Park Seo Joon Parlays His Squeaky Clean Image as the Face of the 2020 South Korean Census

I’m so glad his hair grew out for this PR event because the Itaewon Class buzz cut does not project the image of a nice hardworking office worker average joe type. That’s the exact image the South Korean government was going for when it selected Park Seo Joon along with former anchorwoman Park Sung Young as the spokespersons for the 2020 Housing Census and the separate 2020 Farms, Fisheries and Forestry Census. People, go get counted because that means proper budgetary allocation for your town, city, county, province, etc. It also helps a country ascertain whether the birth rate is stable or some incentive is needed to get the youngsters to start procreating, having a lopsided aging population is quite sad for the elderly. Glad to see Park Seo Joon get a nice positive and notable selection to something very important to get done.


Park Seo Joon Parlays His Squeaky Clean Image as the Face of the 2020 South Korean Census — 17 Comments

  1. He several CFs and stuff that aims at general public in recent years, which I guess shows that he genuinely well-known among different age groups and liked by both genders. Itaewon Class was really popular among men, which is rare for dramas overall.

  2. woooow, Congratulations to Park Seo Joon for having been chosen as spokesperson for this project. Another achievement for him

  3. A great way for the Korean government to up the birth rate is to work alongside the K-entertainment industry to de-stigmatise dating and marriage amongst idols, actors and actresses. Impose huge fines or jail time for paps who want to out couples or caught taking photos of couples dating. Reward the entertainers with practical steps like employing more staff to censor malicious comments in Korean SNS. Celebrate each idol dating/marriage news with special prizes (non-monetary first). If they produce a baby before, during or after announcement, doesn’t matter, give them a gold plated certificate to show how proud the nation is for them to pro-create. Pay for their honeymoon trip to NZ or something. NZ needs international tourists, lol. If they can produce 3 kids within a marriage, reward them with a free condo or something. Change the labour laws so that agencies allow married acting couples to have time off from work to spend time with each other. The Singaporean government has also tried all sorts of ways to encourage singles to get married and not delay parenthood. Lol.

  4. I love Park Seo Joon and like all ahjummas I would love to see him settle down, get married and have lots of cute, adorable kids. Hope he would be conferred Beloved Husband and Young Father of the Nation title or something along those lines. Fighting! His career is already so red hot so that’s taken care of.

  5. Congrats PSJ! Have been following all your dramas n Yoon’s kitchen. Was so proud that you took the trouble of learning how to speak Spanish for the show.

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