Kim Jung Hyun to Make Comeback in Grim Reaper on Vacation Drama Season of Kkok Du

Okay, is this like a K-drama inspired Meet Joe Black, which is itself inspired by Death Takes a Holiday? Because that works but please stay away from anything resembling Doom at Your Service (One Day, Destruction Came to My Door). A K-drama is in the works called Season of Kkok Du, telling the tale of a Grim Reaper who must take a break every 99 years (to avoid burn out (haha) down there in Hell I guess) and spent 49 days with the humans. The drama has Kkok Du’s latest vacation inhabiting the body of a man and ends up being controlled/bossed around by a female doctor. So it is kinda like Death at Your Service, heh, but hopefully with less mumbo jumbo and more smexy Death as your personal servant. The drama has offered the male lead to Kim Jung Hyun who is positively considering, and would mark his comeback after his March 2021 scandal which also involved ex-girlfriend Seo Ye Ji who is herself already making a comeback even earlier with May 2022 drama Eve. I hope he accepts and shows with years and more projects under his belt that what happened on the set of Time was a one-off bad behavior and will never happen again to affect his costars and production team members.


Kim Jung Hyun to Make Comeback in Grim Reaper on Vacation Drama Season of Kkok Du — 35 Comments

  1. Omg, women will always be the driving force of patriarchy. You can write a fair article for this dude. But it’s syj that should cower and stop her job?
    Then again you may just have never liked her from the beginning.

    • shut up, she’s the one who manipulated him. She deserve the hate.

      If there’s one thing that her fans fail to do, it would be to mind their own business. Go camp around her article instead, at least that would be less annoying for others.

      Oh, and that’s the least you can do considering she got a major attitude issue after all

      • @Kai…Here we go again. LOL major attitude right? Nope you’re the one here with the attitude and telling others to shut up and to buzz off. Eve’s premiere on May 25th check it out on TvN; subbed on Viu and Viki in selected regions.

      • Haha I know right. I’m really curious about how these feminists’ way of thinking works. Like, after seeing SYJ’s text messages, do they really think those are okay? Do they justify what she did in their minds by convincing themselves that it’s because she’s a “victim of the patriarchy”? Or maybe they convince themselves that maybe KJH somehow deserves to be gaslit and mentally abused like that? I’m genuinely curious because they don’t seem to think that SYJ did anything wrong at all. They’re as bad as oppalogists to me lol

        Just to be clear, not a fan of Kim jung Hyun, and what he did to seohyun was really bad, like, I was getting secondhand embarrassment watching the Time presscon footage lol
        But what he did was nowhere near as bad as what she did. Plus I respect him for owning up to it and apologizing without the usual blaming of other people. He could’ve dragged SYJ in his apology and blame her, seeing as she’s already hated by everyone, but he didn’t.
        IDK, I just feel like everytime a woman is (rightly) criticized, feminists always have to pull the feminism card and blame the patriarchy instead of thinking critically if the woman in question is deserving of the criticism or not. Not all feminists tho, of course

      • @Hobi..Yes she is hated however she is still in demand as an ‘actress’ and that is something that you all have to get over. Like a private text convo from 2 years earlier that got leaked to Dickpatch on February 12th and the countless hate/allegations/rumoured articles that were generated should have truly buried her as an actress and cancelled her outright. TvN & Studio dragon had ample time till November 20th first day of shooting to replace her but they didn’t. That says a lot.

      • @goodluckon
        Kim Jung Hyun did nothing to Seo Ye Ji, he didn’t compel her to be horrible person to him or anybody else, when this scandal broke, pile on came from every direction for her even from her roommates in Spain who were tricked into paying for her expenses and never got their money back as per reports. Patriarchy would have prevented her comeback in this situation. Take the temporary L, thank God cause she is getting a comeback shot and stop dragging her into unnecessary conversations.

      • @GEM – The whole spanish debacle disappeared as soon as it was raised. That idiot that posted deleted their post. No name and actual references was given. No receipts just photos of her time in Spain. So where are they? Give your name, time you spent in Spain, your bank statement to prove the deductions and any emails sent to prove your claim. Funny how they waited until 2021 to drop these allegations yet YJ has been around since 2013 but they couldn’t provide actual proof.

    • Enough with the patriarchy b*llshit, she has an upcoming drama even after all the mess, so STFU and stop crying.
      Tired of all the mention of this damn woman in every damn Kim jung hyun and Kim seon ho article.
      You know who’s the real victim of patriarchy? People like yoon eun hye, jennie of blackpink and nancy of momoland (criticized for, gasp, having a resting b*tch face), sulli and goo hara.
      Now f*ck off with trying so hard to victimize this woman, who, I repeat, has an upcoming project and will most likely have more in the future, FFS

  2. He needs a really good actress to make an interesting match and make this comeback a hit.

    He only had one legit hit and it’s thanks to Shin Hye Sun.

  3. Out of all the “cancelled” k-celebs, I only like this guy and I think he very much deserves a comeback. very talented guy and was on his way to becoming an a-list when he had the mistake of getting out of his agency, then his agency had to throw him under the bus.
    He already apologized, the Shigan production team already forgave him, Seohyun already forgave him, angel that she is (she even said something like, before being an actor, he’s a person first, which is very eloquently said and something everyone seems to forget when talking about celebs), so I don’t really see an issue about him coming back.
    Don’t like SYJ at all, never did, and I think her only claim to fame is playing a role that’s a feminists’ wet dream lol. Don’t like Kim Seon Ho either, he’s not a bad actor, but his fanbase turned me off of him.

    *prepares to be yelled at by the extreme SYJ and KSH stans*

    • @No Orange no need to yell at you -you’re entitled to your opinion; obviously you haven’t seen YJ in the drama ‘Save me’ but that’s okay.

      • @Shana Haha fake sunshine for days…Guess you can’t go to ALL K POOP cos her articles don’t trend like they did last year when every single one was Hating on her. This blog just loves to name drop for clicks and regardless I don’t comment unless I see her name pop up. Don’t bring YJ fans into this; they’re not desperados like me to watch this space when all the antis are allowed to comment. They’re too busy getting hyped up for Eve.

    • @Orange

      Ditto. Not his fan either. But he doesn’t piss me off like the other two whose obnoxious fandoms have made it impossible to like or root for them. Good luck to this guy in his career.

      • @tulip i have. Its not great. Go worship her in her theead plse. Shes as overrated as blackpink and her fans are as annoying and toxic as that group’s as well (recently polled the worst kpop fan base lol). Yuck.

      • Sorry @tulip. My comment was directed at the fake sunshine for days. More like when it rains it pours with her fans

  4. I don’t really like him as an actor, but I do think he was mentally unwell during Time, and they accepted his apology. He seemed to keep it professional on other sets, so hopefully he does the same going forward. This is the month of the comeback, I guess, but I’m fine with all three doing so since they were more personal issues.

  5. i think koala should do a lot more posts about him cuz this will increase the traffic to her blog .

    Apart from KJH fans, SYJ fans also love to click on any post with his name 🌝

    The obsession level that they had towards KJH is amazing tho. If I were to hate a person, I would have avoid anything that relates to that person but not for SYJ’s fans I guess cuz they’re obviously abnormal

    • Oh boo hoo, keep on crying. We see you camped under syj post and for God’s sake give yourself a life. Kjh or whatever is a pathetic spineless baby and he is still using syj name for clout. You suddenly know how to differentiate.

      Let the career trajectory speak for itself. I don’t see your man doing so well. After all, his drama’s has always been carried by the female lead

      • fyi, I’ve been avoiding SYJ article since forever cuz I’m not a fans of her. And after her attitude issue, I avoided her name like a freaking plague.

        You will never see me “camping” under her posts cuz I never visited any post with her name 😁.

        Please be like me, just don’t click on post with any person that you don’t like. Believe me, you’ll save time and also that hatred feeling.

      • maybe you’re the one who should get a life cuz why would you click a post about a person that you don’t like, honey?

        let’s be real, you don’t want to admit that SYJ is the real devil and that’s why you keep on coming for KJH.

        SYJ fans are annoying as heck 😃

      • @Kai -You say you’ve been avoiding SYJ articles so in reality you were waiting for a post that had her name in it? Could have just kept on ignoring but no you needed your rant to let rip. Not obsessed with KHJ in fact don’t even comment on him on anything. These articles here just serve as a means to just keep on hating SYJ and that’s all.

  6. @shana stan syj and black pink for clear skin. Because this shade of green doesn’t look good on you

  7. Seeing how MBC has chosen to give him a prime time slot for his comeback drama and how they gave him a cameo with Seo JiHye in the past (with tons of call backs to his previous works, including “Time”), they don’t seem to resent him at all when he allegedly cost them tons of money. That’s not normal. This network isn’t exactly known for charity, so one has to wonder why they are so generous.

    Other than that, I’m glad he’s back. There aren’t many actors in SK who can pull off every genre like KJH does. His onscreen presence and charisma are really strong too, so this role is right up his alley. I trust his project choices, he has a great eye for roles.

  8. I was complaining about about how SYJ fans keep coming for any articles that mentioned KJH, and suddenly I’m the one obsessed with her?? Make it make sense duh.

    Seeing how SYJ rabid fans are doing mental gymnast, no wonder people hate her & her fans. They are on the same level with armchairs when it come to twisting words.

    Koser la nyah

    • @Kai No you got it wrong not fans but fan -singular; Me. Like I said the fandom won’t and don’t waste their time commenting here. Just me. Keep on the hate train that you’re driving. Going by your posts I hope you have got your rant off your chest cos you seem to like throwing the shade but get all defensive about it when called out. That’s the best I can do to make it make sense.

      • Syj stans really are a reflection of her clown a$$ lol
        Keep on clowning. You’ll bring even more hate on ur gaslighting girl boss unnie. It’s fun watching y’all struggle

      • @Jol Us stans struggling? Hardly. You give off hate not my problem you can’t accept the fact that she’s still acting. I’m just doing my bit to keep up with all your anti sentiments.Funny the amount of vitriol and name calling really shows. Like I wrote before there are hardly masses of stans on this site;just me. TvN Eve says Hi! Check it out 25th May 2022.

      • @Sunshine for days/goodluckon/green for miles/get a life

        You said it’s just you on this site? So that means you’re the same person as that first commenter who dragged SYJ into this post with all the patriarchy BS and caused all this mess? Then quite pathetic of you. No wonder you keep butting in to reply anyone who responds to that troll, instead of criticizing your toxic co-fan. But you’re the same person, as you’ve said. Why not join your fandom on Twitter in hyping up her upcoming drama instead of coming here to generate more hate for her? Very loser behavior, my gosh.

      • @Geez No I’m consistent; it’s Sunshine for days. I’m the only one consistently replying to those hateful posts. However, I get it-you’re allowed to dog SYJ as many times you want and anyone wanting to defend her isn’t. Sorry doesn’t work like that. Stop being mean and perhaps it’ll stop. Oh the other user -definitely not me.

  9. Funny how that annoying-ass emoji username commenter who’s always being insufferable in every comment section (you all know who I’m talking about lol) doesn’t call out the apologist behavior of rabid SYJ stans, she only calls out KSH/AHS stans for being “rabid” and “horny” lmao
    Hmm… Something tells me it’s not the KSH/AHS fans’ apologist behavior and rabidness that she hates, she really only hates those actors lol
    And how much y’all wanna bet that she’s a typical obnoxious twitter feminist who always turn a blind eye to women’s bad behavior, but is always so quick to call out men for having imperfect personal lives like all people lmao it’s the hypocrisy and double standards for me 🤡🤡🤡

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