I’m a Koala. Who has opposable thumbs and can type. Come by and visit anytime. If I think of something interesting, I just might write about it.

I am O. C. Koala (not pronounced as one word) – and kinda like it when people call me Koala or Mz. Koala or Your Koala Highness.  :-P

If you want to send me a private message, you can email me at: ockoala1@gmail.com

I can’t promise that I will respond, but I will try my best. ^__^


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  1. Hi Koala! Love your blog, I check it almost everyday to read your recaps and you sure know how to make your point stand out! I love u! keep up the good work!

  2. Our Koala Himesama,

    Have you had a chance to see the cast in Great Teacher Onizuka 2012 yet? I see the lead OTP actors from Ouran High School Host Club’s drama there. It looks like it could be fun.

    I love your website and insights. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

  3. hi just logged on to your blog today loved it. i only started watching kdramas recently and am so obsessed which is pretty hard as their not that easy to get all the way out here in Zimbabwe. thanks for the great recaps and your ratings,they have given me lots of ideas for the dramas i should look for next.

  4. You should watch “To The Beautiful You” ; I love it sooo much!!! It’s so cuteeeeee reminds me of Playful Kiss and You’re Beautiful. Just a fun and cute drama to watch! :DD

  5. i just got lucky having your blog crossed my path… i have immense love for korean drama for the past years, and your blog would definitely help me to really understand more precisely those dramas that have been my companion in this lonely life of mine. keep up the good work. thank you. you’re an angel… God bless you.

  6. Mz. Koala,
    I love your site so much, sometimes I feel like a stalker when I visit the site. I’m here everyday to read every tidbit you write…a few weeks ago you were so into the trailers for To The Beautiful You, did you have the chance to watch it? How do you find it? As I’ve read the manga, watched the taiwanese version, both japanese version, I must say that I’m not really into it, as I do find the tone uneven. So what’s your opinion? I’d really like to know.

  7. Hi Your Koala Highness,

    I love your blog and your recaps which are always so well written. (: I especially love you read your opinions because you have really good opinions on everything. Ahahhaas! :D

    Oh, btw, I was wondering how many languages are you fluent in? You seem to always have recaps or have seen dramas before the subs are out.

  8. I was just wondering about your thoughts in the drama, What is Love. I wish you can recap it! I don’t really understand Mandarin, but Chris Wu is the LEAD ACTOR. Gosh I love his acting.

  9. Good day ,Your Koala Highness,

    so so happy to be able to follow, read and enjoy your blog. I’m so surprised of many series you have watched and recapped :))Thumbs up for you, babe..Me?? I just got to watch only from the main actors I adore kekeke

    i ll get in touch and here, just wanna say thanks for breaking the wall of languages for me, hugsss

  10. Hi Koala

    Gotta say, you’re just amazing. All the news from my favourite taiwan stars and dramas and the usual korean stuff, best of both worlds I gotta say. Did you grow up with both korean and chinese, or learnt them later on? Just out of curiosty.:)

  11. Hi, Ms Koala!
    can i ask you a favor?

    i’ve just start watching Black & White, and hard sub is hard to find, i’m not asking where to find hardsub, but i really need your opinion whether or not i can spend a lot of time downloading or streaming for this series? is it worth? i always wary about the ending since the movie(s) must came because an open ending right, even though now we know that episode 1 is a prequel… so… will it worth?

    i read your recap, but since you didn’t finish, i also though maybe i can do the honor???

    thanks in advance.

  12. I really like this Chinese drama called:Cuo Dian Yuan Yang – Xi Dian Yuan Yang. No sub right now for the drama. I just wonder by any chance you watched this drama and potentially doing a recap of it.

  13. Hi Ms.koala!
    I don’t know what kind of magic you cast being web design illiterate but the mobile version of this site loads amazingly quickly now. Thank you for writing!

  14. Hi Ms. Koala^^ I was wondering if you’ve heard any news about Zaizai’s the Othershore 19… something drama when he’s a military doctor. I feel like he filmed it a long time ago but I didn’t miss it’s airing by any chance did I?


  15. Hi Mz. Koala,

    I’m really glad that I’ve come across your blog.
    After looking over your “Drama Ratings/Top Ten” list and choosing My Name Is Kim Sam Soon as a “tryout”, if you don’t mind me saying it that way, I have to admit that I was not disappointed.
    Your comments and opinions really inspire me in a way; I really appreciate your insights.
    I’ll check your blog out often… :)

  16. How many languages can you speak and how did you learn them? I’m astounded by your linguistic abilities! And may I ask your ethnicity? Thanks.

  17. Love your Blog! Have you seen this?

    Yoo Seung Ho to Join Military After ‘I Miss You’ Ends
    2012-12-21 10:03 l CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

    Yoo Seung Ho is going from being Korea’s “little brother” to Korea’s “military man”.

    The actor’s agency revealed on December 20 that Yoo Seung Ho had decided to fulfill his mandatory military duties once filming for I Miss You ends.

    The agency added that the actor has every desire to enlist into Korea’s regular army forces among the front lines and not among the ranks of the military’s media or entertainment side.

    A spokesperson for his agency said, “Yoo Seung Ho has a strong belief and will that he is a Korean youth first and foremost before he is an actor and that he must carry out his duties with his peers.”

    The actor, who turned 20 in Korea this year, was said to want to serve his military duties with others his age, as most Korean men choose to carry out their mandatory service duties shortly after high school or during university, unlike most male Korean celebrities who choose to delay their enlistment until they turn 29.

    His agency added, “As I Miss You will be his final production before he enters his military duties, he will do his best to ensure the production will be a meaningful one for him as an actor.”

    Yoo Seung Ho will take a short break after I Miss You finishes filming before enlisting in early 2013.

  18. Hi, Ms. Koala. I wonder what your nationality is. :) I love the way you write. Your style and your choice of words are a mixture of formal and oh so informal type which, in my perception, is striking. You sound as if you’re talking to your readers and I really like that kind of conversational blah blah. Moreover, I love the way you vividly describe what you feel or how you see the characters or what do you think about the plot or scenario by means of using numerous adjectives that can really make your reader picture out what you’re trying to say. I just visited your blog a few days ago and you’re writing skills make me wanna keep in touch with it. :) Hoping I could get your attention and that you could give me some pieces of advice when it comes to writing. Kamsahamnida. :)

    P.S. I also hope you can tell your nationality. :)

  19. Hi Ms Koala,

    will you be doing any more updates for Yun Zhong Ge? I’ll trade a basket of euclyptus leaves for it.

    Many thanks for a wonderful site.

  20. Hi Ms Koala! I started The Swordsman drama and so far I am enjoying Wallace and Qiao En relationship way more than the rest. Would it be possible for you to do a recap on this drama? There are many characters and sometimes I get lost with how each of them is related with each other. With my limited Chinese I understand very little of what they are saying. But I enjoyed it immensely regardless of the language barrier. Please consider recapping!!!!!!! :) thanks mucho! Ps love ur blogs!!

  21. Hi Mz.K! First of all, just wanna say thanks so much for creating HwanHye playground for HH shippers! really appreciate it.^__^

    I just visited the playground now and noticed the comment box isnt there. I wonder if it’s just a technical problem that has caused this.

    Would appreciate much if maybe we could find a way to restore the comment box?

    Thank you so much, Mz.K for your time and hope HwanHye ship will finally reach the port very soon. Till then, we, HH shippers, would definitely support HwanHye playground till end and beyond!^___^

    More power!!

  22. I’m not sure if you’ll get this message Mrs. Koala. But it didn’t feel right posting this comment on a post that had nothing to do with the topic.

    I just wanted to let you know that there’s a new variety show that just aired called “barefoot friends”. Yoon Shi Yoon is a regular member, so if you need to get a fix like me and listen to his voice every Sunday, then this is the show for you. I never realized he was so funny. :)

    Try finding it on Kshownow.net

  23. Hi Koala,
    I just want to say I enjoy reading your blog and admire your writing. Your writing is fun and interesting. You can explain intricate matter in relatively simple terms and that’s quite a skill. I wish I can express my thoughts as seamlessly. Keep up the good work.

  24. Hiiiii…..

    It’s so funny that eventhough my opinions are totally different from yours most of the time, I love to read your blog ;-)

    By the way..do you have any news about upcoming drama Princess Aurora starring Jung So Min?? I will be really grateful if you can write an update on it as I’m not able to find it anywhere…..

  25. Hey Koala :)
    I was just curious how many languages you know. How is it that you’re able to recap all the dramas before the subs come out?
    Also I love your blog. keep it up!

  26. Hi Mz Koala,

    Thank you for excellent blog you has provided us daily recap and entertainment updated.
    Recently you comments MBC “I Summon You! Gold” quite enjoyable weekend drama.
    Just wonder can u recap on it because for last few weeks there no eng sub.
    It would be great if you can recap on it.

    Thank you

  27. Hi Mz K Highness,
    Recently found your great website after checking reviews online for the Controversial “Sub Princess” I won’t go into that except that I did enjoy This drama. Your website, views, comments are the best and constructive I Have ever seen. It definitely will help before I view old and new dramas.
    I used to rely on viewer comments on drama websites, Some are constructive, A lot is just “Brutal” Some viewers get too emotional about certain actors & Actress’s. Sure, I wanted to ring Wen Rui Fan (James Wen) and Li Wei En (Amanda Zhu) “Fierce Wife” necks, But I did’t take it Personal. It showed me their talented acting ability. They are “Actor’s” I Must say, Li Wei En (Amanda Zhu) was very scary. The screenwriter was Brilliant. I’ve often read that some actors who portray evil roles get a lot of hate mail. Gee, Such idiot’s!

  28. Hi Mz Koala
    Thanks so much for the info on your excellent blog. Would it be possible if you could post more updates on Chris Wang and Sonia Sui. Love them after watching The Fierce Wife.
    Thank you

  29. The Discussion Forum for Hwan-Hsi Team is showing Fatal error: allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 35 bytes)in /home/content/85/7479785/html/wp-includes/class-wp-walker.php on line 320. What does it mean? Nobody can post their comment. what can we do about it?

      • thanks Eppy for taking the initiative to send Mz. Koala about the problem we are experiencing in our HH Playground.

        Hello, Mz. Koala! Am about to request the same like eppy and so glad that you will create new HH playground. In behalf of HH shippers, we would like to sincerely thank you for this initiative to create new one. It is just so sad that HH ship had experienced such problem in this very important days for our OTP.. Once again, Thank you so much, Mz. Koala! very much appreciated!^__^ And hope you could also drop by there! More power!

      • tnx, ms koala, it’s been days since we can’t post our comment, i hope you can post what new forum you’ll be starting for us, tnx in advance ms. koala, we miss Hwanhye HSI Team :-( so very much…

  30. Hey Koala, it seems that you are a Chris Wu fan. Have you checked out Hua Shi Ai (What Is Love?) yet? I’d love to read what you have to say about it. (:

  31. Hi Ms Koala, breaking news as just read Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum are dating in real life and both their agencies have confirmed. Sniff Sniff… I knew you would feel the same sniff sniff as me. Seiously though I think its great and explains their chemistry in the mess GOF.

  32. Hi Miss Koala, I just saw your recap for the tw-drama “In a good way” and thought it will be nice if those are screencaps of higher quality. It’s just a suggestion, you need not bother with this if you feel it’s troublesome.

    I have HD files of the drama since I saw those screencaps you took are quite blurry. These files are from 騰訊視頻, where SETTV sells the copyright to the site and provide HD videos (however it only comes out 3-4days after the actual broadcast date, which is such a pity…)

    I’m just wondering whether you’re interested in them. If you are, I can upload it for you.
    sample screencap: http://i.minus.com/iIQJaSctvbFkq.JPG

    If not you can try these two links on youtube for 720p version:

    Again, I just wanna help, no ill-intention/complain intended.

    • I love to get it in HD! If you don’t mind, please send me upload links for the episodes. You can email it to my email address above. ^^ Thank you~

      • I’m uploading right now^^ and will send to your email soon. However, just to remind you, the HD version only comes out on tuesday, later than the actual broadcast day on friday.

  33. Hello Your Koala Highness! ^^

    Just wanted to say how awesome you are and how much we value this little space on the web that you’re maintaining for all of us drama fans. How do you do all these things? K-, J-, C-, TW-drama… all of it, alongside a career and family? You must be a master at multi-tasking. ^^

    Anyway, thank you and happy holidays to you and everybody who reads this blog. Here’s to more great stories in 2014!

  34. My humble greetings to Your Lovely Koala Highness :D

    Your humble servant would respectfully like to suggest that Your Highness watch, nay, marathon a little Taiwanese drama that has held the ratings record since 2008: Fated To Love You (命中注定我愛你). It was the drama that kicked off the To Love You series. If I may be so presumptuous as to urge you to watch it over a lazy weekend with the assurance that Your Highness would definitely become addicted, I would be ever so grateful if Your Highness could post at least a series review of one of the best Taiwanese dramas around.

    Long live Your Lovely Koala Highness!

    With everlasting respect and humility,

  35. I just accidentally ran across this blog a few days ago. I love it. You do a fantastic job. I can see I will be returning to this daily to see what’s new (and of course, to go through all the older posts to see what I have missed). Keep up the great work. Love all the pictures you post along with the articles. Thanks for your dedication.

  36. I’m probably really late on this, but I kept forgetting to ask… How many languages do you speak/understand. It seems like you never have to watch the dramas with sub titles.

  37. KBS is showing a new drama called Angel’s Revenge. Can you help with the recap. No one can do it better than you. The drama is very interesting and not yet subbed on VIKI.COM

  38. Hi.. Thanks for all Y done in this , Really pleasant and enjoying
    Mr Koala encourage to me to learning Mandarin, if Y understand Korea, Mandarin, and English
    3 languages , awesome , proud of Y. Bravooo

  39. Greeting to your koala highness, i am really happy that i´ve bumped to this amazing site :). I am very grateful for your translations and i would like to ask if you will ever translate missing chapters from Yun Zhong Ge. Thanks

  40. Since i couldn’t find any good websites (with english subtitles) to watch sunny happiness. Well, thanks to you. Though just a recap but i enjoyed reading it. Without your recap i might not finish it. Big much help in developing my reading skills and vocabulary.

    Hope you can upload more recap.

    More power!

  41. hi Ms. Koala…. your blog is so helpful for me. especially the drama, the bride of the century, damn…i really love it!! thank you

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