Flower of Evil Drops in Second Episode Ratings to 2.860% Despite Early Positive Reviews

Since I’ve yet to start new tvN Wed-Thurs drama Flower of Evil I can’t comment on the plot, acting, or production yet but purely on audience interest it’s not off the the right trajectory start. Episode 1 got 3.4% ratings but dropped to 2.860% in episode 2, despite audience interest and early positive reviews and commentary, not to mention popular leads Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won. This is a thriller first and melodrama second, because who really has a chance of being married to a possible psychopath who could be a serial killer but could also have learned to love you and your child together. It’s straight out of B-movie land but Lee Jun Ki’s acting just from stills alone is terrifying because if he truly is evil then viewers will have to love to hate him. Argh, ratings or not I just want something meaty to get addicted to and hope this one delivers.


Flower of Evil Drops in Second Episode Ratings to 2.860% Despite Early Positive Reviews — 13 Comments

  1. This drama has been getting good word of mouth and has been trending on naver top 10 drama search even for today. So the audience interest is there. In fact, episode 2 gets better than ep 1.

    You have to look at other aspect. This is a late night show at 10:50 PM on Wednesday-Thursday.

    If you check on Naver, many comments today from the Kentz complaining about the airing time. It’s too late for them. People have work the next day to stay up until pass 12 AM for a drama

  2. I’ve watched the two first chapters and I really liked it. It looks like Lee Jun Kilómetros is devil but I feel he was just wronged. Waiting for more chapters.

  3. It has solid competition. I mean Chip In and The Memorials are all fantastic show. In fact, Koala check Chip In out and do a review. It has Murder in Orient Express and Knives Out vibe with really strong cast. I cant even pick. This slot has 3 strong shows going head to head. I like all 3.

    • I’m loving Memorials/Into the Ring!! It’s such an enjoyable watch, I honestly don’t even bother following ratings anymore unless a drama I enjoy has such low ratings that it’s cancelled or episodes or reduced.

  4. The time slot is exactly the same with a super popular Trot show contest (on TV Chosun) which also aired every Wed/Thur and last night rating for that show was 20.8%

    Previously, K-netz had been requested for tvN to change the time slot as most think it’s too late but they decided to go ahead with that slot.

  5. usually i really care about rating if i want to watch a drama. but this is the 1st time that i don’t give a fck about rating. since the plot started solid, and i really love the idea that the couple are married. and i love the idea that the man might be a villain, but he tries so hard to provide loves for his family. this plots actually usually u will only read it in novels.and this is something i like. so I’ll follow this drama until the end. plus, I really ship the pairing. the chemistry is no joke! the visual is really compliment with each other. I can’t imagine another actor and actress to play this drama besides lee junki and moon chae won.

  6. Ep 2 gave me goosebumps. The directing and acting are both good and the mystery of his persona and people surrounding him and his past is good. I’m not into thriller and mystery and prefer the lovey dovey ones but for the love of actors I checked it out and although I wish he’s really not evil coz he’s got such a wonderful family who will be heartbroken. I hope the ratings pick up.

  7. This drama is not in direct competition of Memorials and Chip In. Even both dramas are in public tv stations yet only garnering average ratings in 2% mark.

  8. If ep 1 isn’t that good, then ep 2 gets the burns. Since ep 2 sounds like better then EP 3 will see the increase.

  9. Haven’t seen the 2nd EP yet but in some respect it reminds me of that British police drama The Fall with Gillian Anderson and that guy in 50 Shades of Grey (sorry, forgot his name).

  10. I just watched episode 1 and I think it’s a strong pilot. I like the premise and I think both leads play off well each other and have good chemistry.
    I think it’s on late night slot because of the subject. I don’t condone murder but he’s hot, anyhow I’m keeping my expectations- there’s no way he can get away in a drama like this – so I Guess he will die as an ending..But there’s so much potential for stakes, emotions etc
    I have been starting and dropping dramas recently –
    This drama ticks my box at the moment, I hope it’s good!

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