Record of Youth Records Another Ratings Increase to 7.823% in Episode 4 as Hye Joon Gets His First Acting Break

I continue to enjoy tvN Mon-Tues drama Record of Youth but am rather intrigued by the steady ratings increase. It’s gone up in every episode so far and this Tuesday’s episode 4 hit 7.823%. It’s slow and sincere and I enjoy watching male lead Hye Joon, his family and their individual interactions, and the friendship development of the OTP. But there isn’t a strong hook in this drama which makes sense since it is slice-of-life and other than the strong acting from Park Bo Gum and his family cast members the rest are all just doing just good enough. It’s like one half is in Answer Me 1988 and the other half is just…..there. Episode 4 got Hye Joon’s foot in the acting door (yay!) and a lot of adorable and slow simmering interaction between the leads. I like them more as friends/confidantes than romantically (so far) and it’s nice to spend an hour watching Hye Joon and Jung Ah make incremental progress in their dreams.


Record of Youth Records Another Ratings Increase to 7.823% in Episode 4 as Hye Joon Gets His First Acting Break — 18 Comments

  1. When PBG was in character (that last few mins), it was so golden. Such evil eyes- what a transformation from his good eyes. Reminded me of how good he is! WOW.

  2. You have got to admit, the guy has the midas touch when it comes to ratings.He is like Park Shin Hye.No matter what people say about their acting, script choices, or the drama productions they appear in yada yada. They have yet to appear in a production that underperformed in ratings??‍♀️.

    I am not watching this but I just wanted to say am impressed. Four episodes in, on a weekday and the drama is in 6% – 7% range.Not to mrntion, its target audience is probably 20-45 and more and more people are tuning in to watch on tv instead of watching online.

  3. Honestly nothing happened in ep 4. But PBG as a gangster is really something lol. I prefer chemistry between PBG and his family more than PBG with PSD so this ep kinda bored me. Its doesnt make sense, how could PSD acted so normal in front of her bias. Looks like every drama need a PD like Shin wonho who can teach every detail about the character to his actors.

    • Yes, I agree. PD Shin Wonho is really amazing in explaining including the smallest details to his actors their characters. That even the bad actors or newbies can be really good on his dramas. Here, in ROY, even the supporting actors have no connection with the audience. Like you can just skip their scenes. I canmt even watch the moms scenes because it is so overdone. The makeup for PBG’s was so beautifully done while the other male lead’s mom is just your cliche stage mom. They should have casted another FL, PSD is great in movies but she is not just a leading lady material in dramas. Anyway, the drama is doing great as to ratings. I believe it’s all because of PBG, and not because of the story or anyone else.

      • Oh I enjoyed sa hyejon’s mom scene and hyejon’s family. It will be good if they just focus with this family. I guess its hard to find a great actress in their twenty. PSD acting is natural but I just want her to put more feeling. She kept putting a big wall between her and PBG, so its hard to see their chemistry. Lol let’s be honest, if we take Park bogum out of this drama, we wont watch it. Sure the rating will drop.

    • I actually don’t mind Jeong Ha acting normal in front of her bias, it makes sense for her character. She’s a pragmatic 20something adult with a job, not a teenage girl – even her fangirling looks like the moderate ‘look at his pictures’ sort, not the ‘follow him around to every schedule’ sort.

  4. PBG is really likeable. I Guess that’s where the ratings touch is. But the drama…is seriously boring. I get what you mean. It’s almost like the boring version of answer me 1998 and I mean the really boring version. They need to up the story and stakes a little. It’s like watching 1 hour of basically nothing. But he’s very likeable.

    • It’s really only saved by the acting, I like it but I see why some say it’s boring. The direction and visuals seem very…static and lacking in energy, for lack of another word. Like they shoot the family scenes in a very boring way, there’s no dynamism in the shots at all.

  5. But dramas are so boring but

    For ROY, you feel bored watching every scene and may end up fast forwarding however you find yourself rooting for Hae Joon and the Grandpa. Thus the rating. And, the quality this drama is more like a family drama than a primetime drama. That is not too bad at all because as a family drama, many can relate thus the rating.

    DYLB is a depressing drama. I don’t think it’s more interesting than ROY but the chemistry of the leads is better. I am rooting for the romance than the characters quest to chase for their dreams.

    These two drama are very similar and both dramas have leads who are depressed and, and both it’s mainly about chasing ones dream. It is just one is about music and the other about acting.

  6. I like this drama. It’s pretty slow but I like the FL and ML’s interactions. I really like PBG and PSD in their role. I found the story taking place in the model – actor’s world prety interesting.

  7. watching For Park Bo Gum. Park So Dam acting is so… is already Ep 4 but i still cant feel her. They should have chosen another Female lead.

  8. Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam do not have romantic chemistry. they look like siblings

    Parl So showing mediocre acting. Shes making the drama less watchable
    Replace Park So Dam. shes useless.

  9. Yup, I would have to agree that PBG is hard carrying this drama. I usually don’t mind PSD but her characterization is so bland. At least in Cinderella her character had spunk…here her character is so underwhelming. The short movie filming scene with PBG was electrifying. I wanted to watch that movie instead of RoY. I really want PBG to play edgy characters like in I Remember You. He has the acting chops. He really made a lasting impression on me in that show and he wasn’t even the lead. Hopefully he’ll pick a real meaty role after his military service.

  10. RoY is picking up steam now everywhere else!!! It’s just 4 eps so far and I am sure there will be more of the 2 in the coming episodes coz Bogummy so far is running the show!!(just my own bias) I am sure the other two will pick up soon as they both have their own storyline where their dreams are to be realized too!! Fighting for the 3!!!

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