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The first number is how much I liked it, the second number is how objectively good I think the drama is – and both are on a scale of 1 (hate) to 10 (love) – borrowing the elegant system from the Goddess herself, Javabeans.

The rated dramas only reflect the dramas I finished or watched most of it. The dramas where I didn’t make it past the first few episodes I am not qualified to give my thoughts on.


Ratings/Top Ten — 111 Comments

  1. Happy to share my top 10, thanks for the opportunity :)

    Tree with Deep Roots

    Sungkyunkwan Scandal


    Dong Yi

    Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace)

    Yi San


    Painter of the Wind

    Moon that Embraces the Sun

    The Duo

  2. Hey Ms Koala, I was wondering, could you do a ratings and top 10 for TW/Chinese/Jap generally non-kdramas. I am very curious! And that would be great!! :D <3 you loads

  3. From my bias opinion :
    1. 1% of Anything-10/6
    I love Kang dong won and Kim jung hwa as the best
    looking couple.
    2. Family Honor-10/10
    Best script, great acting by all actors & actresses,
    love Yoon Jung Hee and Park Si Hoo couple for their
    natural & amazing chemistry
    3. Daemul-9/8
    I like Go hyun jung and Kwon sang woo
    4. Hotelier-9/9
    5. Love letter-10/8
    The most unselfish love story in K-dramaland
    6. Famous Princesses-9/8
    7. Spring Days-9/8
    8. What Happened in Bali-8/9
    9. Arang and The Magistrate-8/8
    10. Dear Heaven-9/9
    Beautiful love story and i love Yoon jung hee and
    Lee tae gon as the most compatible couple

  4. Long shot, but I can’t help but agree with Pam (&drama)! Though, er, I’m not trying to be telling you what to do on your blog or w/e, but I’d like to express my hopes for something like a ranking for C or TW drama. I’ve been sporadically looking at your blog for a few months now and really enjoying it (and thus taking note of Sunny Happiness, King Flower, and Drama Go Go Go). At the moment, though I understand that K-Dramas and such are generally wayyyy better, I stick with TW & C because I’m watching to try and improve my Mandarin, and only have so much time. I’m pretty clueless, though, and there’s quite a bit of eh out there… so if you ever get the chance and inclination, I’m throwing in my vote for a ranking for C & TW dramas. Whelp I feel dumb now, slidddding out

  5. Hi, I have just discovered this site and I soooo… Love it!!! I read the recaps of LTM and I totally agree with your impressions. I enjoyed the whole 16 episodes of it… but it is as you will probably say… I watch with my heart and emotions and think less of the practical side of a drama. I will check out your site even more and follow your top 10 picks and recaps. .. KOMAWO.. pls welcome me :) -new.to.k&tdrama-

  6. Actually… I watched so many dramas, and have much collection too. But the Best Dramas from my subjective opinion (that sure I watched more than 10x) are:
    1. Mawang
    2. Time Between Dog and Wolf
    3. Princess Man
    4. Dal Ja’s Spring

    So I Agree with ur TBDnW and Mawang as Great drama ^^

  7. It would be great if you could do a top ten type of a thing for twdrama, jdramas and cdramas. It would be reallyyyyyyy helpful. thanks

  8. At this point I trust you more than any other human on this earth. I just finished Who Are You (the 4th, I think, suggestion I’ve taken from this page). I am physically having to hold back tears. Sooooooo good. You should re-title this list “The Bible”.

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