Legendary HK Actor Ng Man-tat Passes Away From Liver Cancer at 70 Years Old

HK movie fans will forever link actor Ng Man-tat with comedic actor-director Stephen Chow and it’s probably both a blessing and a curse for both. The legendary supporting actor passed away today in Hong Kong at the age of 70 years old, in the hospital since earlier in the month due to rapid deterioration from liver cancer that he had been battling for years. Ng Man-tat’s nearly 40 year acting career spanned TVB dramas to his most well-known comedic foil to superstar Stephen Chow’s long list of silly movies in the 1990’s heyday of HK film. I devoured all those movies and the nonsensical banter between the two coupled with agile physical comedy was a hallmark and their last collaboration together was the hit comedy Shaolin Soccer in 2001 before a reported professionally and personal falling out. Ng Man-tat continued to act in many more movies and his passing was mourned by all in the industry. I will remember his uncle routine fondly and treasure the memories of enjoying those movies perfect for family watching growing up.


Legendary HK Actor Ng Man-tat Passes Away From Liver Cancer at 70 Years Old — 9 Comments

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  2. I grew up watching him and Stephen Chow in some of my favorite comedies. I still watch the Saint of Gamblers series and Fight Back to School series to this day. RIP.

  3. I grew up watching HK movies and TVB dramas. No matter how silly Chonw Sing Chi movies are, the remain watchable until today and always provide good laughs. Ng Man Tat is a very familar face for me, being an avid HK movie fans and it’s such a great loss to HK cinemas.

  4. R.I.P to my favorite actor. He’s a comedy legend and will always be miss. A part of my childhood growing up. From Shaolin Soccer, King of Comic and many mores.

    • A legend he is and is also a part of my childhood too. He’ll forever be remembered with all the talented actors he had collaborate with. From Stephen Chow, Andy Lau, to other actors like Nicky Wu, and many more.

  5. He’s a legend. I grew up watching his movies.. From collaboration Bo Bo Ho, Andi Lau and surely Stephen Chow… His most memorable movies for me is King pf Beggar with Stephen Chow..when I watched it in big cinema with my family..

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