Lead Actor Bae Seung Woo Removed from Currently Airing SBS Drama Delayed Justice After Drunk Driving Arrest

I don’t think we’ll see a recast but weirder things have happened. SBS drama Delayed Justice has been so fraught with travails it’s almost a test to see what else bad can happen. Male lead Kwon Sang Woo injured his foot last month and needed surgery, and the drama had to write about his availability. Then last week Kwon Sang Woo needed to take a COVID-19 test after his personal staff member tested positive, and left to the entire staff of Delayed Justice also to get tested. Now this week the other shoe has dropped on the other male lead Bae Seung Woo, who was arrested last month for drunk driving. The production has decided to cut him from the drama, which has currently aired 13 episodes and has filmed completed through episode 16. Bae Seung Woo will be gone from the drama after episode 16 and the staff is discussing how the story line will proceed after that through the final episode 20. After this weekend’s episodes, the network will take the drama on hiatus and resume airing the final batch of episodes after the new year in January 2021.

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