Gong Myung and Kwak Si Yang Confirmed to Join Sageuk Drama Hong Chun Gi with Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob

I didn’t know the casting wasn’t “confirmed” confirmed until this week since the whole cast has been filming already. But here goes, alongside leads Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob in sageuk romance Hong Chun Gi, the drama will have Gong Myung as the other line in the love triangle with Kwak Si Yang playing the antagonist to the bunch of young pretties. Gong Myung and Kwak Si Yang’s characters are both royal princes, either half-siblings or maybe uncle-nephew who knows those darn Joseon rulers with their ridiculously complicated progeny lines. I love this cast though am sad to see Kwak Si Yang playing bad, but I hope this is the last time and he can go back to being the Daddiest Hot Daddy Bodyguard type of all time like he did in Alice.


Gong Myung and Kwak Si Yang Confirmed to Join Sageuk Drama Hong Chun Gi with Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob — 24 Comments

  1. What an attractive, beautiful cast ❤️ I’m still confused, was the video we saw them actually filming or was it test or practice or rehearsal shoots or costume filming or all of the above? Are they officially filming, filming?
    Regardless, I’m so excited for my girl! I miss her and I hope this time around the script will be better. I hope they focus on her character.

  2. Yes i have a feeling this drama will b really good becoz i heard some snippets of the novel it was interesting and different
    Just m not sure abt leads chemistry hope they prove me wrong
    All the best for our girls drama

  3. I think this one has more chance to attract better ratings than Moon River because of the source material (novel writer of TMETS) , the PD (MLFTS) , Yoo Jung (Saeguk Veteran) and of course SBS (consistent top rater among Big 3).

    Nevertheless, whatever happens. I hope for both of the girls future successes.

    • Ehhh.. Both Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung are sageuk veterans tho, So Hyun is known as “Goddess of Historical Dramas” while Yoo Jung is “Sageuk Fairy”.
      I get what you mean with acclaimed writers/PDs attracting more attention, but if there’s anything I learned this year is that you can’t predict a drama’s success based on the writer/PD, as even the most popular ones ended up with mediocre ratings.
      Also, it doesn’t have to be a competition unless both dramas will air on the exact same timeslot. Both can be successful dramas, it doesn’t have to be only one.
      Sorry, I hope my comment doesn’t come off like I’m arguing. I’m not, I’m really just tired of all the comparisons between the two girls, and people mentioning Yoo Jung’s name in So Hyun articles and vice versa which always ends up with nasty fanwars. In the Moon Rising Over the River post, there’s no fanwars so far (hopefully will stay that way), because no one mentioned Yoo Jung.
      I’m speaking generally here.

      Anyway, wishing the best for both dramas to do well!

    • It is up to you if I am bringing up fan wars. I am just stating the obvious. HCG has all the factors to be a hit while Moon River depends on its output and a little bit of luck.

      • @myrrana

        I honestly don’t see anything wrong with your post, it’s a decent, well-thought out, innocent observation. It shouldn’t lead to fan wars unless some bored people wants to play around haha I agree, this drama has a leg up over the other drama due to novel writer and renowned director. The historical era in the other drama is what makes it unique and special. I’m nevertheless excited for both dramas 🙂

        I agree, both girls are sageuk, veteran queens! I would love for them both to be in a historical drama together as equal female leads and that they will both have their own love lines and no love triangles haha

      • Frankyly speaking HCG definately has a better storyline hope it is executed well as well

        But due to this our girl will have less scope to showcase her acting ability

        Whereas kimsohyun character looks really badass and will have a lot to deliver actingwise becoz plot is ok for me

        If she delivers well i think this drama will definately give her a strong footing as an excellent critically acclaimed actress

        HCG has many characters which r interesting so our girl will not b the only focus of the drama
        Wheras kimsohyun drama is definately revolving around her

        Dont know abt rating but hope both girls get fame and appreciation for their hardwork

      • @myrrana I didn’t say that you’re inciting fanwars, I’m just saying your comment will attract toxic crazies to start the comparison again. Like Laura said, your comment is a well-thought out observation, but let’s be honest, the crazies will just see the mention of So Hyun’s name and they’ll start comparing again. Nothing wrong with discussions about the two girls, but you know how some people here are lol

        @Laura Yes, I want a drama with them together too, centering about friendship. Now that would be super great ?

      • @Ana Those are some good points I couldn’t agree more. Hoping for both HCG and Moon River to do well. Fighting ❤️

      • @ana

        Oooh have you read the entire HCG novel? I saw some translated parts online and so far it’s interesting and a delight to read, I hope they translated it well on screen. It’s pretty funny how hard she tries to find tigers so she can paint them, she’s very dedicated also it’s funny that ML falls off a tree onto FL haha

        I know that moon rising river is also based on a novel and only loosely based off the folklore, so I wonder what the novel is like, I don’t see any translated parts online :/

      • @teamsunob
        I think @myranna was referring to @habibi and not to you when talking about fan wars haha

        Enemies then become friends who teams up and take down all of their foes, that would be a marvel to watch! Girl power!

      • @Laura Oh I see, my bad lol. It’s all good then ?

        @myrrana Sorry for the misunderstanding, the comment section here can be so confusing lol

    • even both dramas is sageuk, but the genre was completely different. HCG is more to light sageuk, while RWTMR is more to heavy sagruk. HCG plots is more to heavily fantasy romance, while RWTMR is more to heavily political. but which type of sageuk dramas that korean usually prefer more? heavily romance or heavily political? well, i don’t know. i do think that HCG has more popular factors than RWTMR. they have popular pd (who doesn’t know my love from the star), popular best seller novel, and popular cast, and SBS (SBS is the king of ratings nowadays). while i also do think that the RWTMR is being the underdog here coz the pd and the novel writer is not as popular as HCG, and airing in KBS. but reading the reviews for the Princess Pyeonggang novels, all the reviews are positive, which make the RWTMR also has so much potential. we also need to consider the timeslot. the one that airing in the weekends might have higher rating than the obe that airing in the weekdays. so it’s actually hard to tell which dramas is better. but nevertheless, hope both can have successful outcomes.

  4. I am a sucker for royal brother since Saeguk hardly has one. Let the angst come.

    I wish they can have love story like yingluo and fuheng from Yanxi Palace, let’s cuts our hearts up.

  5. Waow, my eyes will be happy, they all are very handsome/beautiful 🙂

    Kwak Si Yang deserves better than Alice! I hope his character will have a better storyline.

  6. Hope this peace continues and we can enjoy the drama of both girls without any burden of indifference and dislike

    Wish both kims an excellent year ahead and successful careers

    • IKR! I must admit I was kinda sad when I first read about the casting news bec HCG was one of the projects i really want for KSH. And then she got the role of pyeonggang which is equally kick ass character! So a win win for both girls! Kim sisters fighting!

  7. If HCG will be ratings success, I hope that it will catapult Yoo Jung to stardom. Same level as PBG. It is so maddening that people see PBG as a bigger star tha KYJ after LITM.

  8. Just hope the misfortune of moonlight doesnt happen again

    Even the male lead of HCG had a hit drama and with HCG it will b a boost to his career

    Whereas our girls last drama was domestically not a success so i hope this drama definately focus more on her character so she can get credit for her acting and not left behind again

    Hope not only rating but our girl also gets recognised for her worth in this drama

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