most disappointing episode and i was looking forward to it so much. I agree with you. She doesn’t seem to follow the rules which she created herself and tae eul was petty useless this episode. And the prime minister’s and her doppelganger side plot? They seem to have forgotten it entirely considering how she got a total of 4 sec screentime. The romance has fallen flat to me and nothing makes sense anymore so much that I don’t even want to watch the next episode.

    • Oh come on, have some imagination. You don’t have to criticised like it worth nothing. If u don’t like it, don’t see it. Let others who love this story continues to go wild. You with spoiler like you, good stories also become bad. Go and make your own storyline and let see if you are any better

      • A spoiler like me is responsible for making a good story bad with my opinion? Lol. Whatever makes you feel better dear. And you thought you could tell me what to do on a personal blog, just because my comment rattled you. I’ll repay you this way. Don’t bother replying.

    • @sara I was curious about the prime minister too. I mean her role is more important than her pregnant sister.

      • Yeah. Considering how much of an important role and supporting cast she is I’m surprised and mad that they’ve left her out entirely this episode.

  4. So what happened to the original LG who saved the child?
    Does he keep on going back again and again. ..aghhh…plot holes!!!!

      • Because you do not understand the plot. LOL. If you focused on each dialogues in the past episodes there’s an explanation of what, how and why his time travel is all about . Oh well it takes a thinking mind to understand and appreciate the story. I find the writer one of the best from the dramas that I watched. I don’t care about the ratings.

  5. This episode is awful. And the ending is particularly bad. How is it an experienced detective doesn’t switch on her defense headlight when meeting a criminal who has already forewarned her that one of them will be killed if they were to meet? And she can be so easily attacked? Back to painting a helpless and hopeless police force. Actually the ending of last episode was also bad.

    This show could be more but it is just mediocre. It’s exhausting to watch cos you need to follow the timelines. And please don’t tell me oh this is a show that needs thinking. I have better things to do with my brain. A show should touch my heart more than my head.

    • I feel the same way. I found it so stupid though that she did not even try to runaway or even fight for her life knowing she may possibly get hurt or even die.

    • Yes I think also that Taeul was so lousy to get stab easily as a black belter and a police officer with excellent record.

      • But even if there are flaws I still love to watch the drama until the end.

  6. This episode is a disaster. It doesn’t even understand its own rules let alone throwing in time travel.

    That was the most anticlimactic way of getting rid of future Yi Rim.

    Shin Jae now has no real purpose on the show. The disclosure of his past is mind-boppingly dull. He’s not essential to the story. I’m really disappointed.

  7. I hope this experience will remove KES god complex. Hope she goes back to basics and cast new actors and actresses.

  8. The graphic picture that appears after reading all your comments is of a few cackling witches
    all haggling & unsteadily jostling to push forth & stir your shared toxic cauldron of HATE.All jaundice-eyed unacceptance of this drama.This drama isnt the best many have seen but surely, it isn’t nearly as bad as you make it out to be.Every turn this drama takes is brayed & slayed by you all. I can sort of understand Koala having to watch this drama to feed this monster she created but the rest of you,why in hell are you wasting time watching it if you see nothing,not a speck of good in it.Wait. You probably HATE and burn at the stake ,every other drama ,right?Cyber bullies are made of stuff like you. Koala,you have lost your touch .You used to be cool and much more unbiased.That old you ,that made our large international gang love & support you so much in the past.Now you’ve shaped this place for disenchanted & rude blind-sided people to come blow their horn spewing spite.Oftentimes , regurgitated your direction too!
    You dropped a long way .Don’t bother throwing your javelins of hate my way .I have no intention ,neither will I make the time to come read your spiteful comments.

    • Awww. Do u feel bad that this drama is not getting the love that it deserves? Amazing how you still bother to read and comment on koala’s posts despite claiming it to be a cauldron full of hate and yet have the unmitigated gall to tell others here that they’re wasting their time and resort to name calling. Reread the posts and comments properly and if you claim to be unbiased like you’ve stated, you’ll see that your own comment has more substance for personal attack.

    • I can understand most of the comments here criticizing the drama. Most commentors only giving their insights and disappointments. You even believe that this drama “isn’t the best”…as viewers we can give opinions especially after watching it for 14 episodes.

      As far I read in this comment section, they don’t even criticized the actors…only the poor execution of the latest episode.

      • Not your type of drama – not your type of ending for an episode . Not your genre . At least you know your style of drama. So why follow the episodes until the end? There’s a myriad of choices of K dramas to watch. It’s like shopping for dramas- “ why do you buy something that you do not appreciate?” You must have done something better and used your time wisely and yet you ended up until episode 15. Yes you didn’t use your head .

    • Another day, another Lee Min Ho stan who thinks sun shines out of their favs rear end and his farts smell like roses and sandalwood. Enjoy the drama if you think its that great, why seek validation for your liking it from others. Oh wait, you admit this one isn’t that great but want koala to be nice. Why though, its not like LMH knows you or me or her or reads any of this anyway. If he really heard any criticism over the years about his choice of shows or his acting, I think he would have put in some effort to improve it. Kang Haneul has a Baksaeng now, the same Haneul who was not even a proper second lead in a drama with him once upon a time remember.

      • @gem. Yea, am so happy for KHN. He deserve the win. What a successful come back drama he had.

        His character in Heirs is the only thing i love in that drama and i was shipping him with KJW’s character. Hope they have another project. Heirs cast is no joke if u actually look at them now.

    • I’m confused as to why some people are taking it so personally just because a blogger expresses her opinion that she doesn’t like a kdrama, lol. What does it have to do with you? Are you the writer of this kdrama? Are you an actor in it?

      • That’s my question everytime a drama/show is criticized: What’s in it for the person bullying others because of their opinions.

    • @Tiger. I find your comments very amusing. Ever hear of the proverb, “The pot calling the kettle black”? That’s YOU!
      You call those who give honest, but negative feedback as ‘cackling witches’ brewing in a ‘toxic cauldron of hate’ – but aren’t you doing the same thing? Only your hate is directed towards these viewers, who are actually less graphic and toxic in their choice of words. They are actually quite objective in their comments and certainly do not use the kind of emotive and caustic words that you have.
      You also ask why they keep watching the drama if they don’t see a speck of good it? And you accuse poor koala of cyber-bullying and writing spiteful comments. Hmmm….you should really practise what you preach. If you don’t like this blog, then don’t read it! Why waste time reading it and the comments if you don’t like it? And again, I would like to point out that YOUR comments are more spiteful and vicious than any of koala’s or those whom you have mentioned. Grow up, please! You sound like a petulant child who is throwing tantrums just because you can’t get what you want.

  9. Confusing story plot. No wonder people gave up watching. Those who love the story, it’s because they either obsessively love LHM & KGE blindly. LHM can’t act, but at least he still looks okay for his fans to support him all the way. But KGE neither can act or pretty, but I think her die-hard fans support her because KGE gave them hope. KGE gave those plain looking fans a hope that even plain looking girl can become famous on TV one day. It’s pretty easy. Just take off your clothes to act in erotic movie, I’m sure you will gain attention overnight and more acting jobs will link up for you. Plain looking girls, go for it. If Kim Go Eun can be famous, you can too. But doesn’t mean you can act.

    • @mean girl I’m appalled by your comment not just because I’m a KGE fan but your comment is seriously mean and not even warranted well I guess you didn’t even have to sugarcoat it coz your name suits you btw. But for your information she got an award for the Muse And it was because of her acting and she was chosen by Chanel to represent among a lot of South Korean actors that are their ambassadors to represent Korea with supermodels Naomi and Claudia. To say that to plain looking girls can be famous and do well wow your comment isn’t just derogatory but full of hate. Although we have different opinions in this site and we have different actors we support you don’t need to bring your toxic hate here. We are already in a middle of a pandemic and racial hatred in the world and you fuel it with more hatred using beauty. I know I’m wasting my time on a superficial being like you but I don’t condemn people just because they can hide in an alias to go ahead with their smear campaign. Be nice. Really try it. You may even get a slight chance to be casted as one of KGE’ shows’ extras.

      • @jojo Being mean doesn’t make you one either. At least she’s happy and famous and you’re just bitter.

      • I agree that beauty is subjective and your comment is your opinion on beauty. But as I’ve mentioned Chanel won’t chose her if she doesn’t have what it takes to represent them especially for J12 20 years celebration. My opinion on her being is coupled with the fact that she’s on the magazine spread and Taiwan. If she was plain then these magazines won’t bother. She’s not as popular as idols and other stars. Brands have a reputation to maintain. KGE fans are the worst. How many have you met and know to say that? This article and Koala never talked about the looks of actors why do you feel the need to. Body shaming and face shaming is never cool.

      • @jojo, yes, KGE fans are self delusional. They think oh, just being natural is equivalent to good acting skills. So many actresses are natural TV screen but how many of them are versatile in various roles. KGE is just a mediocre actress, some roles, she unable to act well. If she looks pretty, at least there’s some bonus to the audience. Worse, she is not just plain look, I can say she looks below average. She is being awarded Best New Actress for MUSE, I guess it’s because the judges are amazed by her courage, showing full nudity in her very first movie at a very young age. Which actress does this act before? She is the first. No wonder she was awarded. Most actresses who dropped her clothes on TV usually get awards, don’t the naive KGE fans knows about this? Lol

    • @mean Girl

      i did nt know that Muse was an erotic film. and i looked it up, geee, she was nude in some scenes in that drama. waaaaaaaaaaah. so surpised. Face Palm. oh no. Puking

      • There is full sex scene in the movie with her. The movie is not my taste but I can agree that KGE acting is polarising.

        She is good at dramatic moment but her “love” acting, even with gong yoo for me is lacking.

        I don’t agree that she is bad or not pretty but I also agree that you can see her being “acting” quite a lot rather than being a character.

      • Now you see how come KGE are given attention? If she started off to act in a normal movie, she will take a long time to be recognized if her acting skills are good.

        Because she acted a daring sex scene in MUSE where her private parts can be seen, she caught so many directors’ attention. This is why she was given more acting roles afterwards.

        But some of her works are disappointing. Wooden, boring expressions this is why she failed as an actress.

        Some actresses also got famous after taking their clothes off. Like Song Ji Hyo, Kim Tae Ri. But their acting skills still shined in different movies and series that is why I admire those actresses who are versatile in acting.

        KGE has none. No looks, no acting skills.

      • @ mean girl

        Wws it a porn movie? it’s in you tube and twitter. she was nude in some scenes. mmmmmmmnmmmm.

      • @ Joane, the sex scene in MUSE are too explicit to be shown on YouTube. I think you need to download full movie somewhere in order to view it. Song Ji Hyo and Kim Tae Ri also have some daring nude scenes in their movies. But they don’t come even close to Kim Go Eun audacity. The most, their breasts are seen. But in MUSE, beside breasts, you can see how hairy she is and the actor actually touching her private parts with his bare hands. She is the only mainstream actress who dare to act such scene in her very first movie. This is why she gets “famous” in such a short time.

    • @mean girl LMH can obviously act. Its okay if you don’t like him but don’t talk bad about him. If he can’t act like you say then he wouldn’t have had successful dramas.

      • Hahaha. LMH can act? Okay okay. I don’t want to argue with you. Let the TV awards and Baeksang awards do the talking.

  10. I was a bit disappointed in Ep 14 when Shin Jae’s role wasn’t even as important as I assumed and too many time travelling that alters their past. It’s more more confusing for me. But I will finish it til the end. I feel bad for the cast. I wonder what they were thinking when they have to act the whole script. I also wondered if we missed out on what the writer was trying to say and convey. But here’s to hoping for a good Ep 15 and 16. Might as well do the fans service and give them a happy ending albeit it may not be realistic since the only ones left watching clamours for it might as well make them happy, after all anything is possible in drama land ? ?

  11. All of you have to go back and rewatch the series. It’s too clever for you to understand first time around. Most things will then make sense and so will the romance.

    • Oh come on…. I’m tired of this it’s too clever to watch game you guys are playing. A lot of us watched Signal, W, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Nine times travel and many more brilliantly written shows so don’t say it’s smart or clever or whatever, it’s just badly written and it’s a shame cause other than that it had a great potential and there was a story there.

      • You said it all!
        You can write a complicated story about people who go into dreams or parallel universes, and make it as enjoyable to watch as Inception, or as disgustingly painful as The Eternal Monarch.
        This drama need you to memorize all the little details in boring, confusing scenes, without being able to rely on anything sure.
        I don’t call it thinking, I call it cleaning up the mess without forgetting the filth in the corners.

  12. I like the time travelling part how the fact the both of them were in the No Man Land, the flute was complete and the could travel in time.

    If I like how LG is changing things to win, I don’t really like the changes in the romance, it doesn’t make it better…

  13. So, where is the rise in the rating after TWOM? Some people expect us to eait but then after so many weeks, this drama continue to do badly in ratings.

  14. @mean girl. I rest my case you even dare question the award giving body and Chanel that is an international fashion label. I guess you’re the one who is delusional. She was given an award for nudity. What an insult to Korean acting award giving body! . At least my argument is logical and I have given you assessment of real judge of beauty and acting hence I mentioned the award, and Chanel. In fact she landed the role in Canola because the grandma who played opposite her adored her in the muse. You still think your opinion isn’t just plain hatred? But I have to commend you for saying one thing that is true you’re right is that you’re A MEAN girl that is the most correct thing you’ve said so far. Pretty, I doubt it. No real beauty will be as toxic as you. Anyway, you can go all hating her you want but she has done so much more than so called pretty girls like you. Stop passing your baseless comments and hatred on KGe or any actors on this site, it’s so toxic. We don’t need anymore of that.

  15. 5.7 and 6.7 % what a shame!!! rating is so embarassing!

    yes to double digit ratings for back street rookie. The drama that will succeed this Flopped drama.

    • I’ve seen the teasers for Backstreet Rookie, looks more embarassing. Ratings will be no more than 5% and fans will blame TKEM for driving away viewers from that time slot.

      • If TKEM fans could stick around and say possible success of BR would be because of HIGH RATINGS of TKEM before tkem airs, then why don’t BR fans wander around and
        blame TKEM if BR had low ratings?!

    • @joane @meangirl. You know LMH and KGe have seen their dramas and wasting time to spew hate on this site but you obviously know them and watched their show but they don’t know you exist. FYI the muse is not a porn movie KGE won an award for it. Your arguments shows how ignorant you both are. You obviously know how to google why don’t you google the word, Kindness it might help you guys in life. And I feel so embarrassed having to stoop down to your level truly. But people have to be corrected just because they can hide in an Alias they can say whatever they want. Here’s the truth though, you know those actors you hate have made money and are known worldwide and no matter what you say it won’t matter to them but you here’s my stranger’s advice, trolling and bashing are not gonna make you happy . Only miserable people can be so passionately hating people they don’t even know personally. So just find actors you love and support them, don’t go hating on others.

  16. @Joane TKEM is not a flop. If TKEM isnt actually good like y’all condemn it then it wouldn’t do well overseas but for the fact that it is doing well overseas and even SK Netflix then it isnt a flop most of y’all just aren’t used to this concept. Y’all are just so obsessed with using ratings to determine if a kdrama is a success or not which isn’t supposed to be. Overseas who cares about ratings people watch dramas for their worth and not because it has high ratings or not. It is already a Netflix hit series so what’s all the fuzz about ratings. According to flixpatrol TKEM is number 8 in top10 Netflix shows today and currently number 16 in top10 Netflix shows this year worldwide(the only kdrama to make the list). Even CLOY and IC that y’all rant about for high ratings “locally” is no where to be found on the list. All I’m saying is ratings shouldnt be used to determine the success of a how they’re other factors. How come the only articles we see are about low ratings locally why aren’t they any articles about the success globally.

    • It is not well received by the local audience in Korea. The expectation was it would get domestic ratings similar with The Heirs. The initial ratings were quite promising but due largely to the editing, controversy, and even the story itself caused the ratings to slip to single digits. Unfortunately local ratings are the basis for a drama to be called a hit.

      It is a shame since it is well received internationally and consistently topping netflix and Wayve. The drama thread is very much active which means many find the drama worth their time and thoughts.

      For me TKEM just happens to be not the ratings winner everyone expected it to be.

      Not everyone watches tv. I am one of those who follow dramas online. I just wish that online viewing be included and not just TV as a measure of success.

      • CMIIW, the reason why online viewings have yet been included as a measure of success is because the portals have yet to provide access to research firms with data or at least access to calculate their numbers.

        Netflix only provide generic numbers, nothing detailed through press releases. And it’s not even routine, they only do it for shows/movies/documentaries that are hugely successful (i.e Stranger Things and The Crown).

        The top ten list on Netflix? Say if Netflix subscribers are 1 million in Japan, they never gave out the details how many watched each movie/show on the top ten list. So, people can’t just assume that 10% are watching the no. 2 show or 5% are watching the no. 1 movie on Netflix, cause they never gave out the details.

        And I’ve been annoyed by this, but I have to say this to LMH fans because saw people still talking about this on Twitter about the drama; Netflix bought online distribution rights to TKEM. TKEM is NOT a Netflix Originals, unlike Extracurricular or Stranger Things. Thus, burden of cost (promo, branding, etc) lies largely on the network, SBS. Hence why the PPL are all Korean-made products, because it’s intended for the Korean market.

        You can say lots of negative things about Korean viewers’ lacklustre response for the drama, but the fact remains, the drama is made by Koreans and aimed for the Korean market.

    • Honestly, I watch online and even if it has online viewer, most of them didn’t even think it is the next Itaewon Class, badly thought drama to pass the time.

      Just because it’s popular in forum doesn’t make it has good quality, it just has more fans who keep replaying to each other for reassuring themselves that other people care as much .

      No, no one really care, it just one bad drama, people move on. It doesn’t have the memorability or icon like camellia, word of married or even Itaewon Class.

      • Exactly.

        For all the excuses the LMH fans gave (it’s popular online and on Netflix), there are still no buzzworthiness online about TKEM that made even the non-watchers or non-Kdrama fans know about this drama.

        Compared to KES past hits that is (DOTS, Goblin, Secret Garden).

        This year, the buzzworthy and popular dramas (meaning non-watchers/non-kdrama fans even know about them) were CLOY, TWOTM and IC.

        And somebody put out the average ratings of Stove League and other dramas on mydramalist, on those dramas went on to achieve high average ratings, way more than TKEM. Mind you those dramas were on a much smaller budget and with no to little star power.

        So, yes, for its big budget, A-lister cast, and A-lister writer, it should be considered a failure.

      • Kim Eun Sook really wrote a bad story this round and some of her “dialogues” are super boring and overused. I think maybe some of her ghost writers have left her that’s why she unable to produce a good work this round. Plus she chose lousy actors for this production. Their acting are wooden and uninspiring. I gave up watching after 3 episodes because the story is so slow and the actors are so boring until I fall asleep a few times throughout the episodes I watched. It is a total flop

  17. the only time I felt happy watching this movie is when I see Lee Gon on screen! Such a handsome face! Please come up with a movie worth watching with him as the main actor! thanks!

  18. You are one hell of an unappreciative writer.. You wrote this had a low rating but the other article said otherwise. You confuse us so much you better write something about you like rhan being biased.

  19. As Lee Min Ho’s drama after three years, TKEM is disappointing. So far, I have watched 14 episodes in 2 days. It has an interesting storyline. However, the numerous drama ads not only disrupt the flow of the story but also cause annoyance. Besides, the latter part is somehow similar to the movie Avengers:Endgame (concept of time travel). The idea of a parallel universe is also adapted from Marvel , specifically The Flash and Spider-Man.
    Moreover, I am disappointed with Jeong Tae-Ul’s character in episode 14. She managed to catch criminals and even escape from Lee Lim’s followers in the previous episodes and yet, she was easily stabbed by Luna. It might be because she was shocked after seeing her doppelganger but still… 🙁

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