Jung So Min’s Eyes Open and Covered Present Different Auras in First Stills From tvN Drama Alchemy of Souls Along with New Teaser for Second Male Lead Minhyun

Additional goodies dropped this weekend for upcoming tvN fantasy sageuk Alchemy of Souls, the Korean title is Return and I’ve also earlier seen it called Soul Marriage. I love love love the English title, literary and unique and actually captures the central plot of the drama – that souls from a previous life come back again and create complications. The first teasers were of leads Jung So Min and Lee Jae Wook, and with the drama set in a fictional historical realm the clothing and visuals were much less traditional in vibe, with none of the Joseon formality or the earlier era such as Goryeo/Silla/Baekjae diversity or the Gorguyeo more rustic look. The new teaser with second male lead Minhyun (Hwang Min Hyun) has me LOLing because he’s straight up got his modern day short hair like whut? I mean, it’s shot in a very pretty dramatic way like the other two teasers but now I have to get ready for anything goes in this drama construct I guess.

Teaser for Alchemy of Souls:


Jung So Min’s Eyes Open and Covered Present Different Auras in First Stills From tvN Drama Alchemy of Souls Along with New Teaser for Second Male Lead Minhyun — 13 Comments

  1. I love Somin on the screen. Not sure about LJW and the rest of the cast. I just finished Secret Royal Inspector & Joy. I must say Taec really surprised me in a light sageuk and I love it. I now must re-watch Vincenzo to see him in a new light. Thank drama gods for showing this on Netflix along with Little Women and Minamdang. I’m all ready with my soju and fried chicken for the second half of 2022.

  2. That kind of hairstyle is impossible unless the fictional realm has no confucianism. Cutting the hair is a sin towards parents.

  3. @nara, thanks for the historical info. I was wondering why Taec’s character cut off the top-knot of the evil Chief Scholar’s hair in Secret Royal Inspector. Now I realized the huge significance of keeping long hair for Korean men and women in that era. It’s like a national humiliation or public castration to cut off a man’s top knot. This Hong sisters fantasy sageuk will probably rile up some k-netizens lol with its reimagined scenarios.

  4. Please don’t become Joseon Exorcist 2.0. Any similarities linked to historical c-dramas will kick up a stink with knetz.

  5. Big mooyoung jinkang fan. can’t believe I’ll be watching them same week for 2 months. juseyo cameo in each other drama again. drooling over her poses and his minam coats/suits.

    • They share big screen in Project Wolf Hunting soon. Btw the still cuts are gorgeous from our Deokyi and Hanjoon.

  6. So excited for this drama of #JungSoMin, my one and only favorite korean actress. I love her acting as she is very versatile and she has great chemistry with all her leading men and for sure she has good chemistry with LeeJaeWook.

  7. Funny how that annoying-ass emoji username commenter who’s always being insufferable in every comment section (you all know who I’m talking about lol) doesn’t call out the apologist behavior of rabid SYJ stans, she only calls out KSH/AHS stans for being “rabid” and “horny”
    Hmm… Something tells me that it’s not the fans’ apologist behavior and rabidness that she hates, she just really hates those actors lol
    And how much y’all wanna bet that she’s a typical obnoxious twitter feminist who turns a blind eye to women’s bad behavior but so quick to call out men for having an imperfect personal life? lmao 🤡

  8. I am looking forward to Jung So Min in this action drama. Hope to see her martial art skills. She has a flexible body and ferocious expressions.

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