First Official Stills from Sageuk Drama Moon Rising Over the River with Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo

Kyaaaaaa, I’m so excited, the drama still drop was so unexpected and looks sooooo pretty! The first official stills are out for early 2021 sageuk drama Moon Rising Over the River, re-telling the folk tale of Ondal the fool and Goryeo Princess Pyeonggang also known as the weeping princess. I love that this version turns her into a warrior princess and female lead Kim So Hyun’s intensity and visual sharpness really captivates the attention even in a still picture. I’m less confident that male lead Ji Soo, who is really talented but his last sageuk appearance in Moon Lovers was a clear stretch for him. We also get a first peek at supporting leads Lee Ji Hoon and Choi Yu Hwa and they look great, especially Lee Ji Hoon who continues to impress me when he plays layered baddies as he did in Legend of the Blue Sea and Dinner Mate.


First Official Stills from Sageuk Drama Moon Rising Over the River with Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo — 43 Comments

  1. OMO, OMG, the visuals! I always love girl-power fueled drama. I looked at her character photo-still and I can’t believe it’s actually her, I almost thought it was a different actress, it gives me a different feel from her past works. I’m intrigued! I’m still wary of the screen writer of the drama, but I’m mighty impressed with what I see so far, and the costumes! It’s gorgeous. Why can most historical dramas be featured in this era? I’m surprise we are given goodies this early since it won’t come out until March, but I’m not complaining haha

      • I’m sure she will do wonderful, I’ve always enjoyed her performances no matter how mediocre the scripts are!

    • The screen writer is not totally lackluster. Almost of his dramas fared well in ratings. Maybe the PD can help him with filling in his weaknesses because the PD is the one behind The King Maker and Taegukgi.

      • Ratings isn’t what made me enjoy the drama but the writing but I hope that it achieves success in both haha

    • @Laura Absolutely agree! Kim So Hyun is indeed such a versatile actress, she can be angelic/innocent, then turn into a badass in a snap! Totally different vibes from her past characters! So Hyun is definitely born to play this kind of roles, she’s such a queen! Super excited for this!

    • I’m wary because of the writer and also the whole ‘Ji Soo in a sageuk’ thing (I love him as an actor but even I admit he wasn’t good at the sageuk diction in Moon Lovers, but he can emote well so there is that).

      But Kim So Hyun always delivers. Even when I think the drama is whatever, she’s never given a bad performance.

  2. Kim sohyun looks badass and i love it. I really hope she does great in this one, as a follow through drama to further solidify her main female lead status.

    And oh my goodness, Lee Jihoon looks so amazing. I cant squel enough even though that still is the most boring pic in these set. ive seen countles of these types of profile from historical/wuxia dramas but its making me so excited.

    I like jisoo, but he does have shaky performances, so i am going in shipping lee JiHoon.

  3. Kim So Hyun is literally the best and most versatile among her peers. She can play any characters flawlessly.

    Anyways, when she is going to sign with Culture Depot?

  4. Queen!!! Err princess lol.
    That gaze alone, wow!
    I have been a fan since Missing you, but she still continuously shocked/surprised by her every new project. The versatility!!!??????

    • I honestly wouldn’t have that expectation, the only female lead character in a korean drama that I watched that remained strong almost from beginning to end this year was in Mystic Pop-Up Bar but even then in parts of episode 16, she started to be uncharacteristically weepy haha

      • hahahhha.. just no more like her character in Ruler, then i’m all good.. even KSH herself feel so frustrated that her character doing nothing…

      • I honestly couldn’t finish ruler, the story was written so poorly and it was so dull in certain areas. I only watched the highlights of the drama on YouTube… I watched the kissing scenes, the kissing scene by the shores at nighttime was so passionate haha

  5. I want kneel down and worship her. That gaze, piercing into my bone. I got goose boom the first time i saw it. Kyaaaa… >< I really like their costume and the cinematography too is amazing.

    I'am surprise that they give us teaser early, but i am not compline ehe

    Is there any news about her new agency?

  6. Lee Ji Hoon has more male lead vibes already. Ji Soo needs to work to keep his ML status up. If Ji Soo can’t perform well, Lee Ji Hoon will easily overshadow him.

    • i think that’s because of he is a general, which make him stood out as much as the male lead, while jisoo was made as a fool, which is unusual for a male lead character. but nevertheless, i believe with the male lead and female lead’s ability and chemistry

  7. My only hope for this one is to achieve ratings like Ruler but not the critical reviews. Maybe this is a good script because KHN cannot surrender this drama eventhough his character is only a support.

    • while I’m hoping that if this drama doesn’t really follow the history, i hope that the knetz don’t bash it too much. hope they give the chance to this drama.

  8. Speechless! Look how gorgeous and badass she looks, so charismatic! Just like the comment above me, I want to kneel down in front of her, pledge my allegiance to her and worship her! She’s the only Queen for me, I simp only for her ?
    This fanboy is excited as hell! Bring it on my queen! ?

  9. im literally throwing away all my pessimistic thoughts until the drama has started. every drama writer has their own point of breakthroughs so far, i believe in the power of the production team who will create a nice balance in the drama, and kim so hyun who will definitely bring justice to her warrior princess role. seeing the stills, she gives me a zhao li ying’s princess agent vibes. indeed, a versatile actress! as expected, kim so hyun’s acting prowess and regal aura domination!! fighting river where the moon rises!

  10. Was not expecting to be this blown away by KSH at first glance despite being a huge fan! If looks could kill this would be that look!

  11. Hi Ana,

    I know you are a KYJ fan. I also wish for success of HCG. Our girls are in a roll. They keep snatching these starrer dramas as such a young age. They are truly the best of their gen. And thanfully, they are friends in real life. I remember So Hyun admiring Yoo Jung so much and considers her as her sunbae.

  12. Oh it looks good! KSH looks fiercy!

    Lee Ji Hoon looks handsome and charismatic, I already feel like I felt in Rookie Historian. I don’t think Ji Soo has the charisma for a lead role. In When I Was The Most Beautiful, he was more like a second lead role.

  13. wow.. s talk korean media really like to give title of sageuk empress to anybody, huh? previously they also gave sohyun the title of sageuk empress, now this same media also gave yoojung this title.. lol… hope this will not become issues both fandom if they want to use this title for both artists. coz both yoojung and sohyun can share the title. peace ✌️ (i know some fans can be triggered easily if we called we used the same title fir other person)

    link of sohyun being sageuk empress

    link of yoojung being sageuk

    • They are both Segeuk Veterans and they deserve the title as “Segeuk Empress” I wish the peace continues and immature fans of both fandoms won’t fanwar over this. Merry Christmas in advance ?

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