Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Release Radiantly Happy Wedding Pictorial and Ties the Knot Today March 31st in Seoul

Goals. That’s it. I can’t muster up too much more beyond these two are reel and real goals in visuals and life match. Today on March 31, 2022, top Korean stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin got married in a lavish private ceremony in Seoul surrounded by family and friends. They claimed to have fallen in love filming mega hit K-drama Crash Landing on You and started dating thereafter, but keen eyes suggest they fell in love even earlier on the movie Negotiation and CLOY was just one long love story on screen as the couple got paid to date and made a fantastic romance drama for the world. Teasing aside, it doesn’t matter when they fell for each other, the world fell for them as a couple on CLOY and their real life romance added that star magic sparkle to audiences as a cherry on top. Congrats to the newlyweds and please please be happy and give the world BinJin babies to watch grow up.


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Release Radiantly Happy Wedding Pictorial and Ties the Knot Today March 31st in Seoul — 30 Comments

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  2. Oh my I actually gasped. They look so cute and happy! Hyun Bin is as handsome as ever and Son Ye Jin is radiantly happy. I assume these are prenuptial shoot and not from the actual ceremony? I want to see her actual dress.

    Congrats to the happy couple ?

  3. Goosebumps!! Wasn’t prepared for how happy they’d look in their wedding pics! lol Those brilliant big smiles are priceless! 😀 So happy for them that they get to live their own fairytale outside of k-dramas. Wishing them a blissful married life!

  4. I love her choice of dresses, both accentuate her toned upper body. What I would give to have collar bone & shoulders like SYJ’s! HB is dashing as always. Congrats to the blissfully happy couple!

  5. Oh, wow, literally these two are radiant w/ so much joy and happiness. They just felt right. I know I don’t need to say this as it’s obvious, but they are so beautiful together. Congrats and continue to love each other!!

  6. Congratulations to the happy couple.

    I don’t even know them but I am grinning fit to burst. I know they are actors and do magazine shoots but those megawatt smiles ain’t nothing like the smiles I’ve seen before.

    Wishing them a lots of happiness and omg- please please please some babies. Or is asking them to have kids too ahjumma-like? Ah who cares. They are gorgeous and look so happy.

  7. I knew from the beginning that this two would be an end-game since they were both are at that matured age to actually publicly acknowledged their relationship.

    Happy for them. They seem to be very well-matched. SYJ’s sunny personality definitely compliments HB’s shy and reserved persona.

  8. Love the first photo. Absolute perfection. SYJ looked amazing. I wonder what her actual wedding gown looked like.

    There doesn’t seem to be any details leaked about the private wedding.

  9. Congratulations to these two beautiful people. May their married life be filled with love and warmth and a couple of binjin babies. So happy for these two.

  10. I didn’t watch CLOY, so i wasn’t excited as their fans but i may say that they are glowing of happiness, and especially Son Ye Jin who is glowing . Wish them the best and a long life together .

  11. They are so beautiful together! I love their smiles and outfits. HB is looking super handsome and tall all in white with no bow tie. And SYJ is bursting with happiness. Super cute.

  12. This is probably the one and only real-life couple that I’ve ever shipped or will EVER ship, as I’m not into stuff like that. But the on and off screen chemistry between these two were too hard to ignore, first in Negotiation then in CLOY. I could really feel something was going on, even amidst their denials, and lo and behold, they confirmed their relationship and are now married! Be happy forever, BinJin!

  13. They look so beautiful! Are they the only Reel-to-Real couple in K-Ent that successfully ended up in the altar?
    Their shipper fans are the luckiest to witness this transition. I wish to see the reel couple that I stan to end up like them.

    • They’re definitely not the only reel-to-real couple in SK, but they’re definitely one of, if not the most, famous S-tier couple to wed. Song-Song could’ve challenged them for that title but even if they had stayed together, I think the general public respects and adores BinJin more because of their similar visuals, career, reputation and age. CLOY’s worldwide impact is also remarkable since it wasn’t just Asia that became obsessed with it. Their relationship journey is also unique lol from meeting at a random awards show years ago to now, it’s bonkers how far they’ve come.

      • True, Cloy was a global hit. But then, there was no Netflix yet when DOTS became a hit in Asia. CLOY’s advantage was Netflix and was shown at the start of the worldwide Pandemic lockdown.

      • Meh at someone above that always brings pandemic into it. Look at Squid Game and how popular it is. If the drama is success then it’s a success. No need to try too hard to downplay its success.

  14. Just what skincare are they using? SYJ always looked so youthful and doesnt look like she has botox treatment (no stiff face). Both of them are glowing.

  15. I don’t always agree with gowns, especially not the over-detailed, overkill birthday cake ones. Dislike ribbons and frills too.

    Her cleancut sleeveless gown and hairdo is so befitting of her overall girlish frame. Elegant but does NOT age, or overwhelm.
    And they kept it so simple, with NO over-decking of gems too.(I like SHG, but her wedding gown and hairdo was unfortunate)

    Hair also very suitable nice. (Sometimes you see quite matronly dos, or fussy ones which don’t suit their frame. Ha Ji-won comes to mind in some instances. And you wonder why – you guys have all the opportunities to experiment, try diff looks, know what works best … and you still chose THIS?! WHY?!!!

    Very Nice! The radiating happiness is a joy too. All the Best of a beautiful life journey together filled with much laughter and adventures

  16. Wow, these photos are beautiful. They both look joyous and Son Ye-Jin is radiant with happiness.

    I’m surprised she didn’t wear Valentino for her day-of dress. Usually brand ambassadors wear the brand they endorse for their big day.

  17. I loved these prenup pics. Not only because they both look really gorgeous and is radiating so much happiness but also because they don’t look “posed”. It looks natural and just shows how much in love they are. Wishing their marriage life all good and happy things.

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