Lee Jae Wook, Rookie Actress Park Hye Eun, and Idol Actor Minhyun Sign on for Hong Sisters Upcoming Fantasy Drama Return

The Hong Sisters are starting the casting process for their new fantasy romance drama and it’s a lot of newer faces and still rising stars. The male lead will be Lee Jae Wook, who is fantastic but hasn’t really hit yet after being elevated last year to male lead status. Joining in are two relative rookies, female lead Park Hye Eun made her debut in the Netflix drama The School Nurse Files and the other male lead is Minhyun of NUEST who I confess to having a soft spot over but he’s not exactly knocking my socks off with his acting debut (so far). The drama is tentatively titled Return (not to be confused with the cop drama a few years back) and deals with wizards and witches with powers over the weather and spirits. It will be directed by the PD of Because This is Our First Life and Why Secretary Kim and scheduled to air on tvN.


Lee Jae Wook, Rookie Actress Park Hye Eun, and Idol Actor Minhyun Sign on for Hong Sisters Upcoming Fantasy Drama Return — 16 Comments

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  2. Is this the first time rookies got casted on a Hong Sister’s drama? They must’ve got no choice. Famous actors and actresses are fully book. Jae Wook is a good actor but I’m not really sure about the rest of the cast especially these idols turned actors. Btw Oh my Girl’s Arin is casted on this drama too as 2nd FL.

    • No. They were looking for new faces all along for this drama. The leads has always been meant to be in their late teens early 20s. Its fans speculation that said Song Hye Gyo and Lee Jong Seok were offered this and that went viral.

      • SHK and LJS were offered a Hong Sisters drama but it was never this one. Though it is true they were always looking for fresh faces for this drama which was originally meant to be 4 episodes but now I’m not sure.

      • Oh is that so, I’m surprised knowing Hong Sisters previous dramas line up had famous actors and actresses starred in after all. It’s refreshing to see new faces. They must’ve cast these idols as second leads for some additional buzz perhaps.

  3. Lol well at least bulk of the production cost won’t go to the cast, they can spend on good CGI. But all rookies main cast though… good luck

      • International fans know Song Kang from Love Alarm and Lee Do Hyun in Hotel Del Luna. They’re pretty popular before starring on sweet home.

      • Aren’t Hong Sisters contracted to deliver dramas for TVN? If this one’s exclusively for an OTT platform then I guess it’s fine lol wasn’t aware Sweet Home was popular but it was based on a popular webtoon so it already had a “fanbase” of some sorts

  4. I’m happy with the news of Lee Jae Wook (did he sign in a new agency?) and PHS. LJW was good in second role. DDSSLLS was bad but it was mainly the writting. PHS looks super young and LJW looks older than his age, so I wonder how they wil look together. I’m less happy with the second leads. The last drama of Minhyun was pretty boring and his acting didn’t help.

    • lee jae wook is great…he has such promising future and i’m actually enjoyed DDSSLLS.Both the lead make such a sweet couple. I would like to give a try for this drama but they cast idol for second lead.i prefer for actor and actress in this drama.

    • Fantasy is so few in kdrama land. So many lawyers, doctors, serial killers, and romcoms.

      I would love more fantasy in kdramas. In fact, I would prefer that they go all out and change things up a bit instead of some things here or there.

      • Adding, fantasy could be a sub genre of the ones I listed and it would definitely make it interesting.

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