Collection of the Tallest K-actors in 2020 for Your Viewing Pleasure

I’ve watched K-dramas for so many years I’m almost inured to how insanely good looking the actors are and many who have equal talent to boot as well. Recently two dramas had me doing double takes and marveling at how those actors really filled up the screen with their height in ways that captivated my attention more than before. I’ve always dated tall guys and Mr. Koala is nearly 5’11” but I think anyone taller than me personally would be fine. As actors, I find any actor over 6′ really commanding onscreen and over 5’10” is plenty enough height to use that as an asset when acting. With that said, 6’2″ Nam Joo Hyuk went FULL VISUAL in Start-Up, it started when he dressed up to pretend to be letter Nam Do San and then the last four episodes his glow up after the time jump had me totally giggling like a school girl he was so ridiculously good looking.

On Kairos, Shin Sung Rok and Ahn Bo Hyun are killing it in their roles but their equal 6’2″ height makes their antagonist conflict so equally powerful onscreen that wouldn’t work nearly as well if they weren’t so tall together. So I decided to do a full assembly of the tallest K-actors working right now and capped it at 6’2″ because there is already over a dozen that height and taller, since there is like 2 dozen more in the 6’1″ and 6′ category. The tallest three are 6’4″ tall Kwang Soo, Lee Ki Woo, and Yoon Kyung Sang, then comes 6’3″ Ro Woon, and finally all those tall dudes below the jump. Among the group the only two I couldn’t believe were 6’2″ were Ahn Hyo Seop and Joo Ji Hoon, both are models when they debuted but for some reason (maybe because they are so skinny) they don’t seem that tall.

Tallest K-actors:

6’4″ – Kwang Soo, Lee Ki Woo, Yoon Kyun Sang
6’3″ – Ro Woon
6’2″ – Lee Min Ho, Jo In Sung, Nam Joo Hyuk, Joo Ji Hoon, Kim Woo Bin, Shin Sung Rok, Ji Hyun Woo, Lee Jae Wook, Ahn Bo Hyun, Byun Woo Seok, Ahn Hyo Seop, Lee Tae Hwan, Cha Seung Won, Kwak Si Yang, Jung Woo Sung

As for other actors who seem really tall onscreen but not as tall as those guys above:

Gong Yoo is 6′ (he seems taller)
A bunch of 6’1″ guys include: Park Seo Joon, Joo Won, Hyun Bin, Im Joo Hwan, Ji Soo, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jong Seok, and Kang Dong Won


Collection of the Tallest K-actors in 2020 for Your Viewing Pleasure — 20 Comments

  1. Damn! There are so many tall Korean actors over 6ft. Somehow, I expect Chinese actors to have more taller actor, but they don’t look that tall in comparison to Kactor. I need a list for Chinese actors too.

    • Yes, Park Seojoon is not just about height, but also balance and great proportions. Also the way he handles and presents himself he always have that feeling that he is taller and more commanding, than even guys, who actually taller than him in reality.

  2. At least actors’ height are more reliable than idols right? ?
    Well at least for the ones who used to be a model, I won’t doubt it.

  3. It’s hard to be so tall. A lot of tall people are kinda clumsy or bad to move their body or dance. The position is very important too. They can bend too much their shoulders.

    In Korea, the set of furniture must be low for them like kitchen plan… Poor of them!

  4. Thank you, Mz. Koala for this viewing pleasure. It’s nice to be tall. It’s also hard to date or to be married to a tall guy for a petite woman. Oh, all the pain from high heals I had to and still have to wear just coz my hubby is as tall and looks like Cha Seung Wong. Poor Korean actresses who are, probably, not much taller than me. It’s hard to kiss, to gaze in your acting partner eyes, your legs look too short compared to his when you walk by his side. I know their pain all to well. Hehe.

  5. Park Hyung-sik is 6 ft too and he looked even taller when paired with Park Bo-young because she’s so tiny LOL their height difference was adorable.

  6. Jang Ki Yong is missing from this list, he is 187cm. Echo to @lil, I would like to see a list for Chinese actors too. I like Simon Gong (185cm) and Aaron Deng (187cm), and possibly a lot more very tall handsome C-actors whom I don’t know as I am new to the watch…

    • There are so many tall Chinese actors these days who are really good looking.

      Let me list some:

      Lin Yi (1.88m – check Put Your Head on My Shoulder), Huang Junjie (1.85m), Arthur Chen (1.88m), Liu Haoran (1.84m), Cheng Yi (1.81m), Zheng Yecheng (1.8), Hu Yitian (1.88m), Song Weilong (1.85m), Xu Kaicheng (1.87m), Xu Kai (1.87m), Yang Yang (1.8m), Ryan Ding (1.83) and of course Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo

  7. Must be a pain to shoot because most actresses or good actresses are with height less than 1.7m and I think 1.7m is also SK average height The male ideal height range should be between 1.75cm to 1.80cm which is still above SK average height but not too much.

  8. Shin Sung Rok and Ahn Bo Hyun confrontation scenes in Kairos are fire. I agree that it’s more powerful because they are equally tall. I think Shin Sung Rok adjusted his online height, he looks taller than Ahn Bo Hyun when they stand in one frame.

  9. When kactor says he is 6 foot tall, I believe because they look every inch of that height. C actor and HK actor, i will always minus 3 inches or more. When they say 6 feet, more like 5 feet 8 inches the most. Because if they are 6 feet, then k actors who say they are 6 feet must be 6 foot 3 inches or more.

  10. I had to google the heights since almost the entire world uses metric system now. In my community (work, family, acquaintances) only heights from 6’3″ (around 190cm) are truly noticed as tall for males. Maybe 30 years ago that would be tall but not anymore. And height nothing is something people fawning over. It is more about how they are built, how they look like or what they wear.

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