Episode 5 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay Slowly Peels Back Emotional Layers and Gets 5.248% Ratings

Rather than a train journey of steady speed, tvN drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay is looking more like a car drive down the coast. At times electrifying with the astounding view and now we see a slow down of quiet contemplation. Episode 5 was a lovely interlude of sorts, bringing Kang Tae and Moon Young into each other’s personal home space, she intruding into his and him entering hers at episode in. They are the least OTP of OTPs, their childhood connection less a fated to be together but more of children not able to handle any of the heavy weight of the world tossed at them. I’m glad to see Ju Ri lose her cool and show her catty side, and of course Sang Tae continues to be the raw emotional heart of the show where everyone can try to work on their own problems but he’s limited by actual mental limitations from being autistic so we see truth through the lens of his honesty. What a wonderful drama still, so warm and jagged simulataneously.


Episode 5 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay Slowly Peels Back Emotional Layers and Gets 5.248% Ratings — 34 Comments

    • Stop using any other platforms as ur excuse to low ratings… itaewon class and cloy have those platforms too bit their ratings are very high compared to this drama… just admit the drama is bring and go. Backstreet rookie is more fun. And its because of kim yoo jung

      • 5% on cable channel is not low. Why bring BR into discussion when it is so irrelevant? BR has low rating for a public channel.

      • BR has NO COMPETITION in their time slot, is on a FREE TO AIR public channel and USES CONTROVERSY for recognition and still has below average ratings. KYJ didn’t even make the buzzworthy ranking in the premier week and JCW didn’t make the ranking in the 2nd week. They are both flops and so is their drama. Get over yourself.

      • Back Street Rookie is quite hard to stomach actually, for me.

        And I enjoy both the BSR leads normally. But just not in this drama.

        Sorry, Ji Chang-wook, and Kim Yoo-jung can do so much better, and have! but in other dramas.

      • She is only stating the fact. Not about rating. Why are you still so bitter? Regardless of the ratings, this is still a way better drama than your bias’ with much better directing, editing and acting.

      • Sss. what do you mean? Your English does not make any sense. Why can’t dramas be compared? I watch it on Netflix. I enjoy the drama in its entity. Reported ratings only pertain to the Koreans. This is an iFan website. It is too shallow if you only care about SK ratings.

      • @adyjunjihyun still mad about the King lol. @violt i dont get this kim too jung stans you know that Backstreet rookie rating are around 5-6 average ratings for the two parts and it on a public chanel i dont get where you guys think it doing better than PBIO in terms of ratings at least PBIO has buzz in Korea and internationally. Some times i think you just want to get dragged

      • Actually all y’all hating on this comment needs a recheck – I am not a hardcore fan of any of these two dramas but I clearly remember the comments section during The King’s run, where people were telling fans to not use Netflix as an excuse for not getting higher ratings. And now I’m seeing this same sentiment for IOTNBO? What’s with the double standards people? Some are even saying that Koreans aren’t watching it live bcos they’re busy etc and would rather watch it on Netflix, yet they contradicted this very same sentiment when people were saying this about The King. Eh? Eww with the double standards.

    • IF this is a healing drama, the ending should be good. Only melodramas have sad endings and I don’t think this is promoted as one. I think in the end, both leads will change especially the FL bad temper and they will have a happy ending. Just my opinion.

      • It has melodrama tag in my dramalist, they may end up in tragedy.

        I don’t see any healing so far, it’s more of an explanation from the past.

  1. I loved episode 5. I loved the very short dance scene of the ML. looking forward to episode 5. (But how i wish this is a Friday and Saturday drama since i want to sleep early on sunday).

    See you on Netflix tonight.

  2. This drama is the best drama of 2020. This is the first time I can say ratings don’t represent quality. Even with medium ratings this drama is high quality and the only drama worth watching currently.

    • This is the best drama. It’s simply perfect. It won’t be for everyone since it deals heavily in mental health issues. But it’s integral to the story line. In fact, even KT is broken, maybe even more so, than the characters diagnosed with a clinical disorder. And that’s the beauty of this show. No sugar coating—- just the painful ugly truth about mental health. Beautiful!

  3. Im sorry but this drama tries too hard to be everything – melodrama, horror, thriller, psychological drama, romance etc – but not really hitting any of those. Writing isn’t very tight and tooooo slow it’s frustrating. 6 episodes in and I still don’t know what they’re tryna accomplish. It even portrays some mental illnesses incorrectly. I’m gonna give it another try but god this is really one messed up drama.

    • i dont think its trying to be horror or thriller at all. the only time any sign of thrill is evident is when MY is having her nightmares or flashing back to her childhood and thats just the way its filmed for the suspense/dramatic aspect and to emphasise the fact she’s had a dark past. that doesn’t mean the drama is trying to make it a horror show at all. if u take away those aspects, its really just a melo-romance drama focusing on mental illness and psychology. sounds pretty specific to me. 6 episodes in and i’ve seen character development across our two leads alrdy so i’m not sure what you’re watching. to each their own.

      • I agree that the drama isn’t trying to be horror but I don’t see the character development for 6 episodes.
        We see how they are as individual and how their experience, childhood and their past shaped their world view but they haven’t changed a bit.
        Episode 5 is slow and I think it seems like stagnant in term of storytelling cause we get to see their personality and we still dealing with the past and how it affected them but for character development, I don’t think we’ve arrived yet.

      • The only character development that is acceptable for all of them is to have therapy. They’re all so messed up characters and believe me not even romance nor love is gonna heal them. They need to undergo therapy. They’re making mental illnesses look cheesy and resolvable by mere gazing-upon-each-other-endlessly scenes. They’re not just romanticizing troubled pasts, they’re trivializing the real experiences of people with these illnesses. The aesthetics of the drama are undeniably gorgeous but the story/plot is a bit unacceptable for me so far.

    • I personally love this drama but episode 5 was sloooooooow for me. Nothing happened therefore nothing progressed. The only thing I got from it was that I now dislike Ju Ri less because her tantrum made her more relatable.

      • I think the same, episode 5 is so slow and barely has something in it.

        No story is progressing and honestly, I am disappointed.

  4. I’m here for Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji. I can’t seem to find any onscreen Korean couple I enjoy watching so they are the first. They have great chemistry. His character really complements hers in this drama. This may be the first kdrama I sit through…*crossing my fingers.

  5. I am loving Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji in this drama! SYJ is killing it with her acting, beauty, and that sexy,husky voice of hers.

  6. Thank you writer nim and pd nim. Thank you actors. Thank you crew of this production. This drama is a masterpiece. Thank you.

  7. Honestly, I do not understand all of the trash talking about rating in every articles posted for It’s okay to not be okay. The poster didn’t say anything about other dramas and most comments were/are about the series and yet someone always brought in other dramas rating as a trash talking point. Good for you that your fav series is doing good, but stay out of this site if you don’t like what was posted. I just want to enjoy reading comments from other viewers and get their insight about It’s okay to not be okay.

  8. I’m loving this drama more as I watch more of it. It isn’t flawless by any means, but it is poignant and full of meaning; dark in the best of ways. As much as I love this drama, I’ll be the first to say that the ratings aren’t high for a KSH drama – the expectations were more – but this drama is turning out to be one of the more enduring ones. One that you can look back on with a high rewatch value and many iconic moments. The subject matter isn’t for everyone, especially those looking to entertainment to escape their everyday lives and don’t want to be reminded of anything heavy, which might explain the ratings. Kudos to PD, cast and crew for making this somewhat realistic and grounded drama. Peace.

  9. I like that so much focus is on the caregiver (KSH’s character). For me the title is about him. He isn’t on the spectrum like his brother. He doesn’t have a specific diagnosis like the lead female character. Yet he is very much not okay and that is okay. He’s a bit of a mess, like a lot of people during certain times of their life. I’m interested in seeing his story arc more than any other. Having said that, the actress is killing it. I liked her a lot in Lawless Lawyer so glad she got this opportunity.

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