Na In Woo to Appear Immediately in Episode 7 of River Where the Moon Rises After Filming All Weekend

Honestly this was a win-win proposition and perhaps the only losers are viewers hoping for a actor better at, well, acting. Na In Woo has stepped in for the disgraced Ji Soo as the male lead of River Where the Moon Rises to play the fake fool Ondal. He was supposed to show up starting in next week’s episode 9 onward but will now show up immediately this week starting with episode 7 on Monday. That means all Ji Soo scenes will be cut and that’s good for KBS as I can’t see any domestic viewers tuning in to watch a drama that still has scenes of a confessed school bully and maybe sexual assaulter as well.

I say Na In Woo’s casting is a win-win because he just came from a highly rated sageuk in Queen Cheorin and is still a rising actor so this opportunity to play a high profile male lead with still 2/3 of the drama left is a no brainer. Established actors are either booked or won’t accept a replacement role so this is probably the best KBS can do. As much as I wanted to toss his entire Lurch Self over the cliff in Queen Cheorin, half was it was due to how annoying Byung In was in his self-proclaimed grand love for So Young, and here at least he’s playing the Kim Jung Hyun type character – a fool in public but a smart kind guy inside. The first stills of him in character are out and while his smiling pics look nice the one on the left when he’s all serious making me flashback to total Byung In douchiness ahhhhhhh! *mind scrub!* Can we all agree to hand the entire drama over to Lee Ji Hoon, pretty please KBS?


Na In Woo to Appear Immediately in Episode 7 of River Where the Moon Rises After Filming All Weekend — 19 Comments

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  2. God, poor Kim So-hyun. I cannot imagine how exhausted she must be as KBS2 did not even bother giving a broadcasting break. And I thought production would be more complicated given the pandemic, but they’re resorting to live-shooting?! This is horrible for the cast and the crew.

    • Right? I saw her photos from love alarm2 press conference, she looks soooooooo tired. Cant imagine the staff and crew too. Jisoo is trash human being, I hope he dont ever comeback to TV, his fans too better to sh*t up

      • Although So Hyun is so gorgeous in her outfit and hair for today’s LAS2 press conference, the makeup cannot hide that she’s actually really tired and she’s somehow pale. I heard that they filmed yesterday for 16 hrs straight. She’s also a university student in real life. I can’t imagine how she can handle everything. I hope she doesn’t get sick.

      • @Haeki Right? I see a lot of Jisoo fans whining about the recasting saying, “I’m NoT wAtChInG tHe DrAmA aNyMoRe” lmao as if their opinions matter. KNetz like the casting of Na In Woo and as K-audince are the ones who will bring in the ratings, if they approve of Na In Woo, that’s all that matters lol

    • She’s also busy promoting Love Alarm Season 2. I can’t imagine how tired she must feel and all the cast and crew of RWTMR 🥺

    • Yes, she must be hella tired not just physically but emotionally too since she had to reshoot emotional scenes and that must be super draining. My poor baby girl, sigh…

  3. Mistakes committed sometimes especially teenage days, ask yourselves and be honest.JESUS CHRIST died on the CROSS because of our Sins, the more sever sinner Jesus forgives, repentance with in you(heart and mind) we can weight from bad and good.A Past Mistakes. Just ask Ourselves if until this very minute in our lives did we committ mistakes?. This is a very hard lessons for Ji Soo but if you ask me if i still watch his drama/shows in the future? My answer is a very big “YES”. Advice to ALL YOUNG and Aspiring to enter in Politics, actors, actress especially in Public please talk all the persons concerned whatever past you have. Thank you. ❤❤❤

    • The matter of forgiveness is left for God as for us human s we should condemned and punish the people who do bad and evil acts so no one would dare do the same as for you if you want to forgive you can you are free to do what ever you want, but we are going to say wrong to what is wrong and punish the evil and the bad if even by a word.

    • Yes, I made mistakes all the time even when I was little, and I received punishment for the mistakes that I made. However, the mistakes I made never involving hurting or abusing another person physically or mentally. So there is no excuse no regardless of your age to be a decent human.

  4. I want to salute Na In Woo for bravely stepping in for Ondal’s role. He might not be a very good actor but I know that he will improve with experience seeing how passionate he is for again, accepting this role. I will support this drama for the hardwork of the cast and the staffs. I hope they can rest well after the drama ends. RWTMR Fighting 🥰

  5. Historical dramas are harder to shoot than modern dramas and poor sso had to shoot this all again. And also all those controversy must have took a toll on her. After this drama, I hope she takes a huge break to heal from all this.

    • Btw, did you guys know that “Let’s Fight Ghost” which was KSH’s drama in 2016 has a Thai remake. They also had remake “School 2015”. Just want to share 😊

      • Ops it was meant to be an independent comment not a reply. HAHA WHY IS IT HERE THOUGH?

  6. School 2015 also has a chinese remake.Now that you mentioned let’s fight ghost, I wish sohyun next drama will be rom-com.

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