FNC Announces AOA’s Leader Jimin is Leaving Group and Industry after Former Member Mina Alleges Decade Long Bullying From Her

The consequences are swift with this latest scandal in K-ent and hopefully the victim can start recovering and the alleged abuser can learn to be a better person going forward. FNC Entertainment announced today that AOA leader Jimin (Shin Ji Min) will be leaving the group and also leaving the entertainment industry as a whole. This comes two days after former member Mina (Kwon Min Ah) posted a series of public SNS posts alleging a decades long behavior of bullying from Jimin towards her (and only her apparently) which led to Mina suffering depression, attempted suicides, and ultimately the reason for why she left AOA last year despite loving being an idol and performing music. Jimin and the rest of AOA went to see Mina in person the night after she went public but Mina has said Jimin started off by angrily asking for a knife and threatening to kill herself as penance before ultimately apologizing, but Mina never felt the apology was sincere and still is in a lot of emotional distress. Ongoing bullying is the pain of thousands of small cuts so the healing is quite an arduous journey. I hope Mina can find happiness and comfort one day fully and not let this experience weigh her down for the rest of her life.


FNC Announces AOA’s Leader Jimin is Leaving Group and Industry after Former Member Mina Alleges Decade Long Bullying From Her — 13 Comments

  1. Nice to see the bully being outted now. We will never know the truth. Too much dirty laundry being aired is disgusting. Agency is the one to be blamed. Mina is still struggling in K-ent, maybe better for her to leave as well.

    • I thought the same , her stare is scary . Sometimes it’s true that eyes reflect the soul . Brrrrr! What a wonderful world…i’m going to listen Louis Amstrong. And i agree with @Nik both need to take care of their mental issues.

  2. My opinion won’t be popular but I think care needs to be taken on the part of both parties. The victim definitely needs to be taken of but clearly the accused is suffering from issues as well. I just hope this story doesn’t end with any further tragedy.

  3. I guess I have different opinion. I’m not sure if Jimin really abused her or not, but she was surely not treating Mina right, not based on her personality. I mean I can see Mina is a soft hearted one, she can’t be forced or screamed at, or else she would have some kind of anxiety. It’s just like parents. They have some responsibility to educate children but sometimes the way they educate children is not suitable for the children’s personality. There are some children that need a strict and tough one, and there are who are not comfortable with it and not suitable. For example if the children’s parents scolded and pressured them everyday, although there wasn’t any curses, swearing, or something like how can you be so stupid etc (so just normal scolding), but since the children felt distressed and suffocated they could feel they were emotionally abused, the parents on the other hand thought what abuse? Because I have the same experience, I am a soft hearted person so I can’t be scolded at, if I was wrong people need to explain calmly so I can accept it, but my mom almost everyday is always angry. I became depressed and I always thought she emotionally abused me, but when I told my psychiatrist about what she’d done and told my psychiatrist exactly what she said, then my psychiatrist told me to research about emotional abuse and think about did my mom really abuse me?
    In conclusion did Jimin really abuse her? Could be, could be not. Did Jimin treat her with the intent of abuse? Not sure. Did Jimin treat her excessively? Yeah sure she was.

    • still there is no excuse of bad behavior especially causing others to suffer damaged mental health issues. If perpetrator knows her behavior cause other distress, then she needs to stop. To continue means you just don’t give a damn!

    • There is a slight difference between parents and children relationships compared to peer. Almost all parents still love their their children even though they might scold them but peer have much bigger competition between each other.

    • @Nara, then I recommend you to read the Instagram posts of Mina. Instead of apologizing, Jimin went to Mina’s house and asked Mina for a knife and asked her: “If I kill myself, will that solve everything for you”. I also believe Jimin made remarks about Mina bringing the mood down, whilst Mina’s dad was dying from cancer. This goes quite a bit further than a simple scold. Samuel L Jimin is quite a mean person

    • Another aspect that works against Jimin, it seems as if multiple peers have issues with her. If we go with floating theories, the other member who left the group seems to be another “victim”. She left citing mental well-being (did not finish her contract) and her not following only Jimin on IG. And both Mina and Choa have different temperament, but both perceived Jimin’s actions (or she’s calling it leadership) in a bullying manner. Then, I’ll lean towards bullying.

    • Have you read the whole posts mina posted? And how Jimin called it “fiction”, but then apologizing. Mina answered it with another long post.

      Mina could be a soft and sensitive person. But jimin told her that mina ruined the mood when she was crying bcuz her dad was in the hospital. Jimin also forbidden mina to meet her dad for the last time and said that she wasnt professional.

      If she wasn’t why she left aoa? Sue mina.

      At first, i didnt really trust mina too i’ve learned from T-ara’s case… but then, jimin posted on her ig “fiction” then deleted it. Couple Hours later, apologizing. Just as today, she left.

  4. They both need help.

    The bully, and the abused victim.

    Google pictures of Jimin, and she seems to be anorexic

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