K-ent Insider Discloses All Reporters Know Which Celebs are Secretly Dating But Cannot Get Photo Evidence Like Dispatch Does so Cannot Report on It

Korean entertainment online news journal Dispatch News Group has made of a name for itself thanks to breaking celebrity dating news the most and frequently on New Year’s Day to make it almost like an annual thing to wonder which unlikely or surprise couple will get outed. This week an anonymous K-ent reporter shared the background of celeb dating reporting in the industry. It’s common and widely known among all entertainment reporters which celebs and stars are secretly dating, but Dispatch is the most skilled at getting photographic evidence of couples on a date therefore they end up with the breaking scoop. Reporters will not break dating news without picture proof and that’s always been the protocol in K-ent. I figured as much but it does really make it so juicy to know that there is an underbelly of relationship news that is known but cannot be made public.


K-ent Insider Discloses All Reporters Know Which Celebs are Secretly Dating But Cannot Get Photo Evidence Like Dispatch Does so Cannot Report on It — 24 Comments

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  2. Er, Dispatch seems “good at gathering evidence” because they have deals with the celebs to “expose” their relationships. Whenever celebs want to go public with something, they approach Dispatch to break the news or they set up “photoshoots” where it looks like Dispatch is taking private pics of them from afar. All of whatever you see about couples are orchestrated and pre-planned by the couple and Dispatch, from the pics they choose down to the dates they are released. They can’t just “gather evidence” and start publishing it cos Korea has ridiculously serious defamation/libel laws. You can get sued even if what you’ve said is true. This is not hollywood papparazi.

    Also, of course there’s a huge amount of couples who aren’t revealed to the public lol. Not everyone wants to have their relationship be public. There are many celebs who date and marry quietly, which shows that it is entirely possible to date on the downlow, so it makes you wonder why certain people always can’t or don’t seem to want to [date privately].

    • I get it what u are saying but I don’t think that’s always true..There are many exceptions. Remember what happened with Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk case..They were just coincidentally at that place but dispatch insisted they were dating..I think same thing happened with Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Insung when they just went out with their friends..
      Also , i don’t remember the exact celebrities (maybe PSH and CTJ).. but Dispatch reported the couple were dating.However, the parties denied and then dispatch released few more convincing pics . Hence the pair finally had to admit..It makes me wonder if Dispatch really did that with actor’s consent why would they deny in the first place only to see more intimate pictures plastered on internet..
      Last December, there were pics abt a Girls generation member Taeyon and another idol ..It was published by Joy news .. However,the rumours were denied…
      If you ask me,I think maybe the bigger names like the recent Hyun Bin and Son Yejin case, they have a better control over the narrative of the dating news but idols and other actors , dispatch don’t give a damn.. Honestly, i don’t get it that why would an idol willingly want to publicize his/her dating news when they have to sell their single image to fans.

      • It is ALWAYS true. NOTHING goes unpublished without the stars’ permission or knowledge. Nothing. I repeat – This is not Hollywood paparazzi and Korea’s defamation laws are BRUTAL. Which is why everything in K-ent is orchestrated to a T and nothing you see is really organic or unnatural.

        I’m too lazy to go into details of all your examples. But sometimes, dating news are put out and then denied because they were put out for a different reason – either one or both parties need to be seen with each other for some behind-the-scenes reason, or noise marketing – these sorts of news help quell gay/lesbian rumours. It works very well, as naive kdrama/kpop fans ALWAYS believe whatever they read/see without questioning it. Plus most international fans don’t read or understand Korean well and translations are usually not accurate, and are usually not in the know with alot of the “tea” that is spilt on Korean forums.

        Also, sometimes you will see a cock-up of sorts where there are obviously pics but one or both sides are denying, this is usually because there were things behind the scenes that fell through. Either one party or several chose to rescind their part or were not informed of the deal, as sometimes the entertainment company of one half of the couple went ahead with the details but not the other.

      • @Ezra, thank you for your insights. You sound like an insider like Lydia who works in the Korean entertainment industry. Based on what @binjinmoneymakers said below, I have to re-think this couple Hyun Bin-Son Ye Jin whether their relationship is fake or real. They love to be in the limelight together so much to shoot a lovey-dovey ad for V-Day compared to other low-key couples like Shin Mina and Kim Woo Bin.

    • Biggest Dispatch couple HB & SYJ are raking in the big dosh AFTER their dating news broke. They shot an ad for a wireless communications Filipino company released on Valentines’ Day (refer to Soompi article & a fan corrected the date of ad being shot). Their fans are hoping media would leave them alone. However, this couple seems like PR media whore by playing up their relationship to make more money for themselves. The pleas of privacy from their fans are so hollow and hypocritical – they are rich famous enough, don’t need the money or the publicity, leave them alone.

      • Oops..seems like someone is quite butthurt because a couple is making money..BTW Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were signed last year by the company BEFORE they confirmed..
        You are acting like they are the first couple to do so and ur hatred is jumping throughout the roof..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..
        Kim So Yeon ,her then bf did..
        Ji sung -LBY , Rain and KTH..etc..they all have joint cfs..And let’s not forget Kim Woo Bin also joined Shin Minah’s agency..I don’t think if you can call that keeping low..It just so happened that Hyun Bin and SYJ had a blockbuster drama together and that’s why the hype is huge..
        Did you forget abt songsong who used to appear in each other’s fan meet??..Either way , celebs would always cater to fan-service and act according to their comfort..The schools need to be opened.

  3. Blackmailing is the main sorce of revenue for this tabloid press… Those informations are sold to the management company or the victims for money… Sometimes they Press will leak a “rumor” to strengthen the news value. Depending on how the public reacts, the price of that information will be value accordingly.

    They only reveal the ones that are ready to go public or to sabotage another party. That is how the industry works…

  4. arent these celebs dating?

    Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young
    Ji Chang wook and Kim Ji Won
    Lee Min ho and Kim Go Eun
    Nam Joo Hyuk and Bae Suzy

  5. I know what Koala means=
    The celebrity I follow, lived in a closed residential complex with other stars also as neighbours. My fellow friends-fans, who sommetimes went to see the building and hoping to catch a glimpse of **’s car passing, said there were always reporters sitting in vehicles in fornt of the gate and waiting for some star to leave the parking lot.
    They even spoke to fans and told them they knew who is currently dating, but as the other person is a non-celebrity for exapmle, there is no much use of that information.

  6. This reminds me of BM from the idol group K.A.R.D mentioning in his podcast that managers and hair stylists and make-up artists know that idol singers are in a relationship because they can see into their phone screens while they’re prepping up said idol singer. They’re the people who divulge the dating scoop to the tabloid papers.

  7. in country (not to mentioned)start or public figure alway open about dating btween star.and fan will support freely.they always share the pic on socmed and fan are happy to see their stars happy and some artis keep it low

  8. Hahaha. Koala is clever to drop this article on Valentine’s Day. My crystal ball is telling me that some other secret dating couples may be outed this year after Hyun Bin-Son Ye Jin. I’m expecting a secret marriage + baby news from a low key couple. It will catch people completely off-guard. Lol.

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