Lee Joon and Jung So Min Confirm Breakup After 3 Years of Dating

Awwww, now I think Father is Sad. Beautiful and charming young acting and dating couple Lee Joon and Jung So Min are a couple no more. The now exes confirmed their breakup which comes after three years of dating which included Lee Joon being away for nearly two years serving in the military. They met playing a couple on weekend drama Father is Strange and parlayed that into a real romance albeit one that isn’t meant for a long term commitment. It’s alright, both are young and the breakup appears quite amicable, and ultimately it’s a 50/50 with reel to real couples so I’m just happy they seemed really happy while they dated.


Lee Joon and Jung So Min Confirm Breakup After 3 Years of Dating — 14 Comments

  1. this might be just showoff, they might be dating for publicity, so now show over they just said bye-bye as drama partners.

    • For publicity? Lee joon’s fans run away after it was announced they’re dating. They got caught by Dispatch, if weren’t for that they might be just dating under the radar. Anyway I smell Lee Joon will be a successful actor after his appearance in Netflix The Silent Sea as one of main role. He only decided to appear in drama only after they broke up, before this he only want to do dj works so he has free time to spend with Jung So Min, but if only one person staying committed to a relationship it won’t be possible to last long. Meanwhile Jung So Min is always busy with her drama back to back, it’s not her fault she prioritized her career more over a relationship, she is career-driven woman although her ongoing drama with Shin Ha Kyun is not doing so well rating-wise.

    • Why would they have dated for publicity, when the news that they were dating was made public almost half a year after the series ended?

  2. Normally I think shipping is for suckers, but…. I really loved these two together. *Sigh*

    Wishing them both the best in the future. Now I’ll just pout in the corner while I watch old clips from FIS.

  3. Maybe she doesn’t prioritise her career but since she’s always busy, while the boy is not doing anything at the moment, they spend time together lesser and lesser. Lee Joon has received many love calls after his successful drama Father Is Strange, but he enlisted eitherway, after he discharged last year, he supposed to comeback sooner with a drama just like Im Siwan, Kang Haneul but he postponed it just to give way to his relationship, but she’s always busy with dramas and career. Not her fault, not his fault too. They might fall out of love. It’s sad. Maybe they’re not compatible coming from different background, she’s from wealthy family while he’s from a broken family.

    • That’s one way to spin it. Him not taking on new projects for his relationships and her being always busy. These are unfair assumption to both of them.

      • Like it or not it’s the truth. They broke up due to busy schedules as reported in their articles. Who’s the busy one?

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  5. I like this couple but such is life. All the best to them in the future. No point speculating over who’s at fault. Better to break up before it leads to marriage rather than divorcing after marriage, worse if have kids already. Respect their decision to part amicably. Look forward to both of their future work.

  6. @Kagun

    The worst thing about publicly dating is when fan assume they know more about the couple than they do. They looked like a very sweet, compatible couple, however, not every relationship is meant to last the distance. Let’s support their decision and stop the blame game.

  7. Let’s review the facts here, Lee joon courted controversy in the military maybe that’s why when he was discharged he took up as a RJ on sbs-the same programme that up till then was recorded by jung so min.
    They’re both at a point where paying attention to their respective careers is more important than getting into a relationship.
    The good news is that the breakup seems amicable. As long as they are fine with their split, it is none of our business to put the blame on either one of them

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