FeeLM Poll for Best Drama CP of the Year Goes to Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo Joo in Happiness But Everyone Loves Yoo Ah In and the Death Angel in Hellbound Making the List

Opinions are just that, subjective and definitely not meant to be taken so seriously that one gets offended by an opinion that is different. I never take myself seriously, what I like today can even be different tomorrow lol. This week South Korean entertainment website FeeLM released the results of a reader poll on Best Drama Couple of 2021 and the picks run the gamut from understandable to lulz for different reasons. Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo Joo in Happiness was the top OTP for their natural chemistry and slice-of-life interactions albeit in a zombie apocalypse. I don’t get it but apparently it was done and done well. Next came Song Kang and Han So Hee in Nevertheless to which I say lots of sex and sexual tension does not a healthy relationship make. Song Kang also makes the list twice later in the 4th spot in Navillera with his veteran costar Park In Hwan which is adorbs. Anyhoo, the third spot is period cuties Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si in Youth of May, basically doing period romance with no controversy and plenty of criticism of that era. Fifth comes Lee Ji Ah and Park Eun Seok in Penthouse 2 but my (and everyone’s favorite) selection was Yoo Ah In and a Death Angel in Hellbound for the 6th spot. And last but not least, 7th rounds out with Yoo Yeon Seok and Shin Hyun Bin in Hospital Playlist 2. If we’re going for non-canon CPs in a drama this year, I’ll throw in Song Joong Ki and Ingazhi in Vincenzo, Shin Mina and Hermes bags in Hometown Cha Cha Cha, and Ahn Hyo Seob and his there one moment gone the next moment “blindness” in Lovers of the Red Sky.

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It’s Okay Not to be Okay and The King: Eternal Monarch Remain Most Watched K-dramas Worldwide on Netflix in 2020 as of December

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Record of Youth Ends with 8.740% in Episode 16 and Confirms Point of Entire Drama was Mocumentary Military Send off for Park Bo Gum

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tvN Mon-Tues Drama Record of Youth Heads into Finale Week Succeeding the Most with Impressive Guest Stars and Veteran Casting Coups

This Mon-Tues wraps up Record of Youth and during the drama airing male lead Park Bo Gum has reportedly finished his basic training already en route to enlisting in the Navy. He hard carried this drama but there was still … Continue reading

Episode 14 of Record of Youth Brings in 7.772% Ratings with Surprise Cameo of Choi Soo Jung and Hye Joon Moping About His Success

We’re one week away from the final two episodes of Record of Youth and it can’t happen fast enough for me. This drama is both treading water and on its last breath in sincere narrative development, I’m grasping at straws … Continue reading

Record of Youth Episode 13 Gets 7.760% Ratings But the Relationships Stagnate in Career and Life Complications

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Episode 12 of Record of Youth Has Slight Ratings Drop to 7.798% as Hye Joon and Jung Ah Grow Farther Apart and She Spends More Time With Hae Hyo

I don’t have second male lead syndrome in Record of Youth but episode 12 totally made me ship Hae Hyo and Jung Ah at the end of the episode. It helps that Byun Woo Seok finally broke out and emoted … Continue reading