Jung So Min’s Eyes Open and Covered Present Different Auras in First Stills From tvN Drama Alchemy of Souls Along with New Teaser for Second Male Lead Minhyun

Additional goodies dropped this weekend for upcoming tvN fantasy sageuk Alchemy of Souls, the Korean title is Return and I’ve also earlier seen it called Soul Marriage. I love love love the English title, literary and unique and actually captures the central plot of the drama – that souls from a previous life come back again and create complications. The first teasers were of leads Jung So Min and Lee Jae Wook, and with the drama set in a fictional historical realm the clothing and visuals were much less traditional in vibe, with none of the Joseon formality or the earlier era such as Goryeo/Silla/Baekjae diversity or the Gorguyeo more rustic look. The new teaser with second male lead Minhyun (Hwang Min Hyun) has me LOLing because he’s straight up got his modern day short hair like whut? I mean, it’s shot in a very pretty dramatic way like the other two teasers but now I have to get ready for anything goes in this drama construct I guess.

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Jung So Min and Lee Jae Wook Tease a Fantastical Broody Ancient World in First Look at tvN Drama Return From the Hong Sisters

The first teasers are out for upcoming tvN fantasy period drama Return, which I’ve also seen called Soul Marriage, and it looks beautiful and broody beyond belief. Starring Jung So Min and Lee Jae Wook, this drama made headlines first … Continue reading

K-netizens Think Upcoming Hong Sisters Fantasy Sageuk Drama Return is a Hot Mess After Leading Lady Swap to Jung So Min and Demotion of Oh My Girl’s Arin from Second Female Lead Down to 8th Spot

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Rookie Actress Park Hye Eun Fired From Upcoming Hong Sisters Fantasy Drama Return Reportedly Due to Poor Acting, Jung So Min Courted to Replace Her Immediately

Well this is certainly a rarity in K-drama but clearly stuff really went off the rails during filming. Rookie actress Park Hye Eun (but she uses Park Hae Eun on her own SNS account) has been fired from the currently … Continue reading

SBS drama Return and tvN Drama Mr. Sunshine Currently Tops 2018 Drama Ratings for Network and Cable

There is still three months left in 2018 and plenty can change in the drama ratings ranks but so far the tally remains comparatively low ratings for network dramas while cable continues to impress with how strong it is airing … Continue reading