SBS Releases Eye-catching Pictures of Lovers of the Red Sky Leads Kim Yoo Jung, Ahn Hyo Seob, and Gong Myung During Chuseok Off Week

Clearly I’m in withdrawal lol, and excuse my grasping at whatever straws/goodies are out for SBS Mon-Tues sageuk Lovers of the Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi). That the drama has overcome tons of doubts – Ahn Hyo Seob‘s sageuk acting concerns, the top billing brouhaha, and the general “will it work” questions about the fantasy with palace intrigue combo – that it feels even more deserving of love from the viewers tuning in. The young leads are really good enough to credit them for part of the drama’s success, it’s not solely due to the script and directing, and the veterans and elders don’t have enough screen time to carry it on their impeccable acting alone. So it’s really that indelible chemistry and charisma of the leads in bringing each character to life and interacting well in the varying one-on-one scenes. Kim Yoo Jung for me is the sweet heart of this trio, she brings a different zing depending on which male lead she’s doing a scene with and it just works so well.


SBS Releases Eye-catching Pictures of Lovers of the Red Sky Leads Kim Yoo Jung, Ahn Hyo Seob, and Gong Myung During Chuseok Off Week — 42 Comments

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  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama.

    No word to describe how I feel about it other than I sincerely enjoy every second of it. The trio leads are amazing.

    Listening to Baekhyun’s “Is It Me?” On repeat, recalling the horseride scene of Ha Ram and Chun Gi while waiting for next week’s episodes.

    • I really love the drama so much. I love the chemistry between the 3 leads. Kim Yoo Jung is really beautiful. She is indeed the Saguek Fairy. She is so stunning in hanbok. Gong Myung looks so handsome in the hanbok. Ahn Hyo Seop has an awesome body and handsome too. Kim Yoo Jung’s talent is remarkable. Love her so much

  3. This drama is really a unique sageuk.
    The mix of genres worked so well in my taste. I hope the drama keeps increasing ratings. They deserved so much love as the story, acting, and everything is really my type of drama. Way to go Hong Chun Gi team!

  4. This drama is fantasy + romance which is both my fav genre.
    Everyone doing a great job.
    I want yoojung to choose a negative role for her next role(psycho).
    She always want to try something new and I think she will play this character like no other(as always).

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  6. This drama really gave interesting storyline.
    I keep thinking that Haram will get his eyesight back, leaving Chun Gi blind again. Can’t wait to see their fate unfolding more in the next episodes!

    • Same! I need more, more of the beautiful storytelling, breathtaking visuals, calming music, heartwarming poems and emotions, portrayed by the actors flawlessly. It’s a drama where you don’t want to skip a single scene!

    • Like how this fantasy drama incorporates the art of traditional Korean painting – the techniques, skills, what is valued.
      Definetely, this is a well executed fantasy drama.

  7. “This drama is so beautiful and sooo beautifully written…. All the actors/actresses are doing an incredible job in portraying their characters effortlessly…I’m soo impressed with the flow, cinematography and storytelling”
    I agree with this!

    • Its really a great.. love story writing is a wonderful.. all the characters doing their best job but not enough for Mon & Tue, i’m can’t waiting to see the episode 7
      ?? from Malaysia

  8. I feel regret that it is not shown on Netflix (Netflix and iQIYI will definitely buy it but not now because VIU and VIKI are exclusively broadcasting at the same time in Korea). If it was shown on a major platform like Netflix, how much more powerful would you think the drama would be.
    In our country, people are crazy about this drama right now. Almost all the large and small fan pages are introducing it with constant frequency. At first, I thought I wouldn’t be suitable to watch this genre but when I saw how popular it was, and I was also free due to social distancing, I tried watching the first 2 episodes and then….I went crazy to find out about the ending of the main couple. I’m afraid they can’t HE together. I cried like crazy on ep6 and couldn’t wait 2 weeks to watch ep7.
    I am most impressed with the female lead, and I am really surprised that she is only 22 years old? 22 years old??? Are you kidding me? “Forgive me, the lady! the first time I saw her picture, I thought she’s idol in girl group.”
    She is acting, drawing, and expressing emotions through her eyes. The way she looks at Haram in ep2 and ep6 is completely different.
    Omg I’m crazy, how can they act without shedding a single tear but make me so madly heartbroken :(((( poor my weak heart.

    • I agree, if it was on Netflix it would probably have a bigger international audience but they’re doing quite well even as they are.

      And yeah, Kim Yoo Jung turned 22 today, and she’s been this good since she was under 12! (that’s not a typo). She’s been known as the ‘sageuk fairy’ for years because she’s that good at acting in this rather demanding genre of dramas ever since she was a little kid.

  9. Count me as another one who’s completely charmed by this drama so far! Sageuk fantasy is a genre I love but dramas that do it well aren’t that common so I’m really loving it so far cause I have NO idea what’s going to happen! Just catching up to episode 6 and loving both the intrigue and the swoon, and agreed on the acting of the young leads. Ahn Hyo Seob hasn’t always been the best in the past but this is a big improvement, I’ll give credit where credit is due cause it’s not easy to pull it off in a sageuk. But he has great chemistry with Kim Yoo Jung, and that’s what really makes it (this is where I remember he was initially cast as her ML in that cleaning drama but had to drop out after she fell ill and had to have surgery – good to see the casting gods smiled on this pair once more).

    And ofc Kim Yoo Jung herself is fantastic as always, koala is right that none of the characters is being carried by the writing but that’s particularly true for Chun Gi, in the hands of a lesser actress she would just come across as some insipid sageuk Candy but KYJ plays her in a way that brings her to life not just as a person but as an artist (love all the highlighting of traditional paintings in the drama, they’re beautiful!). Fingers crossed it stays good and the ratings go up…

  10. I adore chun gi’s buddies too! A special ep pls showing how they developed their cute and deep friendship 🙂 as long as she has her 2 bros i know she can overcome anything!

    • Annoying one and Long Face (as Chun Gi herself calls them) are such good bros to her, I love how they’re supportive of each other and hope the two guys do well as painters too 🙂

  11. Let me tell you why I’m here. My mother has been nagging me for not downloading LOTRS ep 7 for her watching. But I swear to God, from Tuesday until today I have reloaded dramacool many times every day but their latest episode is only in episode 6.
    My mother even complained them for being slow and inefficient ??? she also requested this drama should be transferred to Netflix for support.?
    I couldn’t stand it today and yes here’s the reason: they didn’t air the new episode in Korea this week due to the Mid-Autumn Festival.
    “Mom, how can it be my fault when Koreans celebrate their holiday for so long????” ?

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