Top Star Won Bin Seriously Considers 40 Billion Won Big Budget Fantasy Romance Drama Immortal But Ultimately Turns it Down

Wow, this is like the most substantive news I’ve heard around Won Bin and any potential acting comeback project in 10 years. K-ent is reporting that Won Bin will not be making his return to the screen with the K-drama Immortal, a big budget 40 billion won affair that has all the hall marks of high profile even without his involvement. Won Bin reportedly seriously considered the offer, delved into the script about an immortal man who cannot die and the woman he lives who has been reincarnated countless times in 600 years and retains her memories. I mean, this is basically Goblin (awesome) and Born Again (awful) smushed together lol.

Thankfully the production team is top notch with the PD Jung second chair in Mr. Sunshine and directed Search: WWW and the screenwriter of the terrifying horror thriller The Guest. The team has resumed its search for a male lead and it’s definitely an A-lister considering Won Bin was up for it, and in terms of budget 40 billion won is insane just for comparison recent huge budget dramas include Mr. Sunshine was 40 billion won, The King: Eternal Monarch a little over 30 billion won, Arthdal Chronicles 54 billion won, and Vagabond 25 billion won.


Top Star Won Bin Seriously Considers 40 Billion Won Big Budget Fantasy Romance Drama Immortal But Ultimately Turns it Down — 39 Comments

  1. It sounded like Black Knight. Won Bin better just do CF. The script would probably have holes the size of moon crates.

    Whoever takes this role would need to be prepared for the comparison and criticism.

  2. Perhaps he knew he’s not as good as more recent actors in the acting game to take a pass. Its been 10 years since he’s been in anything. Or maybe he’s trying to find something like Parasite…he could be a bit late. Unless Bong Joon Ho can recreate 2019 magic.

    • Lmao, i was so shocked reading the title.. and needed to take a look at the picture.

      Aigooo… but since he didnt want to comeback to big or small screen, let him be wonbon for awhile. Lols

  3. More he waits more the pressure to find a good role will grow up and more it will be difficult for him to come back.

    Just 2 years of army and actors already have a lot of pressure for their comeback role with 10 years of CF, I can’t imagine :p

  4. Btw the plot reminds me of Nanatsu No Taizai anime (Seven Deadly Sins), if it was executed properly, it would be Epic! Hoping PSJ gets offered the part.

  5. Won Bin should never call himself an actor. He should just rebrand himself as a model.

    With so little works throughout the years, I’m not sure if he is lazy or what.

    No respect for someone like him. Those working hard will earn fans respect.

    • I agree honestly, I mean a true actor would never quit acting because he doesnt find a role good enough. There is no perfect role, plus there were many memorable, critically acclaimed roles over the past years taken by others, how come they weren’t good enough for him?!
      Obviously he is happy making money out of CFs and just doesn’t bother pick an acting project. Another thing is that he set the bar so high for himself, anything he picks up will definitely disappoint.

      • He is no longer a star. Non relevant anymore.

        Don’t use “unable to find the perfect role” to justify his laziness. A true actor should learn to take on versatile roles and learn from each roles to perfect his skills. If all actors are like him, then no films can be made.

        If he thinks no roles or stories are good enough, why don’t he try to be script writers to write a role for himself? He is just plain lazy. Just be a model forever, he can still make easy money out of it.

        We should give those actors who really work hard applause. Not this Won Bin. He isn’t a star anymore, stop calling him top star. It’s insulting to other actors.

    • Does Won Bin call himself an actor or This blogger does? Get your comprehension straight I hope. WB is a celebrity. When time comes, he may be in an international movie. Never say never. He can act based on all his previous works and awards won including in international film festivals. Agree with Alexa that K-drama is probably not a good career choice at his stage now.

    • haha so funny. i mean, the actor should decide for himself whether he wants to act or doesn’t matter 1 drama every year or every 20 years.True actors doesn’t act in any drama just to stay popular. they act because they want to be part of something that they believe.true fans doesn’t mind coz the wait will be paid off when their fav actors finally come to screen with great drama

  6. The budget…!
    If they want around WB age then ji sung,LDW,JIS or GY
    if age doesn’t matter then PSJ or LJS maybe

  7. Won Bin is a wildly successful real estate manager/dealer….people here foaming at their mouth calling him a CF model and denigrating him…Modelling, that is not even his first line of income. And he hasn’t branded himself anything. He was a very good actor who left in his peak so people started treating him like this mysterious acting God. He is notoriously private. We all know, South Korea is super judgemental and nosy about its famous actors. Maybe, he doesn’t like that. Not everybody has to aspire to the same thing or even has to like the same thing. He is not obligated to work to satisfy a bunch of haters here…Lazy…sure lazy is how you become a real estate mogul…you guys need to go out and learn how real world works. That aside, he wanted to work on slice of life stuff…Lee Na Young said so, I don’t think big budget is the draw for him here. Also, big budget can fail spectacularly. I hope this production finds the right cast and hope it turns out well.

  8. Wow! There is a lot of Won Bin hate out there. Honestly I think we just need to respect his career choices. All the movies I have seen him in have just blown me away(except guns and talks, but hey everyone makes a mistake in their lives) to end with The Man from Nowwhere is not a bad choice. He can go an do so many other things. Tasheshi Kaneshiro has done the same in recent years. I will always admire Won Bin’s roles.

  9. The man’s been trying hard to ‘lie low’ for years..not his fault if Koreans aren’t willing to give up on him.

  10. If Won Bin wants to be low profile, he should just leave the entertainment industry and stop doing CF. Why is he still looking at scripts since he wants to do his own things and lead a low profile life? He has been looking at movie and drama scripts for so many years and yet still so picky that he keeps rejecting? He really thinks he is a diva; top actor? Hahaha. What a joke. Not many people like him these days. Please just disappear from the entertainment industry.

    • Yes, Won Bin should absolutely follow the advice of some nameless, salty hater he doesn’t know and stop earning money and while he is at it, leave the worldly plane and go live in the Himalayas. So that the person name “Won Bin is the Joker” can sleep well at night. He is a law abiding, tax paying citizen of a country you probably do not reside in which happens to be democracy. He can do whatever the hell he wants and you can be salty about it as long as you want by the magic of those same rights. Guys rich as hell and will continue to live a good life.

      • @Gem. Compared to other actors, this Won Bin is really “hardworking” and “respectable”. Yes, you also continue to live your life as Won Bin’ delusional fan forever.

      • He works hard in real estate and as a CF model. He has never made any proclamation about being top or anything. Its not his fault that entire South Korean general public is obsessed with him when he does literally nothing to generate that hype, he trended for a day after this news dropped in Korean web portals. And yes he is respectable. I am a fan of his work and I respect that he has chosen to not be active in acting. Before you call me delusional, take a good hard look at yourself. You are hating on a person you don’t know as if he has wronged you on personal level, there is nothing even remotely normal about your behavior. He was offered a script, he read it and didn’t want to act. So, what???

    • Won Bin doesn’t have to think he’s a top actor, he IS a top actor. Anytime he’s ready to come back, writers are gonna prepare scripts just for him. That’s how huge he is. And if Koreans still adore him…who are you to tell him to disappear?

  11. Koala – you may want to check your articles for typos. I noticed a couple – in the title and article. I’ve noticed that the more recent articles have this problem. No offense meant.?

  12. Actually there is not much news about him in major Korea media. I think the entertainment industry is not focusing much on him anymore due to his lack of works.

    There are more news about his wife than him in the recent years.

    So he is not that famous anymore as some has claimed here.

    • He’s been doing a lot in the real estate business for the past years, I believe. His other main work is the modeling (mostly magazine pictorials, followed by ad campaigns) and CFs. Amazingly, even though he hasn’t worked as an actor in over 10 years, and he’s not on variety/talk shows either, he has remained as one of the top in demand brand representatives-he still can sell products. For whatever reasons, the South Korean public are still very taken with him.

  13. somebody please get Won Bin to act again, this man is too good of an actor to not bless the screen with his presence. Won Bin is that rare unicorn where korea and all drama/movie fans will wait with bated breath for his next project or he could be like James Dean except he didn’t die, just left us with his works.

  14. I don’t understand the negativity here. Even more so since he turned down the role. Shouldn’t the production staff be releasing who accepted the role and who turned it down? It feels like they are using Won Bin’s name to drum up some interest on this project.

    How could WB or some other big star be interested when the concept isn’t even new.

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