Park Shin Hye Exquisite in Black and White Themed Spreads Promoting K-movie #Alive

It’s been wild in 2020 so far but some things are consistent. K-movies are still being released and I can still expect the same beautiful and expected pictorials from stars promoting said movies. It’s a given that K-movies are willing to push the envelope in the actual content but never in the promotional materials. Case in point Park Shin Hye who is out and about drumming up interest for box office topping zombie movie #Alive and yet she looks like an office lady shooting a lovely pictorial. I’m still salty at how she was wasted and probably mislead in her last drama Memories of Alhambra and thrilled she gets this recognition for #Alive but I wish her pictorials were equally more “edgy” if you get my drift. She’s so pretty and capable of so much more, ugh I need K-ent to not fail its most successful child actress turned A-list start to date.


Park Shin Hye Exquisite in Black and White Themed Spreads Promoting K-movie #Alive — 26 Comments

  1. I like Park Shin Hye but its too far-fetched to call her the most successful child-actor-turned-A-list-celebrity. That honor belongs to Moon Geun Young as per K-ent surveys go coz she is the youngest Daesang winner. Its just recently she is not so lucky with projects.

    • Park shon gyros way more successful than moon whatever you have mentioned … Park shin hey is way more popular than that other actress… give credit where it’s due

    • Although PSH isn’t among my top 10 favourite actress,but let’s call a spade a spade. You just can’t deny the fact that she’s the most popular child actress. She sure knows how to pull crowds.
      I love MGY,but her choices in recent acting projoct is underwhelming. And as for PSH,i just wish girl would challenge herself more. Her acting is nothing to write home about.

  2. Sadly, MGY did not maintain her status because of her health problems. We have to be honest that PSH is now the at top child-actor turned A-List Celebrity. Next in line are KYJ, KSH and YJG but it will be a long and rocky road for them because competition is so fierce now.

  3. I love her since she was small. Whatever she wears is fine for me. She dressed decently and its ok. But I just hope she will be partnered together in acting with Lee Min ho again

    • Flashy and edgy dresses nor extravagant roles cannot stop Shinhye’s beauty and growth to stand out.

      She’s too smart to change her style to suit her bashers. Her roles may not everyone’s cup of tea but every co stars and directors have nothing but critical praise on her character as a person.

      She’s one of the most successful actresses of her generation because of determination, hardwork and professionalism.

      • We are talking about Park Shin Hye here and some bashers and haters are comparing. Shin Hye will always be the Queen of kdrama for me and many others like it or leave it.I don’t even bother to watch anything that is not from her. People should just let her be with dressing,she is conservative in dressing and her fans love her for it haters should go support their body and butt exposed idols.

  4. PSH.,is a decent woman actress, singer, model i like the way she dressed i admire her so much for me she is the best actress,singer, model korean she is GOD GIFTED very talented actress especialy with a gold hearted person also very smart person i like all k-drama movie she make,from the very start as a child until she grown up as a woman.

      • I agree@ nilerose.i really hate when someone criticise about another beauty. We all are not perfect.then how can we judge someone beauty.i not have a problem with judgement.but iam totally against when someone judged based on looks.its totally unacceptable for me.

  5. My angel…l love her??.she is simply beautiful.l know some ppl doesn’t like her dressing.but if she is fine with that what’s the big deal??i think…
    I wonder why this update of this pictorial is late.thus pictorial was from some days ago i think

    • Psh really shocked me with her recent release bts from her upcoming drama.she looked so Badass & awesome.i really excited to it.i really have gut feeling that she will bring a new challenging role.i really hope so….fighting…..psh??

  6. I watched all the dramas & movies of #ParkShinHye & I loved them all hoping sequel in all her Dramas & Movies ?? She is worth to watch #EpitomeBeuty #PureTalented

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  8. I think her pictures were old bcoz of her hair still long. Isn’t it now she made short?.. Why make fuss about it?. Whoever made this is envious of all the achievements of PSH. Whatever… Nothing will change the more support she will get.

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