Vic Zhou Does Tang Dynasty Fantasy C-drama Beauty in the Cupboard with Hu Bing Qing and Sebrina Chen

Filming is underway for fantasy period drama Beauty in the Cupboard (Gui Zhong Mei Ren), with the production releasing exquisite character posters for the dual female leads. Starring Hu Bing Qing and Sebrina Chen, these two younger leading ladies are relative newer faces in the C-drama world. Hu Bing Qing made a splash opposite Yang Yang in last summer’s Tornado Girl, and is also notable for being a facetwin for established C-actress Dong Jie. Sebrina Chen was most recently in Wu Xin the Monster Kill and Legend of Qing Qiu, so period drama is definitely familiar for her. Beauty in the Cupboard is set in a fantasy version of Tang dynasty, hence the visually sumptuous Tang era outfits and hairstyles on the ladies. The male leads are still being kept under wraps in visuals but headlining in his first period C-drama is(my Zai Zai!) along with Han Dong and Chen Rui Xuan. Continue reading